Legend of Legaia Ep. 8 – West Voz Forest

West Voz Forest – Legend of Legaia Ep. 8

Oh, hello there.  Welcome back to Let’s Play Legend of Legaia on Save File.  Last time, we made it to Biron Monastery. Today, we’re going to go to West Voz Forest to revive the Genesis Tree and NOTHING IS GOING TO GO WRONG.




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Wow, Vahn has 150 more HP than Noa and he’s only 1 level higher. Also, Gala almost has as much as she does and he’s 4 levels below her.  Dang. But he still has NO FRIGGIN’ ART SLOTS.

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Music: Voz Forest

Welcome to Voz Forest. It’s… it’s really not that exciting. There are some items to pick up and a Genesis Tree. That’s about it.

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Oh, and battles, of course.