SMRPG Ep. 9 – Geno

Geno – Super Mario RPG Ep. 9

Welcome back to Save File plays SMRPG. Last time, Mario got the crap kicked out of him in Rose Town by a doll. I don’t really know how that works, but it happened! YOU ALL SAW IT. Said doll then came to life and walked right out the front door. We should probably so something about that.

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Mario wakes up in the Inn. I guess they dragged him upstairs somehow.

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons

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Gaz: It was amazing, mom! I just saw Geno walk into the forest! Neat, huh?
Gaz’s Mom: Yes, dear. That’s nice, dear… And isn’t Geno the one who broke my lamp the other day?
Gaz: Awww, Ma, that was just, well, you know… now THIS WAS REAL! I SWEAR, Mom, REALLY! It’s true! I SAW HIM outside!
Gaz’s Mom: All right, Gaz, let’s hear it! What are you trying to get out of this time, hmmm?
Gaz: Mom, I didn’t DO anything. I really, TRULY saw Geno walking into the forest!

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Gaz: Geno… doesn’t know his own strength!

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We can now head to the Forest Maze.