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The Middle Ages – Chrono Trigger Ep. 2

Welcome back to Save File Plays Chrono Trigger! Last episode, we met our protagonist, Crono, briefly before he was roped into a world of bullshit because of his best friend, and the chick he was macking on. Then he began to play with portals, which will never end well. Where will he end up? It’s time to find out!

MUSIC: Mystery of the Forest

: Ugh… I don’t think I”ll ever get used to that. Not that I want to. Wait, what’s that? State 0 loaded? WHO USES SAVE STATES? Get that weak shit outta here!

: Oh, okay, I see how it is. You wanna throw down? I’ll throw down!


Technology is Weird – Chrono Trigger Ep. 1

Ah, yes. Welcome to the next installment of Screenshot Let’s Plays on Save File. I recently just finished Final Fantasy VII. And now… due to a vote, I am moving onto yet another classic, hailed by many as the greatest RPG ever… Chrono Trigger. A game that always comes up in discussion of greatest SNES game, Greatest RPG, and sometimed even greatest game in general.

A game of adventure, mystery, and time travel done well (if not right), it’s easy to see why people fell in love with Chrono Trigger. It’s also easy to see why people were so disappointed with its “sequel,” Chrono Cross. But that’s a story for another day. I can’t sing this game’s praises enough, but please keep in mind that I will be altering some of the dialogue for humor’s sake. Or at least, what I perceive as humor. Hopefully you will as well. There’s nothing much to say except to just hop into it! This game is a stone cold CLASSIC.

MUSIC: A Premonition

Aw, man. Just the title screen gives me chills. The game does not play in widescreen, though my capture program does. So rather than editing every screencap, I figured Crono and Marle make worthy additions to the pictures.

And yes, we will be sticking to default names for this playthrough. They’re just too iconic not to do so.

MUSIC: Morning Sunlight

We fade in on an idyllic scene in the Kingdom of Guardia.


Oh, there are balloons. I guess it’s a celebration of some sort.


The End – Super Mario RPG. Ep. 28

Welcome back to Save File Plays Mario RPG. The last episode of Save File Plays Mario RPG. Because we’re at the end of the game, and it’s time to END THIS. I’ve done basically everything. Things I DID NOT DO: Grate Guy’s Casino (I showed it exists though), 30 Super Jumps, 100 Super Jumps, and all the Surprise Boxes. But I defeated Culex and Jinx, and did everything else. So… let’s finish it off!

First of all:
Ep. 28.mp4_000008757
I did a little grinding off camera to get Mario, Toadstool and Geno all to Level 30.

I’m also ending the game a 93/99 possible Flowers and 999 Coins.

Ep. 28.mp4_000035787
Mario has the Lazy Shell, Hero Shirt and Safety Badge to make him immune to status effects and insta-death. Toadstool has the Frying Pan, the Lazy Shell, and the Jinx Belt which makes her slow, powerful and basically the undying.

Lastly, Geno has the Star Gun, the Star Cape, and the Quartz Charm from Culex just because it seems apropo with the “Star” theme.

Ep. 28.mp4_000042883 Ep. 28.mp4_000048661 Ep. 28.mp4_000053941
Toadstool’s defense is MASSIVE. Geno is the fast, but powerful guy, and Mario will just wreck your shit.

Ep. 28.mp4_000079207 Ep. 28.mp4_000082891


The Gate – Super Mario RPG Ep. 27

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time, we did the rest of whatever I wanted to do outside. Now, there’s nothing left to do but beeline it to Smithy and kick his arse so hard he’ll kiss the moon! LET’S GET TO IT.

MUSIC: Weapons Factory

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000016880 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000023356
This area is super sparse and bare bones. The screws are an interesting mechanic, they need to be jumped on to move forwards.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000033841 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000040008

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000043344

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000050607
17 Exp for a OHKO? I love this place!


Last Days on the Outside – Super Mario RPG Ep. 26

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time we managed to finish off Bowser’s Keep, and make our way to the… other dimension where Smithy is currently holed up. Or something like that. Anyways, it’s the last dungeon of the game, and I still have stuff to do on the outside before I finish it off, so that’s what we’re going to do this time around!

First stop:

MUSIC: Hardworking Moles are Good Moles

Ep. 26.mp4_000002452 Ep. 26.mp4_000003578 Ep. 26.mp4_000008562
We ran into this guy who just blatantly said that he was looking for stuff to sell.

Mine Dude: I found some neat stuff and I’m opening up a “Miner’s Store.” Come and take a look at what I’ve got to sell. Item #1: a “Lucky Jewel!” It’s sure to bring you plenty of good luck!

Gives you a 100% chance to play the Yoshi minigame at the end of battles. Only multiplies coins though. PASS.

Ep. 26.mp4_000020485
If you buy this, and then go to Marrymore and buy the B’tub Ring, equip that on Toadstool,  and have her use the Mystery Egg ONE HUNDRED TIMES, it turns into the Sleepy Sheep, or something like that, which puts enemies to sleep. TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT. PASS.

Ep. 26.mp4_000025661 Ep. 26.mp4_000027342