FFVII Ep. 39 – Underneath the Water

Underneath the Water – FFVII Ep. 39

Welcome back to Save File’s Let’s Play of Final Fantasy VII! Last time, we managed to get back our spiky-haired protagonist, who had just muddled his way through a 5 year identity crisis (with a little help from his friends), and also from a bout of extreme Mako poisoning. With that said, he seems pretty spry, all things considered. What the heck were we doing before that?

The correct answer is: WHO CARES?! We have a friggin’ airship! The world is our oyster now!

…really though, I’m going to get one more bit of story out of the way before I get side-questin’. But believe you me, there will be PLENTY of side questing.

MUSIC: Highwind Takes to the Skies

Looks like Yuffie made her way down from the deck.