FFVII Ep. 33 – Icicle Inn

Icicle Inn – FFVII Ep. 33

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII. Last episode, the party said goodbye to Aeris, as she was cut down in the prime of her life by Sephiroth. What a dick, right? We cannot let this injustice stand! Sephiroth said that he was going to continue north, past the snow fields. When last we left off, the team was right outside of Icicle Inn, the ski resort town. We’ll pick up as they enter.

MUSIC: Buried in the Snow

I actually love this town. It’s so quaint! And I just love snow. Up to a point, at least. It’s very pretty to look at. It isn’t very fun to shovel. Constantly. And never mind how weird it is that there is a ski resort town in this game.

It’s a new town, so we’re going to explore everywhere! This sign seems to indicate that the building to the left is the equipment shop, and I am all about that. So let’s do it!

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Grandpa: *smack* *mff* Oh… welcome, glad you came.

Sweet crispy crackers. The Icicle Inn weapons shop has a weapon upgrade for everyone on the team. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near able to afford upgrades for 8 characters. At least I don’t have to buy for 9 though, AM I RITE?

Too soon, huh? All right, well, I switched up the party in between sessions, so right now Vincent and Barret are in the party. I get the Organics for Cloud, the Lariat for Vincent, and the Microlaser for Barret. I also pick up the Dragon Claw for Tifa, as she will be forced into the party for another dungeon soon, and I won’t have a chance to get her an upgrade in between. This shop also sells Tents, but there is no item shop in Icicle Inn.