FFVII Ep. 26

I’m a ROCKET TOWN… Rocket Town. – FFVII Ep. 26

Oh, hey! Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time we got through Mt. Nibel, one of the most annoying and pointless dungeons in the game. Perhaps THE most annoying and pointless. But it’s done. And I can stop complaining now. When last we left off, we were right outside of the next town… ROCKET TOWN. So let’s see what’s going on there, shall we?

MUSIC: Oppressed People

What’s what now?

Oooooooh. Oh. The rocket. You know, the one that the town is named after? You know, ROCKET TOWN?


Okay, to be fair, this game came out almost 20 years ago. Space exploration has come so far since then (kind of).