Legend of Legaia Ep. 24 – The MUSCLE DOME

The MUSCLE DOME – Legend of Legaia Ep. 24

Welcome back to Save File Plays Legend of Legaia. Last time, we fought Gaza (and kicked his arse), but he was then spirited away by Songi. Today, we need to get to Warrior’s Square down at the bottom of Sol Tower, but… there are some obstacles in the way.

So first of all, Vahn is going to take on the MUSCLE DOME.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211426.670
I’ve got him the best equipment available, and he is accessorized with the Life Grail for automatic regen, the Power Ring for more general power, and the War Soul so his Arts will hit harder. Basically, I’ve made it so he’ll hit as hard as possible, and hopefully will have to heal as minimally as possible.


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Referee: A colorful finish in only 1 minute, 47 seconds. The contestant in the blue corner has won a record victory.