SMRPG Ep. 28 – The End

The End – Super Mario RPG. Ep. 28

Welcome back to Save File Plays Mario RPG. The last episode of Save File Plays Mario RPG. Because we’re at the end of the game, and it’s time to END THIS. I’ve done basically everything. Things I DID NOT DO: Grate Guy’s Casino (I showed it exists though), 30 Super Jumps, 100 Super Jumps, and all the Surprise Boxes. But I defeated Culex and Jinx, and did everything else. So… let’s finish it off!

First of all:
Ep. 28.mp4_000008757
I did a little grinding off camera to get Mario, Toadstool and Geno all to Level 30.

I’m also ending the game a 93/99 possible Flowers and 999 Coins.

Ep. 28.mp4_000035787
Mario has the Lazy Shell, Hero Shirt and Safety Badge to make him immune to status effects and insta-death. Toadstool has the Frying Pan, the Lazy Shell, and the Jinx Belt which makes her slow, powerful and basically the undying.

Lastly, Geno has the Star Gun, the Star Cape, and the Quartz Charm from Culex just because it seems apropo with the “Star” theme.

Ep. 28.mp4_000042883 Ep. 28.mp4_000048661 Ep. 28.mp4_000053941
Toadstool’s defense is MASSIVE. Geno is the fast, but powerful guy, and Mario will just wreck your shit.

Ep. 28.mp4_000079207 Ep. 28.mp4_000082891