THE FINALE – Legend of Legaia Ep. 36

This is it, guys. Last time, we defeated Songi and managed to save the Great Genesis Tree. We also got our characters their ultimate magic (not that I’ll end up using it). But now, with the Great Genesis Tree saved, we can get into Rim Elm/Juggernaut. And then we can… uh…

What the heck butt are we supposed to do once we get in there?

Well, I guess I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.


MUSIC: World Map After Juggernaut

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_171113.157
I think I forgot to show it off before, but here’s what Rim Elm looks like now from the outside. Just a pile of organic mass, surrounded by bone spires.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_171124.790 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_171126.486
Gala: Vahn, are you all right? I understand how you feel. Even if we defeat Juggernaut… your family and fellow villagers may not return to normal.
Noa: Vahn! Vahn… I understand. I understand how you feel, Vahn! So I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait until you feel you’re ready for this. I’ll wait until you’re ready to fight Juggernaut.
Vahn: You guys… thank you. But now, more than anything, I am PISSED. So let’s get in there and finish this once and for all!
Noa: Vahn! You’re all right now? You’re all right, aren’t you?
Gala: Before our own eyes, we’ve seen many towns recover from the ravages of the Mist! We have made many miracles happen! So… so…
Noa: Vahn, you’re not alone! Everything we did together, everything we are going to do… it will never ever, ever, EVER be undone! That’s why…

I actually kind of like how both Noa and Gala’s thoughts trail off here. It’s such a serious situation, and they’re trying very hard to console Vahn, but at the same time… they can both remember what happened to Conkram. The only way to know if Rim Elm can be saved is to try though.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_171218.301 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_171233.325
Terra: Now! Now’s the time to bring forth the power of the Great Genesis Tree!
Meta: Vahn, are you prepared? There’s no point fighting Juggernaut from the outside! Juggernaut’s weak spot is on the inside!
Terra: Are you ready, everyone? We’ve got to cut an opening and crawl into Juggernaut’s body!
Ozma: We must work together! Let’s go!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_171300.900 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_171307.380

Noa: So, is that it? Are we going to enter Juggernaut’s body through his mouth?
Gala: It sure seems that way! Brace yourselves! It’s gonna be a wild ride!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_171322.060 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174337.640
Ew ew ew. So this is the last dungeon: Juggernaut. Everything in here is constantly pulsing and moving and gross and ew.

MUSIC: Bio Castle

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174343.495 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174348.072
On the other hand, it’s a very straightforward dungeon. There’s really only one path to follow for quite awhile.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174403.264 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174426.799
The only enemies in here are Level 3 Seru. Nighto, Swordie, Barra… we’ll be seeing almost everyone. The rewards for battles are pretty good, and battles aren’t particularly tough either, though some can be. The biggest problem is that battles take FOREVER. Enemies have so much HP now. I wise up after awhile and throw on the Good Luck Bell to lower the encounter rate though.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174433.983Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174437.264 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174444.135
We’re also going to find everyone’s best equipment in here. It’s all scattered around, but I’m going to wait to show it off until everyone has their entire ensemble.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174454.664Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174503.735 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174518.783
But as you can see, everything provides quite a respectable boost, at least +10/+15 compared to what everyone already has equipped.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174655.758 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174713.790
Battles like these are not an uncommon sight. 3 Level 3 Seru is pretty much the norm.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174724.478 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174728.574
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174734.382
This room is particularly unsettling. All the tendrils at the top and bottom of the screen constantly expand and contract and sway.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174743.214
We’ve got Freeds all up in here.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174756.558 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174758.590
Ew. I don’t even want to know what that is…

Lymph fluid?


Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174805.902Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174810.406 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174815.678
The Crimson Book is a pretty awesome accessory, but we receive it so late that it’s not even really worth it to equip it.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174820.917 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174848.013 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174826.646
Those Mushuras look pretty badass.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174854.293 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174902.334
You can see the little “Enc Down” arrow, showing that I equipped the Good Luck Bell. This next part involves a lot of circling around if I want to get all of the chests, and I most certainly do.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174915.541
Still managed to run into these guys.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174934.614 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_174940.141
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175001.125Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175006.228Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175012.669 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175018.293
We find this going left at the fork. That means that we of course have to go right as well.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175036.101Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175049.845 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175053.764
That’s all the equipment to be found in this rapids area.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175118.677 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175120.669

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175133.292
Ew ew ew.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175136.237
Hunter: Vahn? Is that… is that you? Vahn? Get out! I mean it, Vahn. You must get out of here. This is a hellish place!
Woman: Oh, Vahn! Please help us! Save us from this pain!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175142.924
Another Lost Grail, which lets you survive a hit that would otherwise kill you. I wonder if these disappear after one use… I have one in my inventory, but haven’t ever bothered to use it. That would only make sense though. Otherwise that would be kind of broken.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175202.532 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175210.188

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175215.036
Noa: Maya! Are you all right? Are you in pain?
Maya: Don’t worry. I’ve still… got some fight left in me!
Gala: Just hang in there! We’ll save you! I promise!
Maya: Okay… Oh, I’m sorry… I’m so… tired…
Noa: Maya?
Gala: Come on, let’s go! It’s time to take out Juggernaut for good!
Noa: Hang in there, Maya. We’ll get Juggernaut!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175234.436 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175239.492
Vahn: I’ve been looking for you, Mei.
Mei: Oh, thank you. I knew you would come, Vahn! But please… don’t look at me. I must look horrible. Don’t look at me! I look awful…
Noa: That’s not true! You look the same, Mei! Just as pretty as ever!
Mei: You’re so sweet, Noa. Thank you so much. And I told myself… that I wouldn’t cry. I told myself… I’d be strong!
Gala: Hang in there, Mei! We’ll finish off Juggernaut! Then we’ll rescue everyone!
Mei: Wait, Vahn. Take this… with you…

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175301.603
Mei: Promise me, Vahn. Promise that you’ll come back… alive!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175314.051
Nene: Am I going to die? Tell me! Am I going to die like this?
Vahn: No! I’ll save you!
Nene: Okay, I’ll wait for you. I believe you…

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175320.948 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175325.268 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175333.067
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175345.844Val: Don’t worry about me, I’m alive… What’s more important is… what are you going to do?
Vahn: Destroy Juggernaut!
Val: I see. I’m sure you can do it. Take this with you. Vahn, I’m so proud of you.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175353.883
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175406.203Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175411.931
All right, we’re getting deeper now, and… ugh, what are those balls in the background of the battle screen? Blech!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175439.187 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175444.395
In this hallway, there is a semi-hidden item that would certainly behoove you to find it.  Walk against the right wall, and mash X constantly, until you find…

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175450.019 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175455.155
Noa is the REAL Juggernaut here.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175506.331 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175513.795
Sorry, I missed a shot of the Ra-Seru Club’s stats 😦 It’s for Gala though.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175545.459 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175549.211

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175818.066 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175821.466
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175833.809Well, it’s not the last fight yet, but everyone’s final equipment set is complete. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here’s Vahn:
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175836.058

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175837.634

And Gala:
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175839.610
Gala wins this round. He looks insanely metal.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175920.233 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175924.985
Noa: I feel a breeze! There’s a breeze coming from over there!
Gala: W-What’s that?
Noa: Ah! Waaaaaa!
Gala: What’s wrong, Noa? What are you shouting about? H-Holy…

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175936.193 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175940.929
Gala: Y-You!
Noa: Are you all right, Gala? Please, don’t let go!
Gala: I’m trying, but… my hand… I can’t get a good grip! We’re slipping…

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175950.113

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_175959.664 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180002.810 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180009.433
Gala: Noa! Where do you think you’re going on your own? Vahn, we have to follow Noa!

MUSIC: Cort’s Theme

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180018.080 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180022.753
Gala: Just as Songi said, Cort has fused with Juggernaut and is still alive. But how horrifying. How bizarre… He couldn’t be human anymore.
Noa: No! No! Stop! Stop it! Cort, come back! Turn back into a person again! Why did you do it? You’re my brother! You’re supposed to be human! I’m a human! I know about love! I am human! I hate being alone! It’s good to be human! So Cort, be human again!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180049.513
Noa: Cort!
Cort: Human? Humans are weak. Humans are dirty. I gave up being human to become a mighty being. I am a being that transcends humans! Even the Seru! A perfect entity! A perfect entity! Perfect entity! Humans are imperfect. I will use all my powers to destroy them!
Noa: No! You’re wrong, Cort!
Cort: Who interferes?!
Noa: It’s me, Noa!
Cort: Noa? Who is Noa? I know no Noa!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180115.329

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180123.056
Noa: Cort…
Cort: I sense the presence of humans! Weak, dirty humans! I do not need humans! I must destroy the humans here!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180139.336 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180141.080

MUSIC: Final Battle

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180149.424 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180201.376
THIS IS IT. The final battle! Against… Cort? Juggernaut? JuggerCort? I’ll just go with Cort.

As usual, first order of business is Spirit.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180210.520 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180213.144
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180220.439

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180218.015
Cort hits pretty hard, but not as hard as Songi did, surprisingly. Plus, the party is decked out in the best equipment possible.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180231.840 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180240.224

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180242.768 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180249.960

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180254.943
He definitely hits harder when you haven’t used Spirit though.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180258.640 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180306.343

Of course, last boss has to have a full party attack.

I’m surprised at how short the animation is. I mean, damn, when we fought Cort the first time, I had to split his Evil Seru Magic into 3 .gifs.

And like the older bosses, he charges up before using this, which allows you to basically halve the damage, which helps a ton.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180318.680
I think Noa takes less damage from Cort.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180338.135 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180359.599 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180348.343
We’re pounding out the damage pretty hard though.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180858.629 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180901.221
This is actually a pretty easy fight. Like I said, Songi is much more difficult. I think the equipment makes a big, big difference in this battle.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180913.070 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180915.813
Meta: We all did the best we could.
Terra: Now the human world will return to normal. However… Hari did the best he could, but I think Noaru Valley is done for. The age of Seru… Our era is over.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180932.325Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180935.004 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180938.644

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180940.365 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_180942.669
Noa: No! Terra, don’t leave me alone! Don’t leave me!?
Terra: Noa, your parents were killed by a Seru. Yet, you want to be with me, a Seru? And besides, you’re not alone. You have Vahn and Gala.
Gala: Ozma, we have experienced life and death together. How can you leave me now?
Ozma: Oh Gala, has your dependence on me caused you to forget your own abilities?
Meta: Vahn, your heart is so full of warmth.

MUSIC: Noa’s Dream

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181016.069Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181021.308Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181026.060 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181038.325

MUSIC: Juggernaut Clears Away

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181046.308Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181048.676 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181054.044

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181059.444 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181121.419
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181125.076Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181129.876

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181135.164
… and brought to humankind a new world of true peace, completely free of the Mist. Children of Rim Elm! Be proud of Vahn, whose home is our village!

MUSIC: Rim Elm Rebuilt

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181142.780 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181146.412 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181151.404
Dr. Usha: I have a Soren take me all the way here only to find that the biggest hero, Vahn, is about to leave!
Nene: W-Who… is this person?
Vahn: Dr. Usha, a brilliant scientist.
Dr. Usha: Correct. I am Usha, veritable warehouse of knowledge. Well, never mind that. Vahn, I want you to tell me why you are leaving.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181208.627
So, I have to admit, I don’t know if it makes a difference or not, but I tried to make it seem as though Vahn and Mei would end up together. But out of all the choices here, only the third one really makes sense to me. Beyond that, I pick it for reasons you’ll see soon anyways.

Dr. Usha: Oh, I see! How forward of me to ask such a question. Yes, well, if those are your intentions, then it’s fine with me. Here’s what I’ll do! I’m going to write a book about the life of our great liberator! I will remain in Rim Elm to gather material for my book until you return, Vahn. Those two there. They must be your family, Vahn? Pardon me for disturbing your saying farewell to Vahn. Tell me everything outside.
Val: What a character you are, Dr. Usha! Ha ha! Very well. I will tell you what you want to know.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181236.964
Nene: I’m sure you’ll be all right, but take care anyway! Good luck!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181247.603
Maya: But it’s out of my hands. I hope everything works out well for the both of you. Good luck. Let me worry about things here.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181258.483
Hey, Zalan’s here!

Zalan: My son, Pepe, and I are traveling the world together on a jewel buying trip!
Pepe: I’m learning the secrets of the jewelry business as we travel. Vahn, if you ever need a wedding ring, I’ll give you a good price!

There are a ton of people around Rim Elm now.
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181309.043
Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181316.707Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181318.083
Val: We were talking about how the Ra-Seru’s amazing powers healed my legs, and how everyone in the village feels as if they’ve been reborn. The Ra-Seru have given us a new lease on life. It’s a miracle we’ll never stop talking about.
Dr. Usha: Fascinating. A most fascinating story. Vahn, Val is a wonderful father, and Nene is a wonderful sister. But Vahn, your face says you want to ask me about the world outside the village. My intuition was right, as usual. Well then, I will make it brief. First of all, you do know that no more Seru will be created anymore, yes? Our good friends in Sol are still experimenting, but it’s no use. With Uru Mais destroyed and the Seru-kai gone, no new Seru will ever appear again. What’s more, the Seru already here are gradually losing their power. My calculations show that most of the Seru will die off in the next year or so. We avoided the Seru in the age of Mist, but losing them completely is another matter. The Soren, the flying carts and others who relied on the Seru may return to the Stone Age. But Vahn, I have faith in human potential! The human race will never die out, as long as we have people like you to carry on Tieg’s wishes.

That’s a pretty good epilogue, actually.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181401.931
Mei: Vahn, I’m engaged to marry Ixis.
Vahn: Ixis… Ixis… who is that again?

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220052.422 Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220054.831 Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_220056.143
Vahn: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Er, uh, I mean *ahem* That’s wonderful! Congratulations!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181406.803
Mei: Vahn, you love Noa, and you’re going to tell her that, right? Maybe the four of us could have a double wedding! I’m so happy right now! Tee-hee! Be careful, Vahn. I’ll be waiting for you to return.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181438.675
Village Elder: After the village was rescued from Juggernaut, and Noa left the village, Noa was carrying a baby, wasn’t she? Noa refused to tell me who the baby was, but that was her brother Cort, wasn’t it?
Vahn: Yes, I think that was Cort.
Village Elder: As I suspected. Cort, too, must have been reborn when we received new life from the Ra-Seru. I know that it was Cort who brought the Mist into the world. And I also know that Cort is Noa’s only blood relative. Noa must have been trying to leave with Cort unnoticed. She must have decided to raise Cort by herself. Noa is quite a young woman. Hmm… Vahn, are you about to leave Rim Elm? Have you said goodbye to everyone?
Vahn: No, but there are WAY too many people to talk to.
Village Elder: Good luck to you. See the distant lands, the rich world for all humans!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181529.779 Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181536.082
Well, I talked to ALMOST everyone, actually. I forgot about Tetsu, and apparently Luctes was there in town. I must have missed him though.

MUSIC: Ending

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181547.947
And that’s it! We did it, everyone!

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181555.498
We get a shot of Noa in Jeremi with her baby brother.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181612.962
Gala has returned to his position as Master Teacher at Biron Monastery.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181618.426
Cara and Grantes are still happy together in Buma.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181623.282
Saryu apparently snagged himself a regular bride, rather than a Seru bride.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181630.082
Sol is still a bustling town, as always.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181635.289
With Dr. Usha visiting Rim Elm, it looks like Mrs. Usha has taken over his experiments. They seem to be going… not so well.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181638.257
The Flying Seru is still in operation, but who knows for how much longer?

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181643.834
The Soren are going to have to leave their camp soon, as their Seru Wings will soon start to fail.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181653.673
And on top of Conkram, a pair of flowers begins to bloom.

Ep. 35.mp4_20150726_181656.457
And we get a final statistics screen! 40 hours of gameplay, not too bad. 10 or so hours of that was probably grinding though. ~750 battles, and everyone topped 4,000 damage. I slacked off on gathering magic near the end of the game, and I missed a bunch of silly side games, but no real side quests.

Well, everyone, that’s it! That was Legend of Legaia. I’m going to make a retrospective, wrap-up post as well, so join me next time for the LAST Legend of Legaia episode by Save File, before I move onto the next Screenshot Let’s Play! Thanks for reading everyone, I really hope you enjoyed it.

Jette’s Absolute Fortress (Pt. 1) – Legend of Legaia Ep. 32

Hello everyone. This game makes me feel sad. But we’re in the home stretch. This is the 3rd to last dungeon in the game, and it’s probably got the best name. The Absolute Fortress? I don’t know what it really means, but it sounds pretty cool.

Let’s mosey, shall we?

MUSIC: The Last Mist Generator

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152522.314 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152529.354
Noa: If we destroy the Mist Generator here, then Conkram will be free.
Gala: Noa, the Nemesis Gem from your parents! Throw it towards the Gate of Hell!
Noa: Okay!


Rogue’s Tower – Legend of Legaia Ep. 31

Welcome back! Last time on Legend of Legaia, we finally made it to Conkram! And it was a horrifying alive clam town. From there, we finally ran into Noa’s parents (also somewhat horrifying), and the game fell into the terrible RPG trope of time travel.

Luckily, it’s not for long, and it’s not very convoluted, so let’s get it done!

MUSIC: Conkram

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135549.616
Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135551.440
King Nebular: Cort calls it the Mist. I hereby present this new weapon to the people of Conkram!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135601.080 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135607.143
Zeto: Prince Cort and Jette, in the lab under the castle, will now open the door to the Seru world. Using an elixir from the home of the Seru, we have created a new substance. That substance is the Mist. A new weapon that amplifies the power of our Seru. When released into this cylinder, the Mist will turn the soldiers into mighty warriors! Gentlemen! From his laboratory, Prince Cort says he is ready!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135628.152
Zeto: Look well at the power of Conkram’s new weapon, the Mist! The pride of Conkram!
Gala: I don’t believe it! They’re going to use the Mist as a weapon of war!
Noa: Vahn… I don’t like this! That person has gone mad!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135651.608 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135653.216
Jette: I can’t, Prince Cort! The emergency shutoff switch isn’t working. If we don’t do something, it’ll explode!

MUSIC: Arrival of the Mist

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135702.272Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135718.063   Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135722.200Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135724.528 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135726.231
Gala: The Mist just can’t be controlled by humans!
Noa: Listen, everyone! To the underground! Quickly! We must turn off the Mist! Let’s go to the laboratory and turn off the Mist!
Gala: You’re right, Noa! We can’t desert the people of Conkram like this.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135742.543
Of course, Mist means enemies.

We make our way down to the underground, where we met King Nebular in present-day Conkram.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135827.910
Gala: There are things that look like Ra-Seru Eggs coming out of that hole.
Noa: Terra, what’s going on? Why are Ra-Seru Eggs coming out of that hole?
Terra: That hole leads to the sealed Rogue’s Tower, on the frontier of Seru-kai. Those are alter egos of Rogues, rebel Ra-Seru. They have the same properties as Ra-Seru Eggs.
Meta: The Mist Generator here is a primitive one. With our strength, we may stop it temporarily, but unless we cut off the flow of that material, the Mist Generator can’t be shut off completely.
Gala: In other words, we have to cut off the source.
Ozma: We must destroy Rogue’s Tower! That will stop that flow, and stop the Mist!
Noa: Rogue’s Tower…
Terra: The Rogues are evil Ra-Seru who plotted a rebellion against Tieg a thousand years ago.
Gala: There’s only one thing to do, Vahn! We must destroy the head Rogue in Rogue’s Tower! We can’t destroy the Mist of the future unless we destroy the Mist here!
Meta: You must be careful. We can’t return here unless we defeat the Rogues.
Ozma: And one more thing, before you go to Rogue’s Tower, make sure you are fully prepared for battle.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135908.351 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135911.767

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135916.238 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135921.158
Noa: It’s a piece of a Rogue.
Terra: That’s right. It’s a Rogue Fragment.
Gala: So that has the same power as a Ra-Seru? I guess I still have a lot to learn about Seru.
Ozma: The Seru-kai is a world beyond human comprehension.
Noa: Is Rogue’s Tower in the Seru-kai? What kind of place is it?
Terra: Rogue’s Tower is part of Seru-kai, but the tower itself is the body of a rogue.
Meta: The Rogues were once Ra-Seru, and they can hear what we say.
Ozma: That’s why we can’t say anything more.
Noa: But…
Terra: Don’t worry. Instead of talking, I’ll concentrate on protecting you from Rogue’s evil.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140015.255Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140023.326
So. Rogue’s Tower. An interesting dungeon to play, not an interesting one to look at. There are little insignias on the floor, that transport us all around the dungeon. You need to step on them in order to advance, and figure out where to go. Along with that, there’s another gimmick.

MUSIC: Rogue’s Tower

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140224.597

Let’s see that in action, shall we?

Occasionally, the walls and floor will turn into a gross organic mass and start pulsating. If you happen to step on a portal when that’s happening, you get transported all the way back to the beginning. This may happen to me a few times during this playthrough.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140231.053Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140247.397  Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140255.285
Enemies and treasure!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140301.189 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140456.140 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140445.924 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140338.852
More enemies and treasure!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140557.380 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140601.587
Also, look! Placeholder bosses!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140609.468Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140616.611  Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140620.523 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140629.235Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140637.203  Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140639.732
Not very threatening anymore. Taken out in one round of battle!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140712.267Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140715.932 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140720.987
This one is even less threatening than the Berserker.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140738.627Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140742.355 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140744.331
Luckily, the dungeon is kind enough to give us a free heal spot at the halfway point!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140806.643Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140821.106Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140829.267 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140904.851
Oh hey, Gala leveled up!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141002.898Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141007.161Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141048.730
By the way, if you’re wondering what kind of damage these enemies are doing…

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141036.858Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141043.218Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141023.137  Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141031.538
Now, you may have noticed that Gala leveled after the last battle. That was a very important level…

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141457.136
Well that wasn’t a very good shot of Gala’s Miracle Art. I’ll have to get a better one.

I heal up again, and then head further up the tower.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141604.552
Noa: Oh, I understand. You can’t talk now.
Gala: Where could that Rogue be? I sense the presence of evil, but the Rogue is nowhere to be seen!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141621.031Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141623.671 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141627.159
Gala: This is the head Rogue, the one sealed in the Tower. If we defeat this one, the Mist in Conkram will disappear.
Noa: Let’s get him! Let’s teach this Rogue a lesson!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141640.671 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141643.727

MUSIC: Big Boss Battle

That… that’s the actual enemy design. How disappointing. It’s just a crystal. They could have done something so cool here!

Anyways, the Rogue isn’t too tough. It’s a very pattern based fight. Turn 1: Element Shift. Turn 2: Elemental Attack on the entire party. Over and over and over. It’s actually not that difficult.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141656.663 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142820.258


Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142838.906
Spoon can easily heal up the damage output.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142843.130Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142847.634 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142904.177
There’s a better shot of Gala’s Biron Rage.

Rogue only used Rogue Flame and Rogue Thunder this battle. Those might be its only two attacks? I’m not sure, to be honest. I feel like it should have at least 3.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142931.178 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142934.554
All in all, a very easy fight. Just time consuming.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142940.034
Gala: Now we can destroy Rogue’s Tower!
Noa: Oh, wow! Look! Rogue’s Tower is breaking apart! Gala, can I ask you something?
Gala: What is it, Noa?
Noa: Now how do we get back to Conkram from here?
Gala: ! The exit…
Noa: Are we going to die? Are we going to die when Rogue’s tower collapses?
Gala: I’m not going to die in a place like this! Ozma! Can you hear me?

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143007.289
Gala: Ozma…
Ozma: I’ve been watching you the whole time! Well done, Gala!
Terra: Now that the Rogue is dead, the Mist must be gone from Conkram by now.
Noa: Terra!
Meta: Come, it’s time to return to the human world.
Ozma: Gather together, everyone! We’re almost out of time.
Terra: Okay, here we go!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143025.505 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143035.162
King Nebular: Fortunately, the Mist has stopped. That is good. However, the Mist has claimed many lives. What do you think you are doing?
Cort: But, father! The Mist is…
Jette: Your Majesty, this is all a simple mistake. Yes, the experiment was successful, but…
King Nebular: A mistake?! Fool! Does a simple mistake take people’s lives?

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143054.569
Vahn: I’m back, baby!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143058.329
Noa: I’m Noa! Don’t you recognize me? It’s me, Noa!
King Nebular: Noa?
Gala: Your Majesty! You must believe us! We have just been to the Seru world and cut off the source of the Mist!
King Nebular: Is that so? Fantastic! Now I understand everything! You have my deepest gratitude. The people of Conkram owe you their lives! I wish to hear more. Let’s go to the surface for a long chat!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143117.089
King Nebular: Cort, that think on your back… You’re wearing a Seru! It matters not. Cort! Jette! Zora! All of you remain there and repent for what you have done!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143131.137
Zora: He doesn’t understand the Mist’s possibilities, or your grand plan!?
Cort: I know, Zora. Just forget about it. Besides, I still have time to get a lot done.
Jette: Ha ha ha! You are quite right. Quite right!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143145.057 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143147.401
King Nebular: Nemesis Gems are byproducts of the Gate of Hell’s construction. They are refuse. It pains me to give these three such things as a reward, but if that is what they desire, then so be it. Such dignity! I am therefore going to give to them–
Cort: Father! I beseech you! Do not give them the Nemesis Gem!
King Nebular: Silence, Cort! This is my decision! Vahn! Come here.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143207.233Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143208.985 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143215.360
That’s really all we can do here in the past. I guess it’s time to head back to the present day.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143228.616 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143234.993 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143244.024
Gala: Noa, what’s wrong?
Noa: Cort is my older brother.
Gala: …Let’s go back to the future, Noa. Your parents are waiting for you.
Noa: O-Okay. You’re right. Let’s go back to the future.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143301.688 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143304.288
Jette: You will require a device of some size.
Cort: I don’t care! We’ll build a Mist Generator in the Absolute Fortress! We’ll conquer the world!
Zora: Ratayu has a giant Seru and the legend of Juggernaut.
Cort: Mist technology and Juggernaut. What an interesting combination!
Zora: Prince Core, there is no end to your dreams! Ha ha ha!
Cort: Ha ha ha! Listen well! This an an order. An O-R-D-E-R.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143329.296
Oh… well then.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143349.448Queen Minea: And he’s your brother. After that incident, two Seru remained in Conkram. One was transformed into the Sim-Seru, which fed on the Mist and engulfed Conkram. The other Seru… may be a fragment of an evil Rogue. That Seru can give humans incredible knowledge. It was that power that awakened Cort’s wicked ambitions. With Ra-Seru and Ra-Seru Eggs, he created a Mist Generator and the Sim-Seru. He learned to create Sim-Seru to provide him with the power to achieve his ambitions. By the time we realized what Cort was doing, it was already too late. We feel so responsible.
Noa: It’s not your fault, Mother! I’m going to shut down the Mist Generator in the Absolute Fortress for good! After that, you won’t have to be alone anymore, Mother!
Queen Minea: Noa, I love you.
Noa: Love… yes, love. I know about love. Mother, don’t give up!


This is not a very feel good game.

NEXT TIME: The Absolute Fortress!

Conkram! (FINALLY) – Legend of Legaia Ep. 30

Hey guys, welcome back to Legend of Legaia! Last episode, we found out that Cort and Songi went to ridiculous lengths to try and kill our party. Also, they failed. So today, we’re finally going to go to Conkram! After 30 episodes, we’re finally going to try and find Noa’s parents!


MUSIC: The Soren Fly

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124006.566
Luctes: I had lost my pride as a Soren. I was bitter. I was a fool. But you, heroes of Ra-seru, you opened my eyes. Thank you! I am grateful from the bottom of my heart! It’s almost time. Now, shall we head for Conkram, in the North Karisto Mountains? Because of the thick Mist there, you’ll have to parachute in. Here, take this! The Door of Wind is the only way to get back. Use it well!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124103.767Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124109.863Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124120.575Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124128.214
Is… is that giant clam?

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124134.550   Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124138.614
Yeah, that is definitely a giant clam.

We enter Conkram… and it’s hard to describe, but this place just… quivers. Luckily, I now how to make .gifs now, so you can experience it!  Seriously, this game gets into some dark shit, and it manages to produce feelings of unease and disgust much better than a lot of modern games. There are a lot of survival-horror elements in this game, which is probably part of why I enjoy it so much.

MUSIC: Mist Infested Area


Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125610.848
Noa: I finally made it to Conkram!
Gala: This is Conkram? What a horrible place? Look at this evil, everyone! This is not the work of humans!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125624.296
: What’s the matter?
Noa: I hear a voice! Someone’s still alive! They’re calling for help!
Gala: A human voice?

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125636.424
Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125639.008
Gala: Hey! Are you all right?
Man: Help… Somebody… Help…

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125647.800
Terra: Noa! Stop it! Noa! If you pull that person out of the wall, he’ll die!
Noa: But…
Terra: Everything here, buildings, people, is all part of a giant Seru! A Sim-Seru! Noa, that person’s body has fused with the Seru. We must leave them as they are. There’s nothing we can do.
Gala: A Sim-Seru? You mean the town itself is a type of Seru?
Ozma: I never knew that humans had built such a huge Sim-Seru. The thick Mist from the Mist Generator to the north must have enabled it to grow so large.
Noa: … I’m so sorry. But I’ll destroy the Mist! Just hang on a little longer!
Gala: Noa! There’s a castle over there! Let’s go investigate! Your parents may be there.
Noa: Yes, you’re right.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125737.191
This game gets disconcertingly dark at times.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125742.248
The random encounters take a major step up in difficulty from here to the end of the game as well. Enemies hit hard and have tons of HP. Even with the best equipment, and being relatively high-leveled, random encounters are still much more difficult than at any other point.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125820.839Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125826.223 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125904.046
Here are some more enemies.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125913.407
There are people in the walls all over. Most of them have gone insane. Can’t really blame them.

MUSIC: Noa’s Dream

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125915.471 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125919.518
Noa: I… I know this place! Vahn, Gala! I’m scared! I don’t know why, but I’m scared… so scared!
Gala: Noa, remember this! Whatever happens here… We won’t abandon you! Vahn and I will always be by your side!
Noa: O-Okay. Vahn! Gala! Remember you promised! Remember you promised never to leave me alone!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133332.265Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133333.745 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133339.345 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133335.729

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133421.249
????: I feel your presence, Noa… I know you’re there.
Noa: Mother! It’s my mother!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133430.449
Holy crap, what the heck butt is going on here?

Queen Minea: Noa, come here… Let me feel you…
Noa: Mother…
Queen Minea: Noa, I hear you… I feel your warmth… You’re so big now.
Noa: Mother! What’s the matter with your eyes? Can’t you see?
Queen Minea: I’ve been blinded by the thick Mist and the Sim-Seru that surrounds the town. But I can hear your words and sense your presence. It’s my feelings for you that have kept me sane.
Noa: What should I do? Mother, how can I help you?
Queen Minea: Do you all know that Jette’s Absolute Fortress houses the last Mist Generator? The Sim-Seru that surrounds the town feeds on the Mist from the Absolute Fortress. As you know, a Sim-Seru dies when its Mist Generator is destroyed. The Gate of Hell is made of an ancient substance and cannot easily be forced open. To break open the Gate of Hell guarding the fortress, you need the Nemesis Gem.
Noa: Where is it? Tell me, and I’ll bring it here!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133516.049
Gala: Your Majesty, that means…
Queen Minea: However, if you travel back to the Conkram of the past you will find the Nemesis Gem. Noa!
Noa: Yes?
Queen Minea: Go to your father! He is in the caverns under the palace. Get the Seru Flame from him!
Noa: The Seru… Flame?
Queen Minea: The Seru Flame has the energy to transport you back to the past!
Noa: Okay. I’ll go to Father. I’ll get the Seru Flame! I’ll get it, so don’t give up hope!
Queen Minea: Noa, you are my daughter. I know you can do it. Vahn, Gala. Please look after Noa for me.

Well, that’s it for the Queen for now. Our next goal is to go find King Nebular to get the Seru Flame, but first…

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133600.192 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133628.320

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133604.585 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133643.600 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133710.552 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133712.143
Now that we’ve spoken to the Queen, the guards allow us to pass.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133721.064
There is a long corridor with a stupid high encounter rate to pass through before we can meet the King.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133726.720 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133728.263
King Nebular: Noa… Am I dreaming?
Noa: No, you’re not! It’s me, Noa! I’m really here!
King Nebular: It’s really you. If only my eyes could see… Then I could look upon you. I knew you would come here.
Noa: Father, what’s wrong? Father! Are you all right?
King Nebular: I’m sorry, Noa. It’s so difficult just to stay sane… I know why you’re here. You need the Seru Flame to travel into the past. The Queen… sent me her thoughts. The Seru Flame is here. Take it. Use it in the Room of Mirrors. Its power will transcend the vortex of time and take you to the past.
Gala: So this is the Seru Flame. It’s a small lamp.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133804.679
King Nebular: Go, Noa. I’m so ashamed for my own daughter to see me like this. Go now. Go, I say.
Noa: Just hold on, Father. I’ll go to the past and bring back the Nemesis Gem. I’ll use it to destroy the Mist!

We can now go back upstairs to where the Queen is to find the Room of Mirrors.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133850.319 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133854.143
Gala: Vahn, look! That mirror is the door to the past. So that’s it. It’s time to go to the past!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133901.271 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133904.879
Terra: Noa, listen! In the world of the past, you will meet your parents when they were young. But no matter what happens, you must never tell them who you are, or what will happen in the future. Do you understand? This is very important! If you do, you will only create chaos that will benefit the Mist and its allies.

MUSIC: Conkram

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133933.816
Noa: Quick! Let’s find the Nemesis Gem!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133943.679 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133952.623
Zeto: With this new weapon, we can magnify the power of our Seru and destroy Sol. But King Nebular is too cautious. He says he won’t permit its use unless the demonstration tomorrow is a success. This foot-dragging will only make things worse for us.

Damn, remember that guy?

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_134004.886
Dohati: If you are travelers, then you must know Ratayu, correct? Ratayu possesses the technology to raise gigantic Seru. I want that technology for Conkram.

Wow, remember THIS guy? The most worthless placeholder boss ever? I’m surprised they remember to put him in here.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_134111.518
NOOOOOO, I don’t have any grinding opportunities!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_134115.006
Luckily, (or not), there’s nothing new here. I guess this shop is here in case you haven’t caught up yet.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_134133.029

Innkeeper: But since tomorrow’s a special day, I’ll tell you what. All of you can stay for free! By morning, the display of the new weapon will start. Is all your business finished? Good. Show these three to their room!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_134147.518
NEXT TIME: The demonstration of the weapon of Conkram!

Buma & the Sorens – Legend of Legaia Ep. 28

Welcome back to Let’s Play Legend of Legaia! Last time we managed to defeat the Delilas Family as well as Koru. With that done, Buma is now defrosted, so now we can (in theory) revive the Genesis Trees in Buma. And then we’ll figure out all the stuff that gets to go along with that.

Let’s get to it!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103315.725
Well, let’s see how Buma looks when it isn’t completely frozen!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103320.484
Wow, that’s… actually really cool.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103332.572
Noa: Vahn, Gala! I don’t believe it! Buma isn’t frozen anymore!
Gala: You’re right. I didn’t know Buma was such a beautiful town.
Noa: Stop standing around! C’mon! We have to go revive the Genesis Tree! I’ll go ahead of you!
Gala: Ha ha ha! What an impatient girl! Come on, Vahn, let’s go!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103407.844
Noa: The ice on the Genesis Tree is melting away!
Gala: It’s just like Dr. Usha said.
Noa: Terra! Now we can wake up the Genesis Tree!
Terra: That’s right. Since there are three Genesis Trees, let’s split up.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103433.573 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103437.340
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103536.931Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103539.611
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103544.292Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103546.348
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103550.107Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103553.955
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103559.843Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103608.891 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103617.139
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103620.484
Noa: I’m so happy, Vahn! Terra feels stronger now!
Cara: Who would have thought the Genesis Tree had such power!
Noa Gala: Cara?
Cara: Well, excuse me, but I was watching you the entire time. It’s amazing. So the Genesis Tree of Buma had such powers after all. I thought that it was too late for us to do anything.
Noa: Um, Cara… can I have the Ra-Seru Egg that you have?
Gala: Now that Buma, your home, is back to normal, you don’t need the Ra-Seru Egg anymore!
Cara: Sorry, but I haven’t gotten my “time” back yet. So please, just leave me alone.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103706.891
Cara: I buried something here. That day, I buried my heart here.
Gala: There’s nothing we can do, Vahn. Let’s just leave Cara alone for now.
Noa: I didn’t know you could bury your heart and live. Oh, I just don’t get it!
Cara: Long ago, I buried my heart and Grantes’ heart here.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103738.586 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103743.266
Gala: Humanlike bodies but with Seru Wings. Those are Soren, all right. They must have found out about Buma’s Genesis Tree. They’ve come to take a look!
Noa: Hey, Soren! It’s me, Noa! Over here!
Gala: Ha ha ha! Noa, you’re too far! They can’t hear you!
Noa: I wish the Soren would land over here.
Gala: Hey, that’s a good idea. If we had their help… Then we could get to the Floating Castle, where the Mist Generator is. We just have to talk to those Soren.
Noa: The Soren! They’re gone!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103814.306
Noa: Cara, you’re bleeding! Your hand is all bloody!
Gala: Cara, is that it? Is that what you buried under the ground?
Cara: Ha! Go ahead and laugh if you think it’s funny! You’re right. This is the only memory I have left. This is the music he… Grantes wrote after hearing my song.
Noa: It must be love! That’s great, Cara! That stands for your love! I don’t know much about love, but… let me see that!
Cara: Uh…

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103840.763
Noa: I’ll take this music to Grantes for you. Leave it to me!
Cara: Well… thank you.
Gala: We don’t really have time for that, but… oh, well.
Cara: Please, do this for me! I’m sure that if Grantes hears that song, he’ll change his mind!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103947.649 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103956.682
There is, of course, a new Arms Shop in Buma. Luckily for me, there are only two new items, new weapons for Vahn and Noa, and I’m actually able to afford them without any trouble.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104014.378
We still need to heal up after our showdown with the Delilas Family, and then the battle with Koru as well.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104026.098
King Nebular: Noa. I feel you’re presence so strongly. You’re right near us. But this will be the last time we can send you our words.
Queen Minea: He… he has found us out.
Noa: Who has? Who are you talking about?
Queen Minea: The man who brought the Mist into the world.
King Nebular: The man who invaded the realm of the Gods by changing the Seru and creating Sim-Seru. His name…
Queen Minea: He is Cor…

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104054.305
Noa: Mother? Father?

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104101.362
Noa: Who is that? Who’s there?!
????: Ha ha haaaa! How desperate you are! Noa! Foolish Noa! I don’t need to give you my name! Ha! You and that idiot Ra-Seru can struggle all you want! The more you struggle, the more I can taste your despair!
Noa: Bastard! What have you done with my mother? What have you done with my father?
????: Listen well, and I shall tell you! If you have the power, come to Conkram for yourself and see! Your parents are there!
Noa: Conkram!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104128.601
Noa: Are you afraid of me? Fight me! I’ll kick your butt! Fatherrrr! Oh, Mother!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104145.993
It really bothers me how they don’t mention the dreams. At all. Ever.

So I decided to Door of Wind my way over to Sol, because it’s not really worth the time to trek across the world map. I then make my way up to the Cafe where Grantes is drowning his sorrows.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104224.752
Noa: Here! Here’s some music! Play this!
Pianist: Hmm… This is so… simple. Hmm.
Noa: Are you going to play it or not?
Pianist: All right, I’ll play it! Geez, what an impatient young girl! Ahem!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104304.137
Noa: Grantes! You know what? The Mist in Buma is all gone now.
Grantes: The Mist… The Mist at Buma is gone?
Gala: I know I’m young and inexperienced compared to you, but I’ll tell you this! Now I don’t know what happened to you in the past. I don’t know whether you hurt the one you love… And you can turn your back on your past and sit around despondent about your future, but I have no respect for someone who tries to kill his own spirit like that!
Grantes:  That song… did Cara…?
Noa: That’s right! Cara loves you, and… she wants you to remember that love!Gala: Cara said that no matter what happens, that love will always be true.
Grantes: Cara said that? I remember now. That’s the melody she was playing on my flute the first time I saw her. I came down to the surface following that melody. That’s when I found Cara. She was playing the flute! I know I’m a horrible man. I didn’t take responsibility for the love I felt. Cara… do you think she’ll forgive me?
Vahn: Of course she will!
Grantes: Sorry, fellas. I guess I’m still depending too much on others. Now I realize that! You taught me a lesson. Now that the Mist is gone from Buma, I’m going to go to Buma on my own two legs and tell Cara! Tell her that it’s never too late to change as long as the desire for change is there! Maybe if I tell her that I am grateful, from the bottom of my heart, maybe she would forgive me, and then… We’ll be waiting for you! Both of us, together, will be waiting in Buma!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104447.840
Gala: Even with Grantes the way he was, love was still alive! A miracle is sure to happen!
Noa: Wow, Gala! You’re great! You know everything about love!
Gala: Uh, ahem, well…

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104458.735
Noa: Wow, you’re great!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104522.896
I just use another Door of Wind to get back to Buma, because again, forget the world map.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104551.967
Cara: It’s all right, Grantes. Now that you’re ar my side, everything is all right.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104601.487 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104604.399
Noa: Cara! Grantes! So, you made up, huh?
Grantes: A-Actually, I… We’re just…

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104619.087
Noa: What do you mean, Gala?
Gala: If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear what happened.
Cara: I don’t mind. Why don’t you tell them, Grantes.
Grantes: I was… torn between my love for Cara and Soren law. It was then that Zora, the master of the Floating Castle, appeared to me. Zora said she would give Cara Seru Wings, if I helped her. Like a fool, I believed her and stole this town’s Ra-Seru Eggs. There were three Eggs. I gave two to Zora. The remaining Egg I gave to Cara.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104650.319
Cara: He gave it to me and said it was a symbol of our love.
Grantes: But of course Zora lied. Ha! She never gave me Seru Wings. I escaped with my life, but my Soren people found out everything I did. As punishment for breaking Soren law, they took my Seru wings and banished me to the surface. For ten years after that, as you know, I…
Noa: Grantes lived alone. Cara was alone too. I understand!
Grantes: Yes, I was alone. But you saved me. At first I didn’t want to give up being Soren, but now I’m ready to live as a surface-dweller. With Cara.
Cara: Oh, Grantes!
Noa: Love! That’s love! I know it! Love is wonderful!
Gala: I hate to interrupt, but we have to see the Soren. Can you help us?

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104746.718
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104749.534
Grantes: This is a flute the Soren use to call for help. A surface-dweller has no use for it. If you want to meet the Soren, go to the summit of Mt. Dhini and play this flute. The Soren will think you’re a Soren and fly right over to you! Ha ha ha!

…We don’t see that as a problem? Impersonating a Soren when the Soren hate anything that isn’t a Soren???  All right then.

Cara: Also, I want to give this back to you. This can’t help me anymore.
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104813.326

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104819.158
Gala: Noa… We must get going.
Noa: Huh? Why?
Gala: We don’t want to bother the two lovebirds, do we?