Final Fantasy VII Episodes 31-40

WTF is a Gelnika? – FFVII Ep. 40

Hey, gang. Welcome back to Save File plays Final Fantasy VII.  Last time, we stole a submarine from Shinra, killed a LOT of people, and gathered up another piece of the Huge Materia. Our next destination is Rocket Town… I think. But now that we have both an Airship and a Submarine, basically everywhere in the world is open to us now, so we can start some side questing! I’m gonna do that, to get a head start on all the crap I’ll have to do later. Let’s hop to it!

With these two vehicles, there are very few places that we can’t reach. However, the Buggy and the Tiny Bronco are both now gone. Disappeared into the aether. This is because the game can only store two vehicles on the world map, but I really wish there was a canon explanation for why they’re gone. Even some bullshit like “Shinra stole them back while Tifa was in a coma!”

Let’s explore the great wide ocean, first! (apologies for the mouse cursor on screen there, it takes me a bit to notice it and move it.)


Underneath the Water – FFVII Ep. 39

Welcome back to Save File’s Let’s Play of Final Fantasy VII! Last time, we managed to get back our spiky-haired protagonist, who had just muddled his way through a 5 year identity crisis (with a little help from his friends), and also from a bout of extreme Mako poisoning. With that said, he seems pretty spry, all things considered. What the heck were we doing before that?

The correct answer is: WHO CARES?! We have a friggin’ airship! The world is our oyster now!

…really though, I’m going to get one more bit of story out of the way before I get side-questin’. But believe you me, there will be PLENTY of side questing.

MUSIC: Highwind Takes to the Skies

Looks like Yuffie made her way down from the deck.


Searching for a Former Clarity – FFVII Ep. 38

Welcome back to Save File plays Final Fantasy VII! Last episode, we finished off Fort Condor. Now, the party is taking a break from pestering Shinra to go and check on Cloud and Tifa. Let’s hop to it! Also, as a fair warning, this episode has a LOT of words. So.. just be prepared for that.

Back to Mideel we go!

MUSIC: Parochial Town

Old Man: Lately the sea’s been in a tizzy. Lifestream has been mixin’ things up at the bottom of the ocean. I think the Planet’s pretty angry, too. We’ve pretty much done whatever we’ve wanted to the Planet up till now.

Oh hey, people might be starting to think about the consequences of their actions???

Gossip: That boy must have one powerful guardian angel watchin’ over him.

Well, let’s see how it’s going, I guess.



Condor Crackdown – FFVII Ep. 37.5

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time we managed to snag some of the Huge Materia right out from under Shinra’s nose. Now, it’s time to try to do it again. This episode is kind of short, but there’s some big things that will happen after this one, but I don’t feel it merits a full episode classification. Therefore, welcome to Episode 37.5! Let’s hop to it, shall we?

MUSIC: Highwind Takes to the Skies

First thing to do is take the Highwind to the other continent, as we’re heading to Fort Condor.

vlcsnap-2016-08-08-19h42m24s161 vlcsnap-2016-08-08-19h43m26s9
Made it! Looks like the Condor is still here, so that’s a good sign.

Inside we go!


There Might be Some Gettin’ Offa This Train… – FFVII Ep. 37

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time, (and the time before that, even), some crazy shit went down! But the main things to take away now are the following:

  • Cloud is missing, possibly dead.
  • Sephiroth is asleep in the North Crater
  • Weapons are roaming the Planet

Now, the plan is… find Cloud? WHERE TO START. Let’s see what everyone has to say on the matter.

MUSIC: Highwind Takes to the Skies

Tifa, the current leader of the party, is done outfitting the party from the Operations room, so let’s head back to the bridge.

Cait Sith: So now’s the time to look for Cloud. I’m worried about him too. I wonder where Cloud is. Or could he already be…


Dead? You can say it. YOU’RE ALL THINKING IT.

Barret: No matter how powerful Shinra or Hojo is, I can’t believe they can create humans. But because of them, we know that Meteor is heading towards us. Y’know even if I saw him, I don’t have a damn idea what I’d do.


Vincent: And overpowering love may consume you in the end.


Vincent. Still so gothic it hurts.

Red: They said the Lifestream sometimes suddenly gushes out at the Southern island. I remember hearing about this from Seto when I was a child, but I don’t remember much else…


Welp, at least we have a lead. Kind of.