SMRPG Ep. 11 – The Mines of Moleville

The Mines of Moleville – Super Mario RPG Ep. 11

Welcome back to Save File plays SMRPG! Last time, the party took a slight detour through the Pipe Vault. I think it was worth it though, as we were able to scoop up some coinage, get some flowers and also get some Frog Coins. AND we got to see some Yoshis! But now it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled adventure.

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Here’s the next section of the World Map. Looks like… a mountain, a ridiculous tower, and a chapel as well.

Music:  Hard Working Moles are Good Moles

I don’t know who named those tracks, but they’re awesome.

The first stop, of course, is the shop. Because NEW SWAG!

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183757.892
Shopkeep: Everyone’s up on the mountain, but I’m stuck mindin’ the store. So, whatcha need?

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183804.381Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183807.180
New weapons for everyone, though the party managed to snag a free Finger Gun for Geno back in Rose Town.  There’s also new armor for everyone, plus an extra little item…