Final Fantasy VII Episodes 11-20

Save File Plays FFVII Ep. 20 ~ Corel Prison

Welcome back to Save File plays Final Fantasy VII!  Last time, we managed top learn some of Barret’s backstory, and we also made it to the Gold Saucer,which was like a Rainbow in the Dark after the sad story. Unfortunately, it seems as though the party is being blamed for a crime that they didn’t commit. So how did that end up?


Cloud: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…not so good.

MUSIC: The Sandy Badlands

Well, at least everyone made it, I guess.



Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time, we traversed Mt. Corel, and made it to what used to be North Corel. Apparently, there’s going to be some backstory here, because we left off the last episode with a bit of the dramaz. Let’s see what all that is about, shall we?


MUSIC: Mining Town

Barret: …sorry.
Cloud: What happened?
Barret: My hometown used to be around here.
Red: What do you mean ‘used to?’
Barret: It ain’t here no more. Heard it got buried… in just 4 years.
Aeris: But how could those people say those terrible things?
Barret: An’ it’s my fault. ALL my fault.


Mt. Corel – FFVII EP. 18

Welcome back to Save File Plays FFVII! Last time, we made it across the ocean, and got to hang out in a sweet resort town. We also encountered Hojo, and learned virtually nothing from said encounter. There… there’s no real indication of where we’re supposed to go next, but let’s just get back to it, I guess?

MUSIC: Main Theme of FFVII

Time to head on out! I’d just like to point out that this is the only town with a dock on this continent. Junon is the only town with a dock on the other continent. This… this is not a very highly populated world.

It looks pretty much like the other continent, I must say.

There’s a river in the way, so we’re forced to wrap around the cliff instead.

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h08m48s241 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h08m50s14
This guy is called a Grangalan!

He’s full of buzz saws, apparently, that he loves to spit at the party.

And if you don’t kill him quickly enough, he pops out a Grangalan Jr.! Who also spits out smaller buzz saws.

And then the Jr. spits out 3 Junior Jrs. And the most annoying bit about is that you can’t hit the one in the back unless a character has a long range weapon.

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h09m38s230 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h09m40s250
But I’ve got Yuffie! And if you kill the main guy, the others are defeated as well. It makes the entire battle go much more quickly.


A Day At the Beach – FFVII Ep. 17

Welcome back to Save File Plays FFVII! Last time, we stowed away on a boat to cross the ocean in order to pursue Sephiroth, but it turns out that he was on the same boat! WHAT COINCIDENCE! And then we fought the arm of his mother that somehow turned into a gigantic monster. Or something. Listen. I never said that this game made a whole lot of sense when you start to think about it.

ANYWAYS. We made it across the ocean. Now we’re in the town of Costa Del Sol, which happens to have one of the grooviest songs in the game.

MUSIC: Costa Del Sol

Barret: But I sure feel better now that I can say goodbye to this sailor suit. Yo, listen up!! Y’all be sure to mingle like regular folks here!
Aeris: Oh, too bad. I liked Barret’s sailor suit. He looked so cute!
Barret: What’ya mean, “cute?!”
Tifa: Right, well… Barret, why don’t you use that sailor suit for pajamas? Right, Cloud?

Barret: The hell’s that supposed to mean?! That happens to be the most comfortable, so shu’up!
Red: *puff puff* Would you kindly hurry? The heat here is drying my nose.
Yuffie: Yeah, mine too!
Cloud: All right, we’ll take a break and then head off. Don’t wander too far off.
Barret: I’ll wander wherever I damn well want! Who made him the leader?

Good question. I think it somehow ended up being one of those unspoken agreements.



Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time, we managed to convince the President of Shinra that Cloud was a member of SOLDIER, so that we could sneak onto the Shinra boat to cross the ocean in pursuit of Sephiroth. Now that all that is said and done, we achieved our goal and are currently on a boat, deep undercover. Let’s see how this journey goes, shall we?

MUSIC: I’m On a Boat

Er, wait… no, that’s not right.

MUSIC: It’s Difficult To Stand on Both Feet

There we go.

We start right down in the cargo area. There are a couple of soldiers and sailors running around, but there is also some treasure in plain sight.

Oooh, that’ll be nice to help out my anemic wallet.

Sailor: The new President’s probably the same. He’s just gonna order us around anyway.

Well, that’s a pretty pessimistic view. Buuuutttt…. given what I’ve seen of they guy, he’s pretty much correct.

Yuffie: Hey, Cloud. You have any ‘Tranquilizers?’
Cloud: Here, use this. Nope.
Yuffie: Thanks. Gross… this is bitter.  Where are the others? I dunno. Aren’t they hiding somewhere around here? How should I know? Ugh… urk…

I feel kinda bad for her. I used to get motion sick all the time, it’s not a fun experience. Shit, sometimes I still get motion sick when playing some video games. Sucks.