FFVII Ep. 45 – Soul Searching

Soul Searching – FFVII Ep. 45

Welcome back, dear readers, to Save File plays Final Fantasy VII. Last time, we pretty much mopped up what was left of Shinra after perhaps the most metal moment in the game, friggin’ skydiving into Midgar. But now… what’s left? That’s the real question. It’s time to find out, I suppose.

: Meteor’s gonna fall in about…
: Seven more days. That’s what Grandfather said.

: You want to see everyone in Cosmo Canyon again?
: …Yes.

: Don’t ask me that.
: We’ll beat Sephiroth… Then, if we don’t release the power of Holy in seven days… there won’t be a Planet left to protect.

I’m constantly confused by the apparent confusion in capitalizing Planet in this game. It seems like it should be capitalized all the time, no? Proper noun and all that?