Finale – FFVII Ep. 50

Hello, and welcome. To the final episode of Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII. Episode 50. Kinda cool how it worked out that way. But I’ve done basically everything there is to do. Last time, I defeated Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon. And best of all, I bought my own Villa. But now it’s time to end this. So let’s just get right into it. We resume our adventure back down at the bottom of the Northern Crater.

The last choice to make!

: Damn! Again! Stop sayin’ it like a wimp! Can’t you say ‘move out!’ or somethin’?


: Look at the number…
: Shit! They’re comin’ out in full force!
: Cloud! You go first!
: Okay, I’m going alone.
: Shu’up! It won’t do us no good with everyone back here!

: You take two of us with you and go first. The rest’ll catch up with you later.
: Is this like a practice run before the final battle?
: Yeah, a major practice run…
: I’m fine with that. (It’s probably more fun than meeting Sephiroth down there.)
: Hmm, this might be fun to pass time.

: Cloud! Hurry up and make up your mind!

I’m sticking with the OG AVALANCHE team.

: Later!
: Yup! Later!


I don’t know how much deeper we can go, but I gotta say, this may be the coolest backdrop in the game.

: What’s that?!


MUSIC: Jenova Absolute

One of THE BEST tracks in the game, and the only time it plays! Which is unfortunate, because this is NOT a hard battle. Especially for me, the vanquisher of Emerald and Ruby

This is the last fight against Jenova, this one dubbed Jenova-SYNTHESIS. The two tentacles are also targets. But I’m going to nip this in the bud pretty quickly.

At least casting KotR lets me hear more of the awesome music.

It also has a hidden effect on the last fights of the game…

As well as OHKO’s Jenova.

So yeah, not the toughest fight, but there are still more to come, to be certain.

The ground starts to come apart after Jenova’s defeat.

And the party falls into the abyss.

If that is Holy, it looks like it’s trapped, covered in some sort of growth.

Whoa, looks like the gang is all here.

: Goddammit… so we’re all here?

The screen pulses, and everyone gets thrown backwards.

: My… my body… I can’t control my body… uuugh?!
: My front legs… my hind legs… my tail’s about to rip off!!
: This is definitely not good… he’s way outta our league…
: I, I don’t know if I can… go on.
: Cloud… Cloud…
: Ugh… ugh…

: Cloud?
: Holy… Holy… is there…Holy Materia is shining… Aeris’s prayer is shining!
: Holy… Aeris… It’s not over yet. This isn’t the end yet!

You are now prompted to split your team up into 3 parties.



And Team… there…


: Hoo-ok…! I can’t be foolin’ around in the bottom of this hellhole. I still have lots of stuff to do with my life!
: I’m going to see it though to the end. For our future… and that of the Planet… I understand now, Grandpa. This is my mission! I won’t let the Lifestream… or the Life of the Planet wither away!
: I don’t like it! Maybe… maybe I shouldn’t have come… I don’t need… materia… any… Nope, I still want it! This an’ that an’ everything… MINE! And I’m never gonna give any up!!

: But there’s still time… We should be able to get out of it! Even if we can’t get EVERYTHING back to normal! We should be able to protect what’s most important!
: I was frozen in time… But now I feel as though my time is finally about to begin! Sephiroth, now it’s your time to sleep between the ages!
: Not only Aeris… Holy is the prayer of AVALANCHE… of Marlene and Dyne… and everyone on the Planet!
: We’re not gonna lose! Aeris is here… everyone is here… Cloud is here with us! There’s still many things for us to do… I’m not giving up!

: We came… to tell you… our memories. Come Planet! Show us your answer! And Sephiroth!! To the settling of everything!


MUSIC: Birth of a God

So this is the first fight against Bizarro-Sephiroth. Composed of five parts, he gets stronger depending how many of your characters are at level 99 (in my case, all of them), and also if you used KotR to defeat Jenova-SYNTHESIS (which I did).

Big Guard and Regen, naturally.

Bizarro-Sephiroth likes to heal himself as well, which can be irritating.

Whenever you kill a part, you can switch to the next party. You don’t have to, but I want everyone to get a shot in. It just feels right, ya know?

It doesn’t take much to take out any of the parts besides the main body.

Even Team… there… gets a shot in there.

Really though, Bizarro-Sephiroth isn’t that tough.

And there he goes…

MUSIC: One-Winged Angel (Orchestral)

The REAL battle is against Safer Sephiroth (Thought to be a mistranslation of Seraph Sephiroth, which makes a lot of sense). Again, Safer Sephiroth becomes stronger depending how many characters you have a Level 99 and if you used KotR against Jenova.

Safer Sephiroth starts the battle by casting Wall on himself, causing Barrier and MBarrier. That unfortunately means that Tifa’s Limit Break is gonna get a little neutered.

Yeah, only about 3.5k per hit, which isn’t the best damage. Oh well.

Shadow Flare is a pretty rough attack, but it in turn is also neutered by my own casting of Big Guard.

Even the final boss of the game isn’t going to be able to stand up to 120k damage per round for long.

Eventually Safer Sephiroth elevates, which would take him out of range, in theory, but all of my characters have Long Range Materia equipped.

Pale Horse isn’t a very damaging attack, but it would hit you with pretty much every status effect in the book. Luckily, he targeted Cloud, who has a Ribbon equipped.

Aw, crap. Time to go get a sandwich. So, no exaggerating, during the course of this attack, I went to go wash my dinner dishes. If you thought KotR had a long animation, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

First, we shatter into a backdrop of space.

A bunch of formulas and physics junk appear onscreen, because why not?

And way, way off in the distance, a comet appears.

It destroys Pluto, but whatever, Pluto isn’t a planet anymore anyways, so who cares?

Saturn suffers a similar fate.

As does Jupiter. What a shame.

The comet plunges into the Sun, which begins to expand at an exponential rate.

Mercury and Venus are destroyed in the expansion.

What a badass. I was still washing dishes at this point, I think.


For all the pomp and circumstance, Supernova can’t actually kill you. It’s just a percentile attack. I think it does something like 15/16 of your HP? Worrisome, but nothing a Megalixir can’t fix.

This is where it might get a LITTLE worrisome, with everyone at 1 of 9999 HP, but with the Final Attack+Phoenix combo, I’m not too worried.

But I get to fire off a Megalixir before anything bad happens, and all is well for sure.

Omnislash FTW.

For real though, that ended the fight. Seems like poetic justice, doesn’t it?

: Wait! What about Holy? What’s gonna happen to the Planet?
: That… I don’t know. Isn’t the rest up to the Planet?
: …You’re right. We’ve done all that we could do.
: All right, everyone. We did our best. That’s it. Let’s go home proud.

Everyone starts to file out.

: …I feel it.
: What…
: He is still… here.

: Cloud?!
: He’s… laughing…

Cloud’s spirit is torn from his body.

Cloud goes hurtling through some sort of astral wormhole.

Is that… the moon?

All right, it’s time to end this.

So… if this battle is taking place in Cloud’s mind, why does he picture Sephiroth shirtless? Anyways, this is more of a symbolic battle than anything else. Cloud’s Limit Break charges up as quickly as his ATB bar.

I don’t know if it’s even possible to lose this fight.

It’d be kind of shitty if it was, since you’d have to go through all the prior fights again.

Sephiroth explodes. Finally. It’s done.

Cloud starts to become surrounded by the Lifestream.

He reaches towards a hand that descends from the heavens.

Oh, it’s Tifa, because Cloud is just standing there staring off into space like a moron.

Okay, I know Cloud is strong, but this has always bothered me. For almost 20 years now.

: What?
: An answer from the Planet… the Promised Land. I think I can meet her… there.
: Yeah, let’s go meet her.

Cloud somehow pulls both himself and Tifa up using ONLY ONE ARM. Come on, now. That’s just silly. Look at his little noodle arms!

: I’m glad you’re all safe!
: They all seem to be safe too.

It’s kind of lame, but I understand that Yuffie and Vincent are optional characters, so they never appear in any FMVs. So we won’t see either of them for the rest of the game, which sucks. Well, about Yuffie, at least. I don’t particularly care for Vincent (if you couldn’t tell).

: And that means this place will…

Cid’s mouth drops open, and his cigarette falls to the ground.

As the Highwind comes plunging into the crater.

The Crater basically explodes, and the Highwind is getting tossed around wildly in the air.

Cid manages to pull the emergency handle

And the Highwind transforms into a smaller, more mobile jet-like form.

MUSIC: World Crisis

The scene suddenly switches to Marlene in Kalm.

She throws open the windows just to see what the hell is going on outside.

…oh. I’m sure it’s fine, right? I’M SURE MIDGAR IS FINE.

Then, flying in out of nowhere, comes Holy.

It cuts off Meteor in an attempt to save Midgar, and the Planet.

Literally a continent away, Cosmo Canyon can see the battle between Holy and Meteor. I don’t know how that makes sense, given the curvature of the planet and everything, but hey… VIDEO GAMES.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be enough as Meteor continues to descend to Midgar, even through Holy.

: What happened to Midgar? We can’t let that happen!

: But the way things are now…

: Meteor is approaching the Planet. Holy is having the opposite effect. Forget Midgar, we’ve gotta worry about the Planet.


The Lifestream starts to break through the ground.

The Lifestream itself starts to flow towards Midgar.

It all coalesces…

And an image of Aeris appears before it all fades to black…

MUSIC: Staff Roll

And the credits start to roll!

I won’t show them off, but it’d be easy for you to look them up on Youtube. I want to thank everyone that worked on this game though, it was literally a life changing experience for me. It may not be my favorite personal Final Fantasy game, but there is no denying how important it was and still is. I eagerly look forward to the remake, and will likely be doing an LP of it when it begins.

It’s not over yet though…

Hell of a time jump.

Red XIII is still around and kicking, and even has 2 little cublings! I guess he found a mate after all.

He’s also got a full 8 feathers tied into his mane.

And the last thing seen is Midgar, overgrown in lush greenery. It’s meant to leave it in question if the Planet did indeed purge itself of humanity. It’s meant to be ambiguous, but due to all of the stuff that’s come out after this game (Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, etc.), it’s clear that’s not the case. But at the time, it was a terribly floaty ending.

WE DID IT! I DID IT! I don’t know if I’ll ever play this game. It’ll probably be a few years before I try again. It was fun, but I’m all FF7’d out. Thanks for reading, everyone, and I hope you stick with me to the next game, whatever that may be!


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