Legend of Legaia Ep. 26 – Dreams, Tieg, and THE GREAT TEXT DUMP OF LEGAIA

Dreams, Tieg, AND THE GREAT TEXT DUMP OF LEGAIA. – Legend of Legaia Ep. 26

Welcome back to Legend of Legaia! Everyone strap in, grab a tasty, hot beverage, and settle down, because this update is going to have ALL of the words. It’s interesting, but hot damn, I am going to have to do so much typing…

Anyways, when last we left off, we were heading to Uru Mais to dream some dreams, so Tieg will show up and hand over the Fire Droplets, which we’ll use to make TimeSpace Bombs that we’ll use to blow up Koru, which in turn should defrost Buma, meaning we can revive the Genesis Trees there.

I never said this plot wasn’t convoluted. LET’S HOP TO IT.

MUSIC: Uru Mais

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Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_224922.501
Gala: But Vahn, have you noticed something unusual?
Vahn: There’s no Mist here?
Gala: That’s right. There’s no Genesis Tree to be seen, yet the Mist doesn’t flow in here.