SMRPG Ep. 12 – Booster Pass

Booster Pass – Super Mario RPG Ep. 12

Welcome back! Last time on Save File Plays Super Mario RPG, the party ventured into the Moleville Mines after hearing of a star and some children being trapped inside. They got a bit sidetracked by Croco showing up and stealing all the money, but they’re back on track! So let’s see how this goes, shall we?

Ep. 12.mp4_000072496
I don’t think I showed it off, but that empty chest up there had a flower in it.

Ep. 12.mp4_000078195
The next area has some Bob-ombs milling about.

Ep. 12.mp4_000081567
Also, I found the Star! But there’s no way to get to it. So I guess I’ll just go talk to that gangly, purple-armed thing instead.

Music: Fight Against an Armed Boss

Ep. 12.mp4_000086639
punch: The name’s Nello… PUNCHINELLO!
Mallow: Punchinello? Never heard of ya.
punch: They say I’m a hot head, but I’ll show them! You… YOU will make me famous! So long!

Ep. 12.mp4_000109468 Ep. 12.mp4_000112892Ep. 12.mp4_000114007
As per the new standard of any boss fight, the first order of business is for Geno to boost the crap out of the entire party.

Ep. 12.mp4_000118813 Ep. 12.mp4_000122609
With the party boosted, every is pretty capable of doling out ~100 HP per attack.

Ep. 12.mp4_000125039
Punch’s gimmick is he’s a bomb guy. He gives a little hop and these 4 piddly bombs fall from the sky. They then proceed to blow up on a character… sometimes.

Ep. 12.mp4_000127193 Ep. 12.mp4_000127597
You can target them down if you want to, but there’s really no point. A Thunderbolt would clear them up as well, but I’m not worried about the 1-2 HP of damage they cause.

Ep. 12.mp4_000146252
…he said before casting Thunderbolt to clear them out.

Ep. 12.mp4_000150362
punch: Now let’s up the ante!

Ep. 12.mp4_000154360
This time, he pulls out some Bob-ombs, which are the same as the ones we encountered in the mine.

Ep. 12.mp4_000175491  Ep. 12.mp4_000177512Ep. 12.mp4_000182335
He’s causing ~7 HP of damage to us, while we’re pushing out about 350 per round. I think this is going swimmingly.

Ep. 12.mp4_000184796
punch:  All right! It’s CLOBBERING TIME!

Oh shit, you can’t say that, can you? Isn’t it copyrighted??

Ep. 12.mp4_000193483
This time the bombs are EVEN BIGGER! But we don’t really have to worry about them.

Ep. 12.mp4_000216017
punch: I must be dreaming! I’m ruined! I didn’t want to do this, but now, I have NO CHOICE!!

Ep. 12.mp4_000229829
punch: Simmer down, Fluffy! I’m not gonna waste this on YOU. Who knows what might happen!
geno: Take your best shot!

Oh, Geno. Such a badass.

Ep. 12.mp4_000245502
punch: I’ve got my pride. Now you’re in for it! …Huh? What the hay? Why isn’t it working?

Ep. 12.mp4_000263293

Ep. 12.mp4_000268476
Mallow: If this thing explodes, we’re history!
geno: This is a fine mess!
Mallow: Let’s scram! NOW!

Ep. 12.mp4_000284533
Oh, balls.

Ep. 12.mp4_000288624 Ep. 12.mp4_000290378








Ep. 12.mp4_000297655
…oh, never mind, they’re fine, I guess.

Ep. 12.mp4_000303279
Ep. 12.mp4_000312414Ep. 12.mp4_000314678
Mallow: Come on Mario, let’s go!

MUSIC: Got a Star Piece

Ep. 12.mp4_000324997  Ep. 12.mp4_000327333Ep. 12.mp4_000328760
Aw, well, it was nice of the star to heal their apparent full-body 3rd & 4th degree burns.

Ep. 12.mp4_000346492 Ep. 12.mp4_000359091
Well, we’ve got three of ’em now. We’re well on our way! Let’s get this show on the road!

MUSIC:  Hard Working Moles are Good Moles

Ep. 12.mp4_000366085
…Dammit, Geno.

Ep. 12.mp4_000377614 Ep. 12.mp4_000381966
Oh man, is this about to turn into Donkey Kong Country? Those Mine Cart levels were THE BEST!

Ep. 12.mp4_000390057
Pfffffft, ahahahahahaha!

I know this is a screenshot LP, but there’s really no way to convey this next part of gameplay in screenshots, so here’s a short video of the mine cart ride. It… it isn’t my best effort. I swear, I used to be really good at it!

MUSIC: Docaty Mountain Railroad

Ep. 12.mp4_000559817
Pa Mole: Settle down, woman! I asked Mario to help us out, so I reckon he’ll bring ’em back when he’s good ‘n ready!
Ma Mole: I just have this odd feeling that they’ll be dropping in on us in any minute now…


Ep. 12.mp4_000593589
Ma Mole: Gracious! They really DID drop in on us! Oh, my poor babies! Are you okay? Little Mite, are you hurt?
Dyna: Naw, we’re okay, Ma. Isn’t that right, Mite? We had FUN!
Mite: Ma-ma! Pa-pa!
Ma Mole: He’s been knocked senseless! You poor baby, you’re safe now. Dyna! Haven’t I told you often enough to never go into the mines by yourself?
Pa Mole: That’s enough, Ma. Just be happy to have ’em back! We haven’t thanked Mario proper, either.
Ma Mole: I’m so embarrassed! Mario, we can’t thank you enough for everythin’.

Ep. 12.mp4_000643669
Pa Mole: It ain’t nothing at all! You just leave any repairs to me. Give me a holler if you ever need a hand with your place!

Ep. 12.mp4_000661385 Ep. 12.mp4_000663531

MUSIC: Hard Working Moles Are Good Moles

Ep. 12.mp4_000676870
Snifit 2: Yeah, don’t run away! We just want to play! We’ll take good care of you…
Snifit 3: Uh… like… what they said, okay, Mr. Beetle?

Ep. 12.mp4_000691531

Ep. 12.mp4_000700555

Snifit 2: That’s right! Just hand it over, nice and easy.
Snifit 3: Uh… yeah… like they said… Or we won’t be your friend.
Snifit 1: Booster really, really, REALLY likes beetles! But he can’t catch his own.
Snifit 2: That’s right, he’s busy keeping the princess from the sky entertained.
Snifit 3: So we’re catching beetles for him.
Snifit 1: So hand it over!
Snifit 2: That’s right!
Snifit 3: Uh……… pretty please?

Ep. 12.mp4_000732076
Snifit 2: Quick, catch it!
Snifit 3: CATCH IT!!

O… okay then. Hmm. They DID say something about a “princess from the sky” though…

Ep. 12.mp4_000762827
Welp, that’s it for Moleville for now. We’ll be back though!

Ep. 12.mp4_000766193
The next destination in mind is Booster Pass!

MUSIC: The Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 12.mp4_000771051
Booster Pass is very much a “road dungeon.” There are some new enemies here though.

Ep. 12.mp4_000775913
The Spikester may be our first pallet swap. Gotta say that green looks better on them than red does though.

Ep. 12.mp4_000794547
And yes, that plant back there IS an enemy. The Artichoker is pretty tanky, it has decent defense and a pretty big chunk of HP as well.

Ep. 12.mp4_000798474

And then it died.

Ep. 12.mp4_000831043 Ep. 12.mp4_000832215
There’s an invisible chest with a flower in it off to the left.

Ep. 12.mp4_000845174 Ep. 12.mp4_000846695
So yeah, there are a ton of these plants around, and some of them are actually enemies. So be careful running into them. Unless you’re playing like me and fighting every enemy you see. I can do that in a screenshot LP because it won’t bore you like in a video one!

Ep. 12.mp4_000869098  Ep. 12.mp4_000871516Ep. 12.mp4_000875876
The battle with the Artichoker is enough for Geno to gain another level! He also gets a bonus +3 to Attack this time around, very nice!

Ep. 12.mp4_000915566 Ep. 12.mp4_000922604
In the next area, there are some Spikesters in pits in the cliff above. It’s POSSIBLE to fight them…

Ep. 12.mp4_000926470
But there’s also a hidden switch that can be jumped on that eliminates them immediately and gives you ten coins each for doing so!

Ep. 12.mp4_000935390
There’s also a Flower that can be grabbed. It’s really big, I think it should have been worth more than 1 FP. Oh well.

And that’s it for Booster Pass! Seriously, it’s 2 whole screens. So I’m going to head back to Moleville to do the requisite “RPG Fetch Quest”

MUSIC: Hard Working Moles Are Good Moles

Ep. 12.mp4_000966207
Mole: I’ve only got the sparklers down, but I ain’t giving up! Wanna buy one for 500 coins?

Why the hell not? I’m already at 999 coins.

Mole: Thanks. Ya just wait for my masterpiece! Come back with more coins and buy my inventions, all right?

So now that we’ve got Fireworks…

Ep. 12.mp4_000985340
Mole Girl: Would you like a “Shiny Stone?”
mario: Sure. Why-a not?
Mole Girl: You’ll trade your Fireworks?
mario: Sure. It seems perfectly safe-a to give-a explosives to a minor!
Mole Girl: Tank you, pweese come again!


So now that we’ve traded the Fireworks for a Shiny Stone…

Ep. 12.mp4_001001742
mario: Okay
Mole Girl 2: Gracious, what a deal! Well, here you go!

All right, now we’ve traded our Fireworks for a Shiny Stone, which we then traded for a Carbo Cookie.

Ep. 12.mp4_001013023
mario: Sure
Bucket Mole Girl: Wow, thanks a lot! Here, you can take this green… Oops! I must have dropped it. Sorry about that, but come back later and I’ll find another one.

Ep. 12.mp4_001021366
Ep. 12.mp4_001024455
mario: SCREW YOU!

Ep. 12.mp4_001027850
mario: OH GOD, NO!

MUSIC: Let’s Go Down the Wine River

Ep. 12.mp4_001036132 Ep. 12.mp4_001060635
The bucket somehow transports the party to Midas River. I mean, okay. Sure. Cool.

Ep. 12.mp4_001072560 Ep. 12.mp4_001076377Ep. 12.mp4_001082831
I didn’t show it off the first time, but if you bump into any of the rocks on the way down the waterfall, you’ll get treated to a little scene.

Ep. 12.mp4_001087073 Ep. 12.mp4_001088613Ep. 12.mp4_001094984
This one in particular nets you a Flower.

Ep. 12.mp4_001107937 Ep. 12.mp4_001137507 Ep. 12.mp4_001134028
But really, we’ve seen this song and dance before.

Ep. 12.mp4_001204416 Ep. 12.mp4_001206625
Oh. Well, for 500 coins, we got a Flower and 64 coins. I wouldn’t really say it’s worth it, but whatever. It’s the experience that’s important! It isn’t the last time we’ll do that either.  We’re going to need another Shiny Stone eventually, because of… reasons. But that’s it for now!

NEXT TIME:  Booster’s Tower!