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The Middle Ages – Chrono Trigger Ep. 2

Welcome back to Save File Plays Chrono Trigger! Last episode, we met our protagonist, Crono, briefly before he was roped into a world of bullshit because of his best friend, and the chick he was macking on. Then he began to play with portals, which will never end well. Where will he end up? It’s time to find out!

MUSIC: Mystery of the Forest

: Ugh… I don’t think I”ll ever get used to that. Not that I want to. Wait, what’s that? State 0 loaded? WHO USES SAVE STATES? Get that weak shit outta here!

: Oh, okay, I see how it is. You wanna throw down? I’ll throw down!


Technology is Weird – Chrono Trigger Ep. 1

Ah, yes. Welcome to the next installment of Screenshot Let’s Plays on Save File. I recently just finished Final Fantasy VII. And now… due to a vote, I am moving onto yet another classic, hailed by many as the greatest RPG ever… Chrono Trigger. A game that always comes up in discussion of greatest SNES game, Greatest RPG, and sometimed even greatest game in general.

A game of adventure, mystery, and time travel done well (if not right), it’s easy to see why people fell in love with Chrono Trigger. It’s also easy to see why people were so disappointed with its “sequel,” Chrono Cross. But that’s a story for another day. I can’t sing this game’s praises enough, but please keep in mind that I will be altering some of the dialogue for humor’s sake. Or at least, what I perceive as humor. Hopefully you will as well. There’s nothing much to say except to just hop into it! This game is a stone cold CLASSIC.

MUSIC: A Premonition

Aw, man. Just the title screen gives me chills. The game does not play in widescreen, though my capture program does. So rather than editing every screencap, I figured Crono and Marle make worthy additions to the pictures.

And yes, we will be sticking to default names for this playthrough. They’re just too iconic not to do so.

MUSIC: Morning Sunlight

We fade in on an idyllic scene in the Kingdom of Guardia.


Oh, there are balloons. I guess it’s a celebration of some sort.


Finale – FFVII Ep. 50

Hello, and welcome. To the final episode of Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII. Episode 50. Kinda cool how it worked out that way. But I’ve done basically everything there is to do. Last time, I defeated Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon. And best of all, I bought my own Villa. But now it’s time to end this. So let’s just get right into it. We resume our adventure back down at the bottom of the Northern Crater.

The last choice to make!

: Damn! Again! Stop sayin’ it like a wimp! Can’t you say ‘move out!’ or somethin’?


End Game – FFVII Ep. 48

Hello, and welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time, the party managed to clear out the Ancient Forest and destroy Ultimate Weapon. There’s not much left to do now… I COULD just go and beat the game, but like I said, I want to beat the optional Weapons. I said that I was going to do that before I go into the Northern Crater, but… the best spot to grind BY FAR is in the Crater, and I will have to spend literally hours grinding AP to level Materia to defeat Emerald and Ruby Weapons. Therefore… in this update, the party will descend into the Crater.

Goldie is still on the Highwind. Too bad I can’t ride him down into the crater.




The Ultimate (Not Really) Episode – FFVII Ep. 47

Welcome back to Save File Plays FInal Fantasy VII!  This will be a rather short update, because there’s… really not that much left to do. Today, we’ll plow through the Ancient Forest, and then take on Ultimate Weapon! Last time, we left off right outside of the Ancient Forest, so let’s head on in!

Goldie is waiting outside for the party to emerge once more.

MUSIC: Forested Temple (Symphonic Remaster)

So the Ancient Forest is actually full of puzzles! We have to use insects & frogs in pitcher plants, with beehives & shit… It’s kind of hard to explain, but I’ll explain the puzzles as I go through.

Also, it’s extremely hard to see the insects in screenshots.