SMRPG Ep. 14 – Marrymore

Marrymore – Super Mario RPG Ep. 14

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time, we managed to scale Booster’s Tower. Along the way, Bowser joined the party, everyone gained several levels, Toadstool was found, then promptly lost again, Booster was a gigantic goon, and some clowns were murdered. It was an eventful update. Now, the part has suicided off the top of the tower, so let’s see how that goes.

MUSIC: Slope

Ep. 14.mp4_000007003
mario: Let’s-a go!

Ep. 14.mp4_000011839
Ep. 14.mp4_000016387
Booster: Eh? Hey, where’s my bride-to-be? I wanna play hide and seek too!
Toadstool: Yuck, I don’t want to play ANYTHING with you!
Booster: What a poor sport! Well, we really should hurry along. A yummy cake is waiting for us after we climb this hill! Let’s GO!
Toadstool: NO! I don’t want to marry you. Please let me go! Help! Mario! Please help meeeeeeee!

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