SMRPG Ep. 4 – Croco

Croco – Super Mario RPG Ep. 4

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Last episode, Mario made his way to teh Mushroom Kingdom, where the Chancellor asked him to save Princess Toadstool for the umpteenth time. He also managed to recruit Mallow, a “frog” who had his coin stolen by a purple crocodile wearing a top hat, accurately named Croco. Our current mission is to hunt Croco down, so let’s get to it, I guess.

MUSIC: Hello, Happy Kingdom

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143051.732
Mallow is Level 2, by the way. I forgot that I had gotten a Flower Jar from the Hammer Bros, so I decided to use that up.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143055.076
Anytime you use an item in the menu, the party gets pretty pumped.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143102.444
All right, let’s blow this Popsicle stand.