SMRPG Episodes 1-10

Pipe Vault – Super Mario RPG Ep. 10

Welcome back to SMRPG! Last time, we ended up getting my personal favorite character, Geno! We also got another star piece, and figured out what the story is with them. They seem… they seem kind of important, huh? So from here on out, our two goals are as follows:

  1. Find Princess Toadstool
  2. Find all the Star Pieces
  3. Kick Smithy’s arse

That seems manageable, right? Well, now that we’ve gotten rid of Bowyer, Rose Town should be all cleared up. Let’s see if that’s the case, shall we?

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_195730.963
Well, this is MUCH better!

MUSIC: Rose Town

And what a tune!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_195735.035
Oh, yeah, it’s not like he’s standing in front of you or anything.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_195747.227
Gaz: Mommy! SEE, mom? THIS is the Geno I was talking about!
Gaz’s Mom: My, my, what a fabulous costume! It must be kind of hot for the person wearing it, though.
Gaz: Awww, forget it, mom. All right, Geno, let’s play!
geno: How I wish I could! But Mario and I must leave now to find… the missing Star Pieces.
Gaz: Star Pieces? You mean like shooting stars? What for?
geno: Well… How can I explain this… Well, Gaz… It’s like this…

geno: This is how it used to be…

geno: Do you get it?
Gaz: Uh uh… NOPE! You lost me.
geno: Well, let’s just say that if things stay the way they are, your wishes will never come true.
Gaz: WHAT?! So you mean even if I grow up, I won’t ever be strong and cool like you?
geno: No one’s wishes will come true until the Star Pieces are found and the Star Road repaired. Which is why I have chosen to join these two in order to find the missing Star Pieces.
Gaz: So that’s it…! Well, Mario needs all the help he can get!


Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200431.624
Mallow: It’s not worth it, man! He’s just a minor!

geno: That’s a promise!
Gaz: COOL! Oh, wait a minute! This is yours, Geno, so take it along with you!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200450.880
geno: Thanks for being a good sport, Gaz. I’ll see you when I get back.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200504.096
The Finger Shot is a weapon for Geno, which increases his Attack by 12. Definitely a welcome boost, since he has no equipment yet. I also toss the Fearless Pin on him because it offers the best stat boosts, +3 to both defenses.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200523.967
Here are his stats, by the way. Geno is basically the quintessential glass cannon. Hits like a truck, but takes damage like tissue paper.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200545.511
We have some new destinations, but I’m going to make a quick pit stop in the Forest Maze.

MUSIC: Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200617.799
The Finger Shot in action.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200629.951
When we hit the maze portion, we got a hint a few episodes ago to find something “nice.” I don’t remember it off the top of my head, but I definitely did it right while I was playing! (Left, left, straight, right, I think)

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200639.095
OH BABY. The total haul here is 3 Flowers, 2 Frog Coins, and a full heal Mushroom. Not too shabby, and totally worth it for a 5 minute detour.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200704.495
Let’s check out the Pipe Vault though, shall we?

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200715.750
If you guess that we would be going down a pipe, HOT DAMN, you are a genius!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200719.871

MUSIC: From Inside the Earthen Pipe

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200724.975
I think I may have said this in the very first update, those fireballs are adorable. Sparkys are fast, can use Drain, and have a regular physical attack. They also have stupidly low defense and are easily killed.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200738.135 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200740.455 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200745.270
Mario gains a level after that fight. We only gained 2 exp, so I guess he was very close.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200755.023
Yeah, they look pretty cool.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200818.278
There… are Goombas here. There’s nothing special about them. They’re just regular old Goombas. I have no idea why they’re here. Just a design decision, I guess.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200835.494
There’s also a Thwomp! We can’t fight the Thwomp.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200845.982
We CAN jump on its head though!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200848.582
It ends pretty poorly.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200906.790
We also run into one of the oldest enemies of Mario Lore… the Piranha Plant.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200910.758

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200914.381
As you can see…

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200919.141
They can take one hell of a beating. That’s right, it takes all 3 characters just to put down one of them.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200924.310
And the rewards are far less than stellar. Totally not worth it.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200931.925
The next area has some nice treasure, so I’ll just show that off quickly.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200942.550 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200945.926 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200948.181 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_200952.261
3 Frog Coins, 5 Regular Coins, and 1 Flower. Very nice.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201000.190

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201006.341  Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201019.189Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201021.525  Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201118.117

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201121.836Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201123.717Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201129.557   Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201133.197Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201136.228Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201141.709
Okay, I guess it WAS worth it.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201155.972
Er… “Goomba thumping,” you say?

Sign me up! I guess…

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201209.084Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201213.492Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201236.485 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201241.444Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201243.812

You can farm Flower Tabs here too, just keep beating your past score by 1 each time. After awhile though, it’ll get pretty difficult.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201255.476 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201351.164 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201324.540
Those white flowers are jerks. If you land on them, you’ll lose some coins.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201359.492 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201401.108
I’ve also been hoarding Flower Tabs/Jars/Boxes. I’m already more than 1/3 of the way to max FP.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201410.116 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201419.500
And with that, we reach the other end!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201425.996
There’s also a hidden Frog Coin behind the Save Box.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201430.779
Now… where does this path lead?

MUSIC: Welcome! Yo’ster Island!!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201434.508

Unfortunately, we can’t talk to any of them. Well, we can, but we can’t understand them.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201443.227
Except for this guy! This is OUR Yoshi!

Yoshi: Say… now that you’re here, we could use your help. Please talk to a few of my pals here and… What? You can’t understand them? Well, hop aboard, and I’ll be your interpreter!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201458.652

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201506.315
Yoshi: Of course!
Pink Yoshi: Here, take my cookies. Good luck! I’m rooting for you!
Yoshi: Thanks! I’ve got MAJOR support on my side, so I can probably win today!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201515.779 Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201531.987
Boshi: You’ve got yourself a race… One on one!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201556.827
What follows is a little racing minigame. Just alternate hitting A & B to the beat of the music, and you’ll have no problem.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150927_201608.851
If you need an extra boost, you can hit Y, and Yoshi will gobble down a cookie, causing him to sprint forward. But there’s a pretty long delay, so you can’t really depend on it.

Ep. 9.9.mp4_20150927_201632.938
Pink Yoshi: Starting today, Yoshi’s the new BOSS around HERE!
Boshi: Since WHEN have you been able to spring like that? Well… I had my day in the sun. Let me give you a tip! Race someone SLOW. That way, you’ll be able to stash away the cookies!
Yoshi: But we don’t need a BOSS! Anyway, I just want to race!

Ep. 9.9.mp4_20150927_201709.626 Ep. 9.9.mp4_20150927_201712.339Ep. 9.9.mp4_20150927_201714.571
I’ll show off the Yoshi Cookie in battle next time.

NEXT TIME: The Yoshi Cookie! Also, MOLE PEOPLE!

Geno – Super Mario RPG Ep. 9

Welcome back to Save File plays SMRPG. Last time, Mario got the crap kicked out of him in Rose Town by a doll. I don’t really know how that works, but it happened! YOU ALL SAW IT. Said doll then came to life and walked right out the front door. We should probably so something about that.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170742.116
Mario wakes up in the Inn. I guess they dragged him upstairs somehow.

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170746.117
Gaz: It was amazing, mom! I just saw Geno walk into the forest! Neat, huh?
Gaz’s Mom: Yes, dear. That’s nice, dear… And isn’t Geno the one who broke my lamp the other day?
Gaz: Awww, Ma, that was just, well, you know… now THIS WAS REAL! I SWEAR, Mom, REALLY! It’s true! I SAW HIM outside!
Gaz’s Mom: All right, Gaz, let’s hear it! What are you trying to get out of this time, hmmm?
Gaz: Mom, I didn’t DO anything. I really, TRULY saw Geno walking into the forest!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170810.885
Gaz: Geno… doesn’t know his own strength!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170820.629
We can now head to the Forest Maze.



Welcome back to Save File Plays SMRPG! Last time, we we treated to the shocking realization that Mallow is… NOT A TADPOLE! I know… I know… it’s hard to get over. We also caught a glimpse of Bowser and his Koopa Troop getting ready to storm the castle. Now, however, it’s time to head to Rose Town, where they apparently need help. Well, that’s what Mario does, so let’s do it!

I also went back to see if the hidden dude in Mushroom Kingdom had anything new to say, but that was not the case.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165513.442

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165516.242
Ohhhh… that looks… good…


Frogfucius Say… – Super Mario RPG Ep. 7

Welcome back to SMRPG! Last time, we made our way through the Kero Sewers, smacked down Belome, and took a ride down the Midas River. Now, we can finally make it to Tadpole Pond to have a chat with Mallow’s grandpa. Let’s get to it!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150831_164327.797
We made it! Tadpole Pond!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150831_164331.709
MUSIC: Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles

Ep. 7.mp4_20150831_164340.148
Tadpole: Mallow! It’s you! We’ve heard all about your adventures with Super Mario. You guys beat up Belome, right?
Mallow: You know about that? See, Mario, the waterways of the world bring news to us here. That’s why Grandpa knows all the news that’s fit to hear!
Tadpole: Are you really THE Super Mario? Hey everybody! You’ll never guess who’s here!


Belome – Super Mario RPG Ep. 6

Welcome back to Save File Plays Legend of the Seven Stars! Last time, we liberated Mushroom Kingdom from Mack. We also got some Cricket Pie from the shopkeeper for Mallow’s Grandpa, which is pretty handy, since we’re headed that way anyway. To get there though, we have to head through the Kero Sewers. Now, normally, I hate sewer levels in any game, especially in RPGs, but this one really isn’t so bad. Let’s hop to it!

Ep. 6.mp4_20150823_170532.980
First of all though, I’m going to try to talk to this hidden person as much as I remember. I usually only remember to do it when I’m required to go back to Mushroom Kingdom because of the story, but I’ll try to stop in often and see what s/he has to say.

Ep. 6.mp4_20150823_182409.218
All right, we’re done here for realsies now.

Ep. 6.mp4_20150823_182412.627 Ep. 6.mp4_20150823_182418.795
We’re now into the next section of the World Map! Our first stop is the Kero Sewers, but our ultimate destination is going to be Tadpole Pond, where Mallow’s Grandpa Frogfucius lives.