Legend of Legaia Ep. 18 – Octam’s Mayor Sucks

Octam’s Mayor Sucks – Legend of Legaia Ep. 18

Oh, herro. Welcome back to Legend of Legaia. Last time, we kicked the crap out of Xain, who then decided to freeze all of the magma underneath Octam. I’m sure that won’t have any long-lasting repercussions, RIGHT?  Let’s find out!

Music: Mist Infested Area

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165811.521
Incense is a pretty cool item. It lowers your encounter rate. Battles take forever in this game, so sometimes it can be good to throw one of these down. On the other hand, it’s best to battle as much as possible to get experience, and (almost more importantly) gold.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165819.889
Freeds are a new enemy Seru. They’re pretty beefy, but even more annoying than that…

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165828.657
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165831.225
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165832.921
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165834.609
This attack makes my game tank HARD. It slows down to like 2 fps. I have no idea why, but it murders my frame rate.

I don’t know if I’ve shown this off or not yet, but here it is! Vulture Blade! Noa’s second Hyper Art.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165917.281
So this is the exact same area we came through before, except instead of riding a rock through lava, we’re walking on top of frozen lava.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165920.217
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165922.321
You want to know a secret though?
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165931.736
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_165939.233
I still manage to get totally lost somehow. It’s kind of sad.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172029.287

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172037.961
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172053.216
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172120.575
No, really. Where the heck am I going?

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172226.359
Judging from my screenshots, I actually FOUND the way out, assumed I was going the wrong way and then used a Door of Light instead.  Woo… go, me.

Music: Town Theme

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172237.439
Noa: You got that right! We taught that Xain a lesson!
Guard: Ah, I knew it! When the ground stopped shaking, all the townspeople knew you were successful, and started cheering! Please, go up and talk to them. They’ll be very happy. Oh, and the mayor is waiting for you. Please go see him if you have the time.
Noa: OK!

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172252.526
Gala: Hmm. In their last moments, the enemies froze the depths of the earth.
Guard: What?!
Gala: Yes. I only hope that nothing bad happens because of that. What could those henchmen of the Mist be thinking? It’s a mystery to me.
Guard: That’s right. Whatever will happen later on will happen. But now, thank you everyone!

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172313.783
Yeah, you only have to worry about freezing to deat– er, I mean… You have nothing at all to worry about!

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172324.478
Mayor: Ha ha ha! This is what you’d call a smile of satisfaction! I’m so happy, words can’t describe! Say, I have a favor to ask of you. Ha ha! Would you bring me some Spring Salts from Vidna? That’s a town known for its hot springs. I am prepared to reward you. I hope you can do this for me. Ha ha! I have instructed the guards to let you use the elevator. Please use it! Ha ha ha!

Well, that’s kind of nice, at least.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172402.542
We still need to heal up from Xain and all of the subsequent battles.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172417.174
Also, free healing item!

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172431.966
Don’t mind if I do!

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172436.118
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172601.301
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172605.135
The elevator spits us out in the above-ground, deserted version of Octam.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172615.389
At this point, I am super sick of wandering around the Sebucus Islands. I have a few Doors of Wind, I may as well put them to use.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172624.566
Ah, here we are. Good old Vidna. Something seems… off… though. Hehe, I guess you can’t really see it in stills though, huh?

Music: Vidna in the Mist

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172631.533
Noa: The Mist! Vidna is covered in the Mist! What’s going on?
Gala: Both of you, look! The windmills that were protecting Vidna from the Mist. They’ve stopped. Hmm, you don’t suppose it’s because the magma cooled? The effects could have spread this far. What irony!
Noa: Vahn…
Gala: Vahn, let’s see if anyone’s still alive.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172657.701

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172730.100
As with most Mist-covered towns, we can get into battles here.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172907.116
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172909.652
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172911.524

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172926.436
Holy crispy craps, that dude WASN’T crazy after all!

Nobody really says anything of interest except for the old dude who used to hang out in the hot springs.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_172944.892
Old Man: Danpas, huh? Unfortunately, I have no idea where Danpas is.
Vahn: How about some treasure?
Old man: Wh-what? You’re after treasure at a time like this? It doesn’t make much sense, but it’s not for me to say, eh? All right, I’ll tell you. Go to the machine room, there’s some treasure there. Like the magical Spring Salts. The water’s cooled down, so you should be able to walk around inside.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_173005.251
Mrs. Danpas: My husband, Danpas, he built the shelter, but later on… he went outside to look for people who didn’t make it, and never came back! It’s just not fair!

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_173118.315
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_173206.371
Oh boy. I will tell you right now, this was NOT exciting.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_173358.315
Forget walking, man.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_173413.714
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_173430.761
Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_173432.746
Mayor: What are these for, you ask? Oh, ha ha ha! Why they’re for putting into bathwater! They make it smell just like a natural hot spring! Ha! Please take this in return, although I know it’s not much of a reward. Please use it.

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_173442.050

Ep. 18.mp4_20150720_173444.450
Vahn: The Mist has covered Vidna, you selfish ASS.
Mayor: It’s because you saved this town that such a terrible thing happened to Vidna… Oh, the irony! I feel like I am to blame for the misfortune of the people of Vidna. But there must be something we can do. If you destroy the source of the Mist, then they will be saved from the Mist! Say, you are looking for a Genesis Tree, correct? Well, I know where it is! It’s at Mt. Letona, which is next to Ratayu. But rumor has it that the ruler of Ratayu is quite a difficult fellow. But I’m sure you should be able to handle him! Ha ha ha!

Well… that was pretty much pointless.

NEXT TIME:  Ratayu, I guess?