Legend of Legaia Ep. 30 – Conkram! (FINALLY)

Conkram! (FINALLY) – Legend of Legaia Ep. 30

Hey guys, welcome back to Legend of Legaia! Last episode, we found out that Cort and Songi went to ridiculous lengths to try and kill our party. Also, they failed. So today, we’re finally going to go to Conkram! After 30 episodes, we’re finally going to try and find Noa’s parents!


MUSIC: The Soren Fly

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Luctes: I had lost my pride as a Soren. I was bitter. I was a fool. But you, heroes of Ra-seru, you opened my eyes. Thank you! I am grateful from the bottom of my heart! It’s almost time. Now, shall we head for Conkram, in the North Karisto Mountains? Because of the thick Mist there, you’ll have to parachute in. Here, take this! The Door of Wind is the only way to get back. Use it well!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124103.767Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124109.863Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124120.575Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124128.214
Is… is that giant clam?

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124134.550   Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_124138.614
Yeah, that is definitely a giant clam.

We enter Conkram… and it’s hard to describe, but this place just… quivers. Luckily, I now how to make .gifs now, so you can experience it!  Seriously, this game gets into some dark shit, and it manages to produce feelings of unease and disgust much better than a lot of modern games. There are a lot of survival-horror elements in this game, which is probably part of why I enjoy it so much.

MUSIC: Mist Infested Area


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Noa: I finally made it to Conkram!
Gala: This is Conkram? What a horrible place? Look at this evil, everyone! This is not the work of humans!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125624.296
: What’s the matter?
Noa: I hear a voice! Someone’s still alive! They’re calling for help!
Gala: A human voice?

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125636.424
Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125639.008
Gala: Hey! Are you all right?
Man: Help… Somebody… Help…

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125647.800
Terra: Noa! Stop it! Noa! If you pull that person out of the wall, he’ll die!
Noa: But…
Terra: Everything here, buildings, people, is all part of a giant Seru! A Sim-Seru! Noa, that person’s body has fused with the Seru. We must leave them as they are. There’s nothing we can do.
Gala: A Sim-Seru? You mean the town itself is a type of Seru?
Ozma: I never knew that humans had built such a huge Sim-Seru. The thick Mist from the Mist Generator to the north must have enabled it to grow so large.
Noa: … I’m so sorry. But I’ll destroy the Mist! Just hang on a little longer!
Gala: Noa! There’s a castle over there! Let’s go investigate! Your parents may be there.
Noa: Yes, you’re right.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125737.191
This game gets disconcertingly dark at times.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125742.248
The random encounters take a major step up in difficulty from here to the end of the game as well. Enemies hit hard and have tons of HP. Even with the best equipment, and being relatively high-leveled, random encounters are still much more difficult than at any other point.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125820.839Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125826.223 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125904.046
Here are some more enemies.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125913.407
There are people in the walls all over. Most of them have gone insane. Can’t really blame them.

MUSIC: Noa’s Dream

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125915.471 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_125919.518
Noa: I… I know this place! Vahn, Gala! I’m scared! I don’t know why, but I’m scared… so scared!
Gala: Noa, remember this! Whatever happens here… We won’t abandon you! Vahn and I will always be by your side!
Noa: O-Okay. Vahn! Gala! Remember you promised! Remember you promised never to leave me alone!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133332.265Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133333.745 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133339.345 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133335.729

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133421.249
????: I feel your presence, Noa… I know you’re there.
Noa: Mother! It’s my mother!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133430.449
Holy crap, what the heck butt is going on here?

Queen Minea: Noa, come here… Let me feel you…
Noa: Mother…
Queen Minea: Noa, I hear you… I feel your warmth… You’re so big now.
Noa: Mother! What’s the matter with your eyes? Can’t you see?
Queen Minea: I’ve been blinded by the thick Mist and the Sim-Seru that surrounds the town. But I can hear your words and sense your presence. It’s my feelings for you that have kept me sane.
Noa: What should I do? Mother, how can I help you?
Queen Minea: Do you all know that Jette’s Absolute Fortress houses the last Mist Generator? The Sim-Seru that surrounds the town feeds on the Mist from the Absolute Fortress. As you know, a Sim-Seru dies when its Mist Generator is destroyed. The Gate of Hell is made of an ancient substance and cannot easily be forced open. To break open the Gate of Hell guarding the fortress, you need the Nemesis Gem.
Noa: Where is it? Tell me, and I’ll bring it here!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133516.049
Gala: Your Majesty, that means…
Queen Minea: However, if you travel back to the Conkram of the past you will find the Nemesis Gem. Noa!
Noa: Yes?
Queen Minea: Go to your father! He is in the caverns under the palace. Get the Seru Flame from him!
Noa: The Seru… Flame?
Queen Minea: The Seru Flame has the energy to transport you back to the past!
Noa: Okay. I’ll go to Father. I’ll get the Seru Flame! I’ll get it, so don’t give up hope!
Queen Minea: Noa, you are my daughter. I know you can do it. Vahn, Gala. Please look after Noa for me.

Well, that’s it for the Queen for now. Our next goal is to go find King Nebular to get the Seru Flame, but first…

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133600.192 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133628.320

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133604.585 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133643.600 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133710.552 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133712.143
Now that we’ve spoken to the Queen, the guards allow us to pass.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133721.064
There is a long corridor with a stupid high encounter rate to pass through before we can meet the King.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133726.720 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133728.263
King Nebular: Noa… Am I dreaming?
Noa: No, you’re not! It’s me, Noa! I’m really here!
King Nebular: It’s really you. If only my eyes could see… Then I could look upon you. I knew you would come here.
Noa: Father, what’s wrong? Father! Are you all right?
King Nebular: I’m sorry, Noa. It’s so difficult just to stay sane… I know why you’re here. You need the Seru Flame to travel into the past. The Queen… sent me her thoughts. The Seru Flame is here. Take it. Use it in the Room of Mirrors. Its power will transcend the vortex of time and take you to the past.
Gala: So this is the Seru Flame. It’s a small lamp.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133804.679
King Nebular: Go, Noa. I’m so ashamed for my own daughter to see me like this. Go now. Go, I say.
Noa: Just hold on, Father. I’ll go to the past and bring back the Nemesis Gem. I’ll use it to destroy the Mist!

We can now go back upstairs to where the Queen is to find the Room of Mirrors.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133850.319 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133854.143
Gala: Vahn, look! That mirror is the door to the past. So that’s it. It’s time to go to the past!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133901.271 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133904.879
Terra: Noa, listen! In the world of the past, you will meet your parents when they were young. But no matter what happens, you must never tell them who you are, or what will happen in the future. Do you understand? This is very important! If you do, you will only create chaos that will benefit the Mist and its allies.

MUSIC: Conkram

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133933.816
Noa: Quick! Let’s find the Nemesis Gem!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133943.679 Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_133952.623
Zeto: With this new weapon, we can magnify the power of our Seru and destroy Sol. But King Nebular is too cautious. He says he won’t permit its use unless the demonstration tomorrow is a success. This foot-dragging will only make things worse for us.

Damn, remember that guy?

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_134004.886
Dohati: If you are travelers, then you must know Ratayu, correct? Ratayu possesses the technology to raise gigantic Seru. I want that technology for Conkram.

Wow, remember THIS guy? The most worthless placeholder boss ever? I’m surprised they remember to put him in here.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_134111.518
NOOOOOO, I don’t have any grinding opportunities!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_134115.006
Luckily, (or not), there’s nothing new here. I guess this shop is here in case you haven’t caught up yet.

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_134133.029

Innkeeper: But since tomorrow’s a special day, I’ll tell you what. All of you can stay for free! By morning, the display of the new weapon will start. Is all your business finished? Good. Show these three to their room!

Ep. 30.mp4_20150726_134147.518
NEXT TIME: The demonstration of the weapon of Conkram!