FFVII Ep. 38 – Searching For a Former Clarity

Searching for a Former Clarity – FFVII Ep. 38

Welcome back to Save File plays Final Fantasy VII! Last episode, we finished off Fort Condor. Now, the party is taking a break from pestering Shinra to go and check on Cloud and Tifa. Let’s hop to it! Also, as a fair warning, this episode has a LOT of words. So.. just be prepared for that.

Back to Mideel we go!

MUSIC: Parochial Town

Old Man: Lately the sea’s been in a tizzy. Lifestream has been mixin’ things up at the bottom of the ocean. I think the Planet’s pretty angry, too. We’ve pretty much done whatever we’ve wanted to the Planet up till now.

Oh hey, people might be starting to think about the consequences of their actions???

Gossip: That boy must have one powerful guardian angel watchin’ over him.

Well, let’s see how it’s going, I guess.