Legend of Legaia Ep. 17 – The Fire Path

The Fire Path – Legend of Legaia Ep. 17

Oh, hello there. Welcome to another episode of Save File Plays Legend of Legaia. Episode 17, in fact. Last time, the party made it to Octam, and met Hari, who infodumped them HARD, then promptly died.

He did, however, give us our next objective, which is to take out the henchmen of the Mist in the Fire Path.

So that’s what’s next, I guess!

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200309.433
We left off right in front of the entrance to the Fire Path. Let’s head right on in!

Music: The Fire Path

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Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200615.535
Oh boy… how exciting…

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Now is also when we start seeing lots of pallet swaps. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many more original regular monster designs.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200649.935
One interesting thing to note is that the Ra-Seru transform over time. Every time you awaken a new Genesis Tree, the Ra-Seru grow, or evolve, or whatever you want to call it.