The Middle Ages – Chrono Trigger Ep. 2

Welcome back to Save File Plays Chrono Trigger! Last episode, we met our protagonist, Crono, briefly before he was roped into a world of bullshit because of his best friend, and the chick he was macking on. Then he began to play with portals, which will never end well. Where will he end up? It’s time to find out!

MUSIC: Mystery of the Forest

: Ugh… I don’t think I”ll ever get used to that. Not that I want to. Wait, what’s that? State 0 loaded? WHO USES SAVE STATES? Get that weak shit outta here!

: Oh, okay, I see how it is. You wanna throw down? I’ll throw down!

Crono is then thrust into battle against 3 Blue Imps, but they aren’t a challenge at all.

: I don’t know where I am, what’s going on, or how I ended up in this situation. I am NOT in a good mood. You don’t want to cross me right now.

: Like a boss.

When crossing this bridge, 2 more Blue Imps are dropped, forcing yet another battle.

It goes as well as the one before it.

Though this one is enough for Crono to gain a level, and also gain his first tech skill! Cyclone is an area attack, if enemies are close enough together, Crono whirls in a circle and hits all enemies in the immediate area.

Free Loot!

: Powerglove? Now I can be as badass as that kid in the Wizard!

The Power Glove increases Power by 2, meaning Crono will now hit things harder. Always a good thing.

: Everything good here? All right then, moving along.

Chrono Trigger has none of that random encounter BS. If you don’t see an enemy, you won’t fight an enemy. There are times when they get sprung on you, but for the most part, you can decide when you want to fight. In general though, you probably want to fight most battles, as leveling up is quite important.

MUSIC: A Wind Scene

: Oh geez, where’s Leene Square? What the heck is going on?

: …what.

: Oh, crap. Am I seriously 400 years in the past?

: I mean, I wasn’t planning on it, but thanks for the tip, pal!

The Shop here has some decent upgrades, but Crono is too poor at the moment to get any of them. There’s a Dart Gun… but who uses those? IT IS A MYSTERY.

Banta: I lost it when the Queen disappeared. I just couldn’t keep working on the bell. But now it’s back to business as usual!

: Yeah, well, good luck with… ya know what? I don’t have it in me. Lucca is damn smart, and she is beautiful. I mean, she’s not exactly YOUR daughter, but in a sense, she is… eventually.

Soldier: You DID know that, right?
: Far be it from me to play the ignorant foreigner card, but no. No, I did not.
Lovely… We NEED more ignorant strangers around here…
: Hey, buddy… *shows middle finger*

: I guess the idea of a Millennial Fair DOES seem a little silly when it’s 400 years away. Huh… you’d think the Millennial Fair would have been a bigger deal then. Balloons and fireworks. Hooray.

Soldier: She must be glad to be home!

Huh… A unique character sprite! Let’s talk to this fellow!

: How about it?
: Sure, why the hell not? At least you’re not treating me like an idiot or a toddler.
: Thanks! It’s about the missing Queen. She disappeared while visiting that cathedral to the west, and… Beg your pardon? WHAT?! They FOUND her? Never mind…

Other Soldier: We all though Magus had grabbed her. Thank goodness she’s safe!
Patron: The Magus’s army destroyed Zenan Bridge, so the south continent is inaccessible.
: I feel like that should concern me, but I have no idea what’s going on, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh yeah, we’re supposed to be looking for Marle, right? I guess let’s just continue washing the world map to the left, which means Guardia Forest is our next stop.

MUSIC: Mystery of the Forest

: I’m sure this isn’t a filler dungeon at all!


: I don’t even know what’s going on anymore. Goblins riding… Roly-Polys? All right then. They’re all dead to me!

I love how derpy these guys look!

Power Tab, eh? I’m more of a Guitar Pro guy. AYYYYY, LMAO. That’s a joke that like 3 people will get.

And that’s it for Guardia Forest. It’s an unskippable road dungeon too, so we’ll be seeing a lot of it, unfortunately.

Into the castle!

MUSIC: Guardia Castle

Soldier: Check out that hair! Where’re you fro, son? Are you one of Magus’s troopers?
Soldier2: Hardly! This kid never would have made the cut! Show us your stamp collection, son!
Soldier: Har, har! Now beat it, shrimp!
: …oh, you motherfuckers. You just woke the BEAS–

Soldier: Queen Leene!

: …buh?
Soldier: But there’s something odd about him!
Queen: You refuse to obey my orders?!
Soldier: Forgive me, my lady! Please enter, Sir!
: Uh… er… yeah, damn right! …I think?

: …giggle? Hmmm…

Guard: Mind your manners!

King: But can you tell me what happened? Leene’s acting rather odd. And she seems to have lost her coral pin, which is something she guarded with her life… Forgive me! You must be tired. We can talk about this later. Please rest in the Knight’s quarters, downstairs, to the left.
: …hrrmmmm…

: Yeah, pretty much that… wait… Chancellor. Yeah, I automatically know you’re up to no good.

: I’m sure he’s just off to do upstanding, Chancellor type things.

: Sweet. I could go for a nap.

: Ahhh, much better!

: The calm before the storm, eh? Good luck with that, pal!

Captain: So you’re the one who helped the Queen. Talk to the maid if you need to rest.
: Wayyyyy ahead of ya, pal.

: *sigh*…
Soldier2: Long ago, a beast called Yakra lurked in the western forest. But after the cathedral was built, Yakra disappeared. We’re thankful for that.
Soldier3: Sir Cyrus was the Commander of the Knights. His mission was to protect the King and Queen. He and a friend left on a journey 10 years ago. No one has heard from them since.
Soldier4: What a relief, the Queen’s been found. Now we can concentrate on the war!

After a power nap, Crono’s got a rumbly in his tumbly, so it’s time to head to the kitchen over on the right side of the castle.

: Righto. I don’t need anything “extra” added to my food.

Soldier3: The chef’s food is great. I give it 3 stars.
: …out of 3? That’s kind of an odd rating system…

: I know those feels, bro.

: I think I’ll go for the Hyper Kabob.

: Hell yeah!

: I mean, I don’t like to brag, but…
Maid: This place is a mini war zone!
Chef: This is no place for kids! Wait! Maybe you’d know! What’s this “Eyes Cream” stuff that Queen Leene wants so badly?
: SORRY, I’m just a dumb kid! Can’t help ya, pal!

Waitress: Oh, Captain! I’m sorry…
Captain: We’re fighting a war out there! Can’t you even keep us fed?

Captain: Hey, I don’t have time for this. Just feed my men, okay?
Chef: Shut your trap! I’ll decide who’s going to get fed, and when!!
: Ooooh… drama.


JINGLE: Mystery of the Past

There’s a sealed chest here that we can’t do anything with currently, and won’t be able to for quite some time.

MUSIC: Guardia Castle

: Yup. Either staring at the wall, or into the King’s room. Not suspicious at all. Perfect, upstanding Chancellor.

: All right, gramps, calm down!

Other Guard: Speaking of nut cases, I haven’t seen the Queen’s guard, that frog-thing, recently. Heard a spell turned him into a frog. Do you believe that? I think he’s a spy!
: Er… excuse me? “Frog-thing?”

Maid: The Chancellor’s a decent man. Why, he goes to the cathedral everyday!
: I’m not one to speak for all religions, but, uh… you know… I think I’ll just let this one go.

The chest in the King’s Room, which we are free to take, contains a Bronze Mail, a good upgrade for Crono. Making that Karate Gi I bought obsolete already. Dammit!

All right, we’ve put this off long enough. It’s time to go visit the Queen.

: Yoink!

: Groovy.

Maid: In fact, she looks even younger now than on her wedding day…
Maid2: YOU saved our Queen? You don’t look that tough.
: How about you and me get into that bed and I’ll show you how tough I really am… *wink*
Maid2: …no, thank you.

That chest contains an Ether, by the way. Which restores 100 MP, which is MAJOR overkill at this point. I’ll probably end up selling it for war funds.

Queen: Please leave us. I need to talk to this individual.
Attendants: Certainly, your highness.
Queen: Come nearer, sir. *giggle* Fooled you, didn’t I, Crono?
: Yeah… no.

MUSIC: Crono And Marle

: Yeah, about that… I, er… was kinda shoehorned into this by Lucca. I mean, I was just gonna go home and go back to bed, but… I mean…
: Thank you, Crono!
: Uh, yeah, sure! You’re welcome?

: What’s happening? It feels like… I’m being torn apart!

: Oh… oh, shit.

MUSIC: Guardia Castle

: Okay. Okay. Everything is cool. Just be calm. Be cool. Be cool…

: *whistling*

: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCKFUCKFUCK!!


: Oh, Lucca! Jesus, I thought… I mean… heh. Yeah, so about that… she,  uh… she’s… gone?

: I mean poof! Vanished! Gone! One second, I was talking to her, then she was talking about getting torn in half (and that’s not a dick joke, I swear), and then she just disappeared!
: Hmm… it’s just as I thought. And I’ll just ignore that other comment, by the way. I knew I recognized her! And this looks identical to the castle in OUR time! I’ll bet they mistook that girl for her ancestor… You see, she’s a member of the royal family in OUR time! She’s Princess Nadia!

: Oh, shit, seriously? I’m trying to rock it with a PRINCESS? I mean, I know I have high standards, but daaaaaaamn!
: Crono, this is SERIOUS!

: As I recall, someone was supposed to have saved her. But history has been changed!

: Marle looks so much like Leene that they probably called off their search when she appeared here. But if the real Queen is killed…

: Oh, shit. This time travel stuff is really confusing. Lucca, how the HELL did you invent a time machine?!
: I know, I amaze even myself sometimes!
: That’s NOT what I meant!

: Hurry! We have to find the real Queen!

: Yeah, let’s cheese it outta here before they pin her disappearance on me.

Lucca has now joined the party. She comes equipped rather poorly, but I can at least replace her Hide Tunic with a Karate Gi to give her a defense boost. The Sight Scope she has equipped shows how much HP enemies have in battle. Handy, but not necessary in the least.

In battle, Lucca uses guns. When enemies are too close, she appears to either pistol-whip them, or she seems to have a mallet of sorts? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

I buy a Dart Gun for her at the Truce Market. I don’t know how or why a merchant from 400 years ago has a gun in stock, when it seems that even in 1000 AD, technology hasn’t even advanced that far, but hey! VIDEO GAMES!

I also pick up 2 Bronze Helms with funds made from selling that Ether. At the moment, both Crono and Lucca are equipped as well as they can be.

Well, there’s only one place left to check…

MUSIC: Manoria Cathedral

: Sounds rad to me. Church can be kinda boring, ya know?

Nun: I mean, delightful looking humans.
: That’s a logical slip of the tongue, right, Lucca?
: Um… I think we might need to be a bit suspicious.

: Tyrannical nuns?
: What has the world come to?

: I mean, if you’re offering!
: Before you take up that… suspicious… offer, I think I see something on the ground over there.

: I dunno, something girly.
: A hair pin. That’s Guardia’s royal crest!

: Oh, is it time for service, ladies?

: Simultaneous spontaneous combustion?? Impossible!

MUSIC: Battle

The nuns reveal themselves to be Naga-ettes, in what turns out to be quite an annoying battle.

They have 60 HP each, and Crono is only hitting consistently for about 20 damage, Lucca for 10. There’s also 4 of them, and they like to cast Slow.

They don’t hit particularly hard, but I probably should have leveled a little more to make this battle a little bit shorter.

They fall eventually though, and Lucca gains a level from the battle, learning her first technique!

Oh, HELL yes. One of the great things about Chrono Trigger is that party members can combine attacks into a more powerful attack. This is the first, Fire Whirl, which combines Lucca’s Fire Whirl with Crono’s Cyclone. It’s pretty boss. It takes up both of their turns though, and costs both of them MP. Still usually worth it though.

MUSIC: Manoria Cathedral

Another Naga-ette appears behind Lucca and gives her a swipe.

Suddenly, a break dancing frog drops down from the ceiling and OHKO’s the monster!

: Thou’rt here to save the Queen? The lair is deep within. Will thee accompany me?
: A… a FROG?! Crono, it’s a talking FROG! I hate frogs!
: Jesus Christ, Lucca, he’s RIGHT THERE! If you’re gonna be racist, do it in the privacy of your own home!
: Er, uh, I mean… Oh, no…

: Very well, do as thee please. But I shall save the Queen.
: W, wait! You don’t seem like a bad… uh, person-frog-thing… I mean…
: *rolls eyes*
: Crono! What should we do?
: Well, he ups the badass quotient of our party exponentially, so I say we go with him.

MUSIC: Fanfare 1

: I know you’re socially awkward, but geez…
: What’s your name?
: Frog will do.

Holy shit, look at that flexing muscle-frog! Frog is the MAN!

That’s our cue to search around for clue.

Frog comes decked out in a full Bronze set of equipment, and another Power Glove. He’s also 2 levels higher than both Crono and Lucca, so he is now our resident ass kicker.

Playing the organ gets the party a little jingle…

That reveals a secret door.

: I… I guess we should head in?
: Indeed! Show me your bravery, young knight!
: Great… a SHAKESPEAREAN talking Frog… this isn’t weird or anything… nope, not at all…

NEXT TIME: The Cathedral!!

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