FFVII Ep. 25 – I Have Been to the Mountain

Save File Plays FFVII Ep. 25 ~ I Have Been to the Mountain

Oh, hello! Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last episode, we got to explore a town that had supposedly burned down 5 years previously. Talking to the townspeople didn’t seem to solve much of that conundrum. And a lot of them were awfully suspicious. Beyond that, we caught a glimpse of Sephiroth, and recruited an optional character (who has an entire game based around him) and heard some valuable backstory on Sephiroth.


We need to get over Mt. Nibel.

So let’s get to it!

As is my custom, I decided to switch up the party since we’re heading to a new dungeon.

I brought in the new guy, as well as Red XIII. The weapon we got from the Cave of the Gi is the most powerful one, so Red XIII will be hitting pretty hard. And I figured I should show off Vincent at least a little bit.

MUSIC: Underneath the Rotting Pizza

This might look a little familiar.

It’s the mountain from the flashback!