SMRPG Ep. 17 – Sunken Ship: Level Up Extravaganza

Sunken Ship: Level Up Extravaganza – Super Mario RPG Ep. 17

Well, herro there. Welcome back to Save File plays Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Last time, we made it into the Sunken Ship, got some swag, figured out a puzzle, and fried up some Calamari. I think it’s about time to finish off this dungeon. So let’s hop to it!

MUSIC: Sunken Ship

Ep. 17.mp4_000044515
This is where the party gets dropped off after roasting King Calamari.

Ep. 17.mp4_000079235
There was a Dry Bones here. It’s dead (again) now.

Ep. 17.mp4_000082860
The next area has some rat-mounted cannons. I don’t know either.