FFVII Ep. 10 – The Tower Falls

The Tower Falls – FFVII Ep. 10

Welcome back to Save File Plays FFVII! Last time, the party successfully infiltrated Shinra Tower, successfully rescued Aeris, and then successfully got captured! Success all around! SO MUCH SUCCESS. And now, somehow, they’ve busted out of prison. So I guess the only thing to do now is get the hell out of Dodge. So that’s what we’re gonna do. Let’s cheese it!

MUSIC: Trail of Blood

Ep. 10.mp4_000044248
When last we left off, we were following the dead bodies and blood. Because, you know, that’s what SANE people do. Not just… leaving when they have the opportunity. Yep.

Ep. 10.mp4_000050310 Ep. 10.mp4_000054030
Yup. We should TOTALLY keep following it and not just be leaving. Completely logical.

Ep. 10.mp4_000064622 Ep. 10.mp4_000070505
Oh, gigantic furrows in what appears to be a metal wall! I’m sure that’s fine. That’s not a big deal at all, nope.

Ep. 10.mp4_000079172 Ep. 10.mp4_000084268Ep. 10.mp4_000087515
These enemies like to cause a lot of status effects like Sleep and Poison. More annoying than anything else.

Ep. 10.mp4_000174389 Ep. 10.mp4_000178654

I at least opt to take the clean stairwell, as opposed to the one that’s covered in blood.