The Greatest Game That Never Was

Squeenix, You’ve Pulled Me Back In.

Despite being a pretty avid gamer, though admittedly less so as I get older, I usually don’t pay all too much attention to E3. At this point, you can kind of assume what you’re going to get. A lot of sequels. But the most important news to me (personally) was that they are remaking Final Fantasy VII.  There are a lot of other games that look great, and I’ll probably talk about them eventually, but this is the friggin’ elephant in the room.


Final Fantasy VII is being completely redone for the Playstation 4.

And I




The Greatest Game that Never Was

If you haven’t heard about P.T, you may have been living under a rock.  If you haven’t heard the subsequent news about P.T… well, you’re probably still living under a rock, in which case you are Patrick Starr and you probably don’t care about games anyway.

I think it was almost a year ago now that a demo appeared in the Playstation Store labeled “P.T.” And that was it. Nothing about it, no real information, published by 7780 studios. Of course, with the internet, it didn’t take long for someone to beat it (though director Hideo Kojima figured that it would take people weeks to figure out the puzzles within) and then let loose the news that P.T stood for Playable Teaser. A playable teaser for what, you ask?  Why, the next installment in Silent Hill! As a rabid fan of the Silent Hill series, though having been pretty disappointed by every entry past Silent Hill 3, my interest was definitely piqued.

At the time, I didn’t have a PS4. So I went to hang out with Megan, who had downloaded it and played it already. I asked her not to give me any spoilers during my playthrough.

And then this happened:

Lights Out