Heavy Rain Episodes 1-9

Shrek Daddy – Heavy Rain Ep. 9

I can’t be the only one who looks like Shrek, am I right??

Pee Count – Heavy Rain Ep. 8

It’s gotta be an in-joke at Quantic Dream by now, right? Why do they allow you to pee so freely in their games?

Fanservice! – Heavy Rain Ep. 7

Hey, if you like digitized hotties, then this is the episode for you! No, we do NOT make her take the shower, because I’m pretty sure boobs would get us flagged on Youtube, and I want this video to upload properly.

Drugs Are Bad, MmKay? – Heavy Rain Ep. 6

Also, a crippling addiction to Augmented Reality Interfaces probably doesn’t help either, you know what I’m sayin’?

A Day at the Park – Heavy Rain Ep. 5

Keeping an eye on your children is very important when in public spaces. Blackouts notwithstanding.