SMRPG Ep. 22 – Queen Valentina

Queen Valentina -Super Mario RPG Ep. 22

Welcome back! Today, we will resume our adventures through Super Mario RPG. Last time, we managed to get into Nimbus Castle by posing as a statue. Now it’s time to depose “Queen” Valentina and find out what’s really going on with Mallow’s parents.

MUSIC: Nimbus Castle

Ep. 22.mp4_000026193
There’s only one door we haven’t gone through yet, and of course it’s the once being guarded by the Heavy Troopa.

Ep. 22.mp4_000031871
3 Heavy Troopas. I still manage to kill them before any of them get to attack. WOO!

Ep. 22.mp4_000074494  Ep. 22.mp4_000076046Ep. 22.mp4_000078563
That’s enough for Mallow to hit Level 21. Dandy!