Legend of Legaia Ep. 2 – ARTSTRAVAGANZA

ARTSTRAVAGANZA! – Legend of Legaia Ep. 2

Oh, hey there.  Welcome back to Let’s Play Legend of Legaia, by me, Dinosaur of Save File TV!  Last time, we started to play the game, and it got sad pretty fast.  We met Vahn, his dad Val, and his sister Nene.  We also met his romantic interest, Mei, whose father died at the end of the episode.  So… we ended on that note, maybe it’ll get better this time around?


Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215242.817

Vahn: Buh?

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215256.073
Val: “Vahn, Wake up!”

Ep. 2.mp4_20150524_215303.618
Val: “I think it’s coming from beyond the Wall. Vahn, would you go take a look for me?”

Vahn: “Yes.”

Val: “That’s a good on. But hurry back at the first sign of danger! Vahn, be very, very careful!”

Nene: “I’m scared.”