Legend of Legaia Ep. 1 – THE MIST

Legend of Legaia Ep. 1 – THE MIST

Welcome to the first Screenshot Let’s Play under the newly re-branded Save File TV!

Screenshot LPs are a good way for me to do games that I want to LP that would be boring in video format, as I can skip the boring parts (usually the grinding, or long travel) and get right to the meat of the game.  To that end, most of my Screenshot LPs will likely be RPGs.

I will likely be editorializing a lot in most of my playthroughs.  Therefore, keep this in mind, anything typed after a name or portrait in normal text is in the game, like so…

Vahn: “This is me talking normally!”

Anything typed in italics is me taking liberties with the dialogue and adding in my own twist.  Sometimes it will be canon, sometimes it will be what I imagine the character is thinking or would say, and sometimes it will be nonsense, like so…

VahnBALLS!  Lolololol, I said balls.  That is hilarious.  I am twelve.

Anyways, with that out of the way… Today, we begin… 268395-gfs_27924_1_1