SMRPG Ep. 23 – Barrel Volcano

Barrel Volcano – Super Mario RPG Ep. 23

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG. Last time, we managed to reunite Mallow with his parents, as well as give Valentina the boot out of Nimbus Land. We also started to get our first glimpses of some of the game-breaking equipment that can be found. However, our next goal is to travel into a friggin’ VOLCANO. That’s pretty metal, so I think I’m into it. Let’s get to it!

MUSIC: Nimbus Land

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I haven’t shown these guys off because all they would do is scoff at us because we aren’t royalty.

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Guard: Sorry about the misunderstanding before… There’s NO WAY that fat bird could have been a Prince, huh?
Mallow: No big deal. Anyways, do you think you could let us through here?
Guard: Of course! Go right ahead. Please, enjoy yourselves. But be careful not to fall into the Volcano.

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The hot springs actually will heal you, it’s pretty awesome.

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Though Mario gets a little hot if you stay inside for too long.

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