SMRPG Ep. 15 – Star Hill

Star Hill – Super Mario RPG Ep. 15

Well, hello there. Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time, we managed to break up Booster and Toadstool’s wedding, and saw Mario get a kiss on the cheek from Bowser. We then battled the Lovecraftian horror that was Bundt. Now that all that is said and done, Toadstool is in the party’s possession, and it’s time to take her back to Mushroom Kingdom. Though… there’s something else to do in Marrymore first.

MUSIC: The Merry Mary Bell Rings

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I think it’s time to check out that suite everyone keeps going on about.

Innkeeper: We here at the Marrymore Hotel are offering a very special deal for a limited time only. If you choose to stay in our lovely deluxe suite, you shall receive a once in a lifetime gift!

Well, sign me right the heck up!

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Innkeeper: Sir, this is the gift we promised you upon selection of the suite. We hope you will enjoy it.

It’s a Flower Tab. I’ll take it!

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Wow, pretty good service.