FFVII Ep. 8 – Some Sort of Stair Pun

Some Sort of Stair Pun – FFVII Ep 8

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII. Last time, a lot of people died. Like… a lot. Some of them were even kind of important. But they’re dead now, so whatever, I guess. More importantly, one of our team was captured. Since we can’t do anything about dead people, we should probably go rescue our trapped friend. I guess.

So let’s do it!

But one thing of note very quickly.

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New Materia! Sense tells you how much HP/MP an enemy has, and if it has any weaknesses or resistances. It might also tell you if it has anything to steal, I don’t remember. Of course, I think it doesn’t really work on bosses. I’ll try it out eventually.

MUSIC: Oppressed People

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What the… how did you know we’re going up to the plate?!

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Owner: Hey, you knew? I repaired them, so it’s all right.
Cloud: Why do I need batteries to climb up to the plate?
Owner: You’ll find out when you get there. How about 100 gil for each?
Cloud: All right, I’ll take them.

He’s right, you actually need them to advance. Luckily, 300 gil really isn’t that much. Hell, I paid 200 for a Protein Drink, which in turn got me a Diamond Tiara, so that I could dress up like a woman to… you know what? You were there. I don’t need to go over it.