Penultimate Peril – FFVII Ep. 49

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! This is the penultimate episode… when I last left off, the party was down in the crater. After several hours grinding AP and mastering Materia, it’s time to break on out and do something I have never done before… and that is to BEAT Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon. And it WILL be done. So let’s do it to it!

The first thing I need to do is head on over to Kalm.

MUSIC: Anxious Heart

Ever since Meteor appeared, the music in most towns have been replaced by more depressing songs. No more “Ahead on Our Way” 😦

Townsman: But with Rufus dead, the Shinra troops don’t know what to do. Heidegger and Scarlet don’t have what it takes to lead the troops. I really thought something was finally going to happen, but everything’s the same… not a damn thing changes around here!

This guy doesn’t know that Heidegger and Scarlet are dead as well. …whoops.

I’m really here to visit the man known as the “Kalm Traveler” though.

Traveler: That huge Meteor is covering up the sky and acting like it owned it. A lot of my friends have died… I’m goin’ on a journey to pray for their souls.

Traveler: I wonder if there’s anyone who’ll bring it to me?

WELL, I GOT THIS GUIDEBOOK RIGHT HERE. (I went to the Underwater Reactor and morphed a Ghost Ship to get a Guidebook)

Traveler: How about it?

Well, sure, why not?

So, I did a test run WITHOUT the Underwater Materia, and I didn’t seem to need it, but better safe than sorry, am I right?

So here’s the Materia setup: Mostly Independent Materia, HP Plus, Long Range, Counter Attack, Luck Plus… and some Command, such as Mime, 4x-Cut & Enemy Skill. However, the important combo that you can see in Ultima Weapon is Final Attack+Phoenix. This means that if Cloud gets knocked out, he’ll cast Phoenix as his dying action, which will revive him (and any other KO’d teammates) at full HP. No way I’d make it through this fight without that.

Tifa has pretty much the same setup, with a Recover-All, and also the Final Attack-Phoenix.

Barret’s setup is also very similar, though I didn’t grab a picture of it.

It’s time to descend to the depths and take out Emerald Weapon!


This fight gets the normal battle music, but I feel the need to add a little something special to it.

MUSIC: Blue Blast – Winning the Rainbow

So… Emerald Weapon. It hits hard and has a ton of HP. It’s got a special attack that is basically a guaranteed kill, unless you intentionally alter your Materia setup in a way that could potentially cripple you anyways. I didn’t do that, so that attack would (should) be the death of me, but I have Final Attack-Phoenix.

Luckily, most of Emerald’s attacks are single target.

Big Guard and Regen are the standard setup, of course.

Emerald has a full party stomp attack, but even without Barrier, it isn’t too much to worry about.

And now I start to dish out the pain. Everyone has a Mastered Double Cut Materia equipped, which means they all attack 4x per turn. With everyone dishing out 9999 damage with each attack, I’m hitting for 120,000 damage per round if I can allow everyone to attack. Not much is going to stand up to that for long.

Emerald Shoot is a standard attack, it does around 1/4 of anyone’s HP. It also negates/removes Barrier and MBarrier, which is kind of a pain.

When things get scary is when the nodes in Emerald’s arms/wings? light up. They become targets as well, and also are able to attack.

They also allow Emerald to use its beam attack.

Which is a little bit more scary than its regular attacks…

It also will occasionally counter with a Revenge Stamp, but that’s not too worrisome. But if your HP is low enough, it could potentially take someone out.

Now I can start blasting away with Limit Breaks though.

Unfortunately, Tifa’s Premium Heart’s damage is based on how full her Limit meter is, so her regular attacks will do a lot less now. Hopefully Emerald is almost dead though.

An Omnislash later, and he’s still up and kicking. Damn.

Plowing away with 40k per turn again.

Ugh… the Nodes light up again, so I need to try and take them out ASAP.

I wanted to try and avoid using this, but I’ll bust out the Knights of the Round summon here.

With this much damage 13 times, it’s easy to see why KotR is such a game breaker.

Unfortunately… Emerald is still able to fire off its strongest attack, Aire Tam Storm.

Aire Tam Storm is a gimmick attack. You might notice that if you flip “Aire Tam” around, it spells “maT eriA”… or Materia. Aire Tam Storm does 1111 damage per every Materia that a character has equipped. Up to 9999 damage.

So, yes. If you have less than 9 Materia equipped on a character, it won’t do max damage, but then you really have to think about your setup.

I prefer the Final Attack+Phoenix combo though. The damage it does to Emerald is negligible, but it completely revives the party at max HP.


This is first time I’ve ever beaten Emerald Weapon! WOOOOOO!!!!

Beating Emerald Weapon gets you the Earth Harp.


With Emerald Weapon dead, I have no reason to ever use the submarine for the rest of the game.

Back to Kalm!

Traveler: I’m not bein’ stingy either! I’ll give you all three of ’em!

Holy shit, that’s insane. Those are a Master Magic, a Master Summon, and a Master Command Materia. It’s possible for me to get multiple copies of these. You have to Master all of the requisite Materias, then go trade them in at the Huge Materia at Cosmo Canyon. Doing so will remove the Mastered Materias from your inventory though. I don’t think it’s worth it, IMO.

It’s pretty effin’ awesome to have them though.

Now that Emerald Weapon has been defeated, it’s time to take on the even harder optional Weapon… Ruby.

Ruby Weapon appears only after Ultimate Weapon has been defeated. Its head is poking out of the desert near the Gold Saucer. You have to ram into it using either a Gold Chocobo or the Highwind.

It emerges, looking for a fight.

Again, you get only the regular battle music, but I think this calls for something special.

MUSIC: The Rising Sun

Coming into this battle with 2 party members KO’d is SO IMPORTANT. If you don’t do this, Ruby Weapon will remove them from battle, permanently. If you come in with them KO’d, you can revive them. If they’re removed, you’re locked into a 1 on 1 fight, which seems impossible. I’m sure it’s doable, but I’d rather have a full party.

Because Ruby doesn’t have to cast Whirlsand to remove Barret and Tifa, it submerges its tentacles in the sand. Ruby is invulnerable to damage until its tentacles are submerged.

Cloud then casts Life2 to revive Barret & Tifa, and it’s time to get into it.

Cloud and Tifa both have the W-Item Materia equipped so they can be tossing out 2 items per turn. Megalixirs are your best friend in this fight. I shamelessly used the W-Item glitch to get 99 of them. If you want to do it the hard way, you can grind for them in the Northern Crater. I probably would have gotten 99 of them even without the glitch, since I was in there for so long.

Hero Drinks, meanwhile, pump out the damage output of your characters. Ruby’s defense is obscenely high, so I want to use a bunch of these on the entire party, though 4 is the most that can be used, they won’t have any more effect after that.

Barret can still pump out 9999 damage per shot (4x per turn), since I have multiple Mastered KotR Materia in his weapon. The Missing Score is more powerful the more AP is loaded into it. There’s a glitch that can occur called Overflow that I was trying to exploit, but I must be doing it wrong. It would OHKO any enemy, but I guess I’m doing it the hard way!

The tentacles can’t kill you, but they do percentile damage. HIGH percentile damage. So they are still very dangerous.

So here’s the trick: Dazers. Ruby Weapon is not weak to many elements, but it IS weak to many status effects, including paralysis. Dazers cause paralysis. If you keep tossing Dazers at it, it can’t attack, and that includes the tentacles. They can be found from enemies in the North Coral Cavern, past the city of the Ancients.

Barret is the primary damage dealer this battle, doing 40k per turn.

I keep feeding Cloud Hero Drinks, but you can see the effects are still not as great as Barret.

If you don’t keep Ruby paralyzed, things can veer into sketchetown very quickly.

Hence why Megalixirs are your best friends. Also, you might notice that Tifa is a blind, confused, poisoned frog. Cloud and Barret both have Ribbons equipped, but I only have 2, so Tifa was the unlucky one that can still be nailed by status effects.

So Remedies are still pretty handy to have around, though Cloud could also cast Esuna to the same effect.



I have never defeated either of them! BUT THEY ARE VANQUISHED.

Back to Kalm to get our prize for the Desert Rose!

Traveler: OK then, it’s a done deal! It’s a Chocobo… take it, it’s yours. I guess it’s time to go on a journey for the souls of my departed friends…

So beating Ruby Weapon gets us… a Chocobo. To be fair, it’s a Gold Chocobo, but let’s be real. If you beat Ruby Weapon BEFORE getting a Gold Chocobo… well, I don’t even understand how that’s possible. Anyways, I name the Chocobo Boco, after the hero Chocobo from Final Fantasy V.

I have just one thing left to do though…

Something I said I would do long ago, and that needs to be done before I beat this game.

MUSIC: Costa Del Sol

Oh, I’m coming for you!


Baby, I have over 20 MILLION gil. 300k ain’t NOTHING.

That’s right. That’s MY fluffy bed now!

Yes, please! Well deserved rest after defeating the 2 super bosses of the game.


With that both Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon defeated, as well as Ultimate Weapon, and Villa Cloud purchased, there’s only one thing left to do… and that is beat Sephiroth’s ass.


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