Legend of Legaia Ep. 10 – The Mist Generator

The Mist Generator – Legend of Legaia Ep. 10

Welcome back! I’m not doing a recap, because today we’re destroying the Mist Generator, and that is what is important here.


Music: Biron Monastery

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Zopu: “Biron has been freed from the Mist. I thank you again. But, you, Master Teacher!”
Gala: “Yes, sir!”
Zopu: “You defied the teachings of Biron and wore a Seru. As a ruler of the Biron Order, I cannot forgive you. I hereby excommunicate you!”

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Noa: “Zopu, what does ‘excommunication’ mean?”
Gala: “Noa, it means I’m no longer welcome at Biron Monastery.”
Noa: “What! That’s not right! Gala didn’t do anything bad! How can you kick him out after he fought so hard for us? Zopu, that’s wrong!”
Gala: “Noa, stop! Zopu is only doing what he must. Monks like me all take a vow to obey certain rules. I broke those rules, and so I cannot be a monk of Biron anymore.”
Noa: “That’s okay, Gala. Vahn and I will be your friends! Vahn and I won’t ever turn our backs on you!”