FFVII Ep. 40 – WTF is a Gelnika?

WTF is a Gelnika? – FFVII Ep. 40

Hey, gang. Welcome back to Save File plays Final Fantasy VII.  Last time, we stole a submarine from Shinra, killed a LOT of people, and gathered up another piece of the Huge Materia. Our next destination is Rocket Town… I think. But now that we have both an Airship and a Submarine, basically everywhere in the world is open to us now, so we can start some side questing! I’m gonna do that, to get a head start on all the crap I’ll have to do later. Let’s hop to it!

With these two vehicles, there are very few places that we can’t reach. However, the Buggy and the Tiny Bronco are both now gone. Disappeared into the aether. This is because the game can only store two vehicles on the world map, but I really wish there was a canon explanation for why they’re gone. Even some bullshit like “Shinra stole them back while Tifa was in a coma!”

Let’s explore the great wide ocean, first! (apologies for the mouse cursor on screen there, it takes me a bit to notice it and move it.)