Legend of Legaia Episodes 1-10

The Mist Generator – Legend of Legaia Ep. 10

Welcome back! I’m not doing a recap, because today we’re destroying the Mist Generator, and that is what is important here.


Music: Biron Monastery

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Zopu: “Biron has been freed from the Mist. I thank you again. But, you, Master Teacher!”
Gala: “Yes, sir!”
Zopu: “You defied the teachings of Biron and wore a Seru. As a ruler of the Biron Order, I cannot forgive you. I hereby excommunicate you!”

Ep. 10.mp4_20150531_204319.851
Noa: “Zopu, what does ‘excommunication’ mean?”
Gala: “Noa, it means I’m no longer welcome at Biron Monastery.”
Noa: “What! That’s not right! Gala didn’t do anything bad! How can you kick him out after he fought so hard for us? Zopu, that’s wrong!”
Gala: “Noa, stop! Zopu is only doing what he must. Monks like me all take a vow to obey certain rules. I broke those rules, and so I cannot be a monk of Biron anymore.”
Noa: “That’s okay, Gala. Vahn and I will be your friends! Vahn and I won’t ever turn our backs on you!”



East Voz Forest – Legend of Legaia Ep. 9

Welcome back!  Last time on Let’s Play Legend of Legaia… this game has a lot of tragedy, doesn’t it? Well, let’s not dwell on it, let’s fix it! Today we’re going to East Voz Forest to revive the Genesis Tree and repair as much of the damage as we can!

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111246.598
Now we’re on our way to East Voz Forest. On this side of the river, we run into tougher enemies.

Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111251.436
I mean, they’re just pallet swaps with different names, but they’re still tougher!

Music: Voz Forest
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111256.796
Ep. 9.mp4_20150531_111258.612
Gala: “I feel something… I feel Songi’s presence! Songi is here! Vahn, Noa, I need you two to promise me something! Even if Songi appears before you, don’t fight him. I know this is asking a lot, but… If a Seru possesses his soul as you say, then I want to be the one to take care of him. I will detain you no longer. Come, let’s hurry!”


West Voz Forest – Legend of Legaia Ep. 8

Oh, hello there.  Welcome back to Let’s Play Legend of Legaia on Save File.  Last time, we made it to Biron Monastery. Today, we’re going to go to West Voz Forest to revive the Genesis Tree and NOTHING IS GOING TO GO WRONG.




Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215049.153
Wow, Vahn has 150 more HP than Noa and he’s only 1 level higher. Also, Gala almost has as much as she does and he’s 4 levels below her.  Dang. But he still has NO FRIGGIN’ ART SLOTS.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215056.960
Music: Voz Forest

Welcome to Voz Forest. It’s… it’s really not that exciting. There are some items to pick up and a Genesis Tree. That’s about it.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150530_215100.048
Oh, and battles, of course.


Biron Monastery – Legend of Legaia Ep. 7

Welcome back to Legend of Legaia!  When last we left off, we made a quick stop off back in Rim Elm.  We got our asses kicked by some bees, and I think we pissed Mei off.

…needless to say, I think we’ve overstayed our welcome, so let’s mosey, shall we?

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212533.515
Getting to Biron Monastery from Rim Elm is very easy now that we’ve closed the water gate.  There’s no need to stop off at Drake Castle, we can just head straight on through the river bed.

Ep. 7.mp4_20150529_212541.075
Once we move far enough North, we quickly start to encounter the Mist again.  You can kind of see a gap in the mountains up ahead. What happens if we try to check it out?


Drake Castle (Redux!) – Legend of Legaia Ep. 6

Welcome back to Let’s Play Legend of Legaia on Save File!

I hope you’re ready for a lot of WORDS! Because there is a lot of talky-talking in this episode and not a whole lot else.  But exposition is important!  So let’s get right to it.

Ep. 6.mp4_20150527_222200.265
When last we left off, we had just defeated Caruban, and revived Mt. Rikuroa’s Genesis Tree. The party is looking a little worse for wear.  Lucky for me i don’t have to trek all the way back down the mountain.

Ep. 6.mp4_20150527_222225.208

Ep. 6.mp4_20150527_222227.048
Ep. 6.mp4_20150527_222233.889
It’s always nice to have one or two Doors of Light on hand.  From here, the journey back to Drake Castle is very uneventful.  I don’t even get into a single battle.