FFVII Ep. 47 – The Ultimate (Not Really) Episode

The Ultimate (Not Really) Episode – FFVII Ep. 47

Welcome back to Save File Plays FInal Fantasy VII!  This will be a rather short update, because there’s… really not that much left to do. Today, we’ll plow through the Ancient Forest, and then take on Ultimate Weapon! Last time, we left off right outside of the Ancient Forest, so let’s head on in!

Goldie is waiting outside for the party to emerge once more.

MUSIC: Forested Temple (Symphonic Remaster)

So the Ancient Forest is actually full of puzzles! We have to use insects & frogs in pitcher plants, with beehives & shit… It’s kind of hard to explain, but I’ll explain the puzzles as I go through.

Also, it’s extremely hard to see the insects in screenshots.