Legend of Legaia Ep. 31 – Rogue’s Tower

Rogue’s Tower – Legend of Legaia Ep. 31

Welcome back! Last time on Legend of Legaia, we finally made it to Conkram! And it was a horrifying alive clam town. From there, we finally ran into Noa’s parents (also somewhat horrifying), and the game fell into the terrible RPG trope of time travel.

Luckily, it’s not for long, and it’s not very convoluted, so let’s get it done!

MUSIC: Conkram

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135549.616
Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135551.440
King Nebular: Cort calls it the Mist. I hereby present this new weapon to the people of Conkram!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135601.080 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135607.143
Zeto: Prince Cort and Jette, in the lab under the castle, will now open the door to the Seru world. Using an elixir from the home of the Seru, we have created a new substance. That substance is the Mist. A new weapon that amplifies the power of our Seru. When released into this cylinder, the Mist will turn the soldiers into mighty warriors! Gentlemen! From his laboratory, Prince Cort says he is ready!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135628.152
Zeto: Look well at the power of Conkram’s new weapon, the Mist! The pride of Conkram!
Gala: I don’t believe it! They’re going to use the Mist as a weapon of war!
Noa: Vahn… I don’t like this! That person has gone mad!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135651.608 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135653.216
Jette: I can’t, Prince Cort! The emergency shutoff switch isn’t working. If we don’t do something, it’ll explode!

MUSIC: Arrival of the Mist

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135702.272Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135718.063   Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135722.200Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135724.528 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135726.231
Gala: The Mist just can’t be controlled by humans!
Noa: Listen, everyone! To the underground! Quickly! We must turn off the Mist! Let’s go to the laboratory and turn off the Mist!
Gala: You’re right, Noa! We can’t desert the people of Conkram like this.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135742.543
Of course, Mist means enemies.

We make our way down to the underground, where we met King Nebular in present-day Conkram.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135827.910
Gala: There are things that look like Ra-Seru Eggs coming out of that hole.
Noa: Terra, what’s going on? Why are Ra-Seru Eggs coming out of that hole?
Terra: That hole leads to the sealed Rogue’s Tower, on the frontier of Seru-kai. Those are alter egos of Rogues, rebel Ra-Seru. They have the same properties as Ra-Seru Eggs.
Meta: The Mist Generator here is a primitive one. With our strength, we may stop it temporarily, but unless we cut off the flow of that material, the Mist Generator can’t be shut off completely.
Gala: In other words, we have to cut off the source.
Ozma: We must destroy Rogue’s Tower! That will stop that flow, and stop the Mist!
Noa: Rogue’s Tower…
Terra: The Rogues are evil Ra-Seru who plotted a rebellion against Tieg a thousand years ago.
Gala: There’s only one thing to do, Vahn! We must destroy the head Rogue in Rogue’s Tower! We can’t destroy the Mist of the future unless we destroy the Mist here!
Meta: You must be careful. We can’t return here unless we defeat the Rogues.
Ozma: And one more thing, before you go to Rogue’s Tower, make sure you are fully prepared for battle.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135908.351 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135911.767

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135916.238 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_135921.158
Noa: It’s a piece of a Rogue.
Terra: That’s right. It’s a Rogue Fragment.
Gala: So that has the same power as a Ra-Seru? I guess I still have a lot to learn about Seru.
Ozma: The Seru-kai is a world beyond human comprehension.
Noa: Is Rogue’s Tower in the Seru-kai? What kind of place is it?
Terra: Rogue’s Tower is part of Seru-kai, but the tower itself is the body of a rogue.
Meta: The Rogues were once Ra-Seru, and they can hear what we say.
Ozma: That’s why we can’t say anything more.
Noa: But…
Terra: Don’t worry. Instead of talking, I’ll concentrate on protecting you from Rogue’s evil.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140015.255Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140023.326
So. Rogue’s Tower. An interesting dungeon to play, not an interesting one to look at. There are little insignias on the floor, that transport us all around the dungeon. You need to step on them in order to advance, and figure out where to go. Along with that, there’s another gimmick.

MUSIC: Rogue’s Tower

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140224.597

Let’s see that in action, shall we?

Occasionally, the walls and floor will turn into a gross organic mass and start pulsating. If you happen to step on a portal when that’s happening, you get transported all the way back to the beginning. This may happen to me a few times during this playthrough.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140231.053Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140247.397  Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140255.285
Enemies and treasure!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140301.189 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140456.140 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140445.924 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140338.852
More enemies and treasure!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140557.380 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140601.587
Also, look! Placeholder bosses!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140609.468Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140616.611  Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140620.523 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140629.235Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140637.203  Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140639.732
Not very threatening anymore. Taken out in one round of battle!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140712.267Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140715.932 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140720.987
This one is even less threatening than the Berserker.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140738.627Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140742.355 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140744.331
Luckily, the dungeon is kind enough to give us a free heal spot at the halfway point!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140806.643Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140821.106Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140829.267 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_140904.851
Oh hey, Gala leveled up!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141002.898Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141007.161Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141048.730
By the way, if you’re wondering what kind of damage these enemies are doing…

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141036.858Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141043.218Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141023.137  Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141031.538
Now, you may have noticed that Gala leveled after the last battle. That was a very important level…

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141457.136
Well that wasn’t a very good shot of Gala’s Miracle Art. I’ll have to get a better one.

I heal up again, and then head further up the tower.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141604.552
Noa: Oh, I understand. You can’t talk now.
Gala: Where could that Rogue be? I sense the presence of evil, but the Rogue is nowhere to be seen!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141621.031Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141623.671 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141627.159
Gala: This is the head Rogue, the one sealed in the Tower. If we defeat this one, the Mist in Conkram will disappear.
Noa: Let’s get him! Let’s teach this Rogue a lesson!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141640.671 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141643.727

MUSIC: Big Boss Battle

That… that’s the actual enemy design. How disappointing. It’s just a crystal. They could have done something so cool here!

Anyways, the Rogue isn’t too tough. It’s a very pattern based fight. Turn 1: Element Shift. Turn 2: Elemental Attack on the entire party. Over and over and over. It’s actually not that difficult.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_141656.663 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142820.258


Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142838.906
Spoon can easily heal up the damage output.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142843.130Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142847.634 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142904.177
There’s a better shot of Gala’s Biron Rage.

Rogue only used Rogue Flame and Rogue Thunder this battle. Those might be its only two attacks? I’m not sure, to be honest. I feel like it should have at least 3.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142931.178 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142934.554
All in all, a very easy fight. Just time consuming.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_142940.034
Gala: Now we can destroy Rogue’s Tower!
Noa: Oh, wow! Look! Rogue’s Tower is breaking apart! Gala, can I ask you something?
Gala: What is it, Noa?
Noa: Now how do we get back to Conkram from here?
Gala: ! The exit…
Noa: Are we going to die? Are we going to die when Rogue’s tower collapses?
Gala: I’m not going to die in a place like this! Ozma! Can you hear me?

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143007.289
Gala: Ozma…
Ozma: I’ve been watching you the whole time! Well done, Gala!
Terra: Now that the Rogue is dead, the Mist must be gone from Conkram by now.
Noa: Terra!
Meta: Come, it’s time to return to the human world.
Ozma: Gather together, everyone! We’re almost out of time.
Terra: Okay, here we go!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143025.505 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143035.162
King Nebular: Fortunately, the Mist has stopped. That is good. However, the Mist has claimed many lives. What do you think you are doing?
Cort: But, father! The Mist is…
Jette: Your Majesty, this is all a simple mistake. Yes, the experiment was successful, but…
King Nebular: A mistake?! Fool! Does a simple mistake take people’s lives?

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143054.569
Vahn: I’m back, baby!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143058.329
Noa: I’m Noa! Don’t you recognize me? It’s me, Noa!
King Nebular: Noa?
Gala: Your Majesty! You must believe us! We have just been to the Seru world and cut off the source of the Mist!
King Nebular: Is that so? Fantastic! Now I understand everything! You have my deepest gratitude. The people of Conkram owe you their lives! I wish to hear more. Let’s go to the surface for a long chat!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143117.089
King Nebular: Cort, that think on your back… You’re wearing a Seru! It matters not. Cort! Jette! Zora! All of you remain there and repent for what you have done!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143131.137
Zora: He doesn’t understand the Mist’s possibilities, or your grand plan!?
Cort: I know, Zora. Just forget about it. Besides, I still have time to get a lot done.
Jette: Ha ha ha! You are quite right. Quite right!

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143145.057 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143147.401
King Nebular: Nemesis Gems are byproducts of the Gate of Hell’s construction. They are refuse. It pains me to give these three such things as a reward, but if that is what they desire, then so be it. Such dignity! I am therefore going to give to them–
Cort: Father! I beseech you! Do not give them the Nemesis Gem!
King Nebular: Silence, Cort! This is my decision! Vahn! Come here.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143207.233Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143208.985 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143215.360
That’s really all we can do here in the past. I guess it’s time to head back to the present day.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143228.616 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143234.993 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143244.024
Gala: Noa, what’s wrong?
Noa: Cort is my older brother.
Gala: …Let’s go back to the future, Noa. Your parents are waiting for you.
Noa: O-Okay. You’re right. Let’s go back to the future.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143301.688 Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143304.288
Jette: You will require a device of some size.
Cort: I don’t care! We’ll build a Mist Generator in the Absolute Fortress! We’ll conquer the world!
Zora: Ratayu has a giant Seru and the legend of Juggernaut.
Cort: Mist technology and Juggernaut. What an interesting combination!
Zora: Prince Core, there is no end to your dreams! Ha ha ha!
Cort: Ha ha ha! Listen well! This an an order. An O-R-D-E-R.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143329.296
Oh… well then.

Ep. 31.mp4_20150726_143349.448Queen Minea: And he’s your brother. After that incident, two Seru remained in Conkram. One was transformed into the Sim-Seru, which fed on the Mist and engulfed Conkram. The other Seru… may be a fragment of an evil Rogue. That Seru can give humans incredible knowledge. It was that power that awakened Cort’s wicked ambitions. With Ra-Seru and Ra-Seru Eggs, he created a Mist Generator and the Sim-Seru. He learned to create Sim-Seru to provide him with the power to achieve his ambitions. By the time we realized what Cort was doing, it was already too late. We feel so responsible.
Noa: It’s not your fault, Mother! I’m going to shut down the Mist Generator in the Absolute Fortress for good! After that, you won’t have to be alone anymore, Mother!
Queen Minea: Noa, I love you.
Noa: Love… yes, love. I know about love. Mother, don’t give up!


This is not a very feel good game.

NEXT TIME: The Absolute Fortress!