End Game – FFVII Ep. 48

Hello, and welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time, the party managed to clear out the Ancient Forest and destroy Ultimate Weapon. There’s not much left to do now… I COULD just go and beat the game, but like I said, I want to beat the optional Weapons. I said that I was going to do that before I go into the Northern Crater, but… the best spot to grind BY FAR is in the Crater, and I will have to spend literally hours grinding AP to level Materia to defeat Emerald and Ruby Weapons. Therefore… in this update, the party will descend into the Crater.

Goldie is still on the Highwind. Too bad I can’t ride him down into the crater.



MUSIC: Judgement Day

I really dig this tune.

This is the first item found in the Crater. There are no save points in here. The Save Crystal allows you to create a single save point, anywhere in the dungeon. I’ll definitely be putting it to use, this place is kind of a slog to get through. Makes sense though, this IS the last dungeon.

The party descends towards the glowing core.

There are a slew of new enemies in the crater. Gargoyles start off petrified, and take 0 damage, before… thawing? Softening?

They cause gradual petrification, and sometimes also cast L4 Death upon their demise, which can be annoying. L4 Death will kill anyone whose level is divisible by 4. If the whole party is at a level divisible by 4, then… heh heh heh… watch out.

BLACK DRAGONS. They hit pretty hard, and have a decent amount of HP, but aren’t anything special.

There are a lot of treasures down in the crater, and most of them are sources.

These little things are annoying, they like to cause the Sadness status.

This area is full of ledges that Cloud can jump down and climb up. It’s pretty easy to descend and pretty annoying to ascend.

I’m not going to show off all of the treasure, because it’s not actually all the exciting. It’s just a dungeon with very little plot until the halfway point, and then the end.


The next area is comprised of a bunch more ledges and a cave system. You can only jump down. If you mess up, you’ll have to crawl through the caves to find your way back up.

Ah, crap. It’s a Master Tonberry. These things are built like shit brickhouses. They have a ton of HP.

They don’t attack. They slowly walk towards the party. If they get close enough, they’ll use their Knife attack, which is just an auto-kill. They walk pretty slowly though.

Master Tonberries will also occasionally counterattack with Everyone’s Grudge, which is more powerful based on how many enemies the character has killed throughout the game. If someone has killed enough enemies, Everyone’s Grudge will do a guaranteed 9999 damage, which is pretty dangerous. Luckily, it’s only a single target attack.

Though, I have to say that at the moment, Everyone’s Grudge is GREAT for building up Limit meters!

Some more items found in the cave system.

I will never sniff at a free Megalixir.

When you finally make it through, you’ll find the rest of the team waiting for you in the next area.

You can choose to send the team in different directions. Eventually, you can explore all of the paths, regardless. But MAKE SURE that whoever you want in your party, you send in the same direction as Cloud.

Therefore, I divide it up as follows:

RIGHT: Cloud, Barret, Tifa & Yuffie

LEFT: Cid, Red XIII, Cait Sith & Vincent

As much as I love Yuffie, I’m pretty committed to the OG AVALANCHE setup.

: Gotta get through to Sephiroth!

Everyone has a little quip before they head on their separate ways.

: It’s all over now. With this…
: Oh man… ‘Materia Hunter Yuffie’ sounds like the last chapter of ‘Materia Forever’.
: All life on this Planet, indeed the very life of this Planet, is in our hands…
: I’m so happy to have met you all, really! *sniff*…

Tifa & Barret are in the party, but if they weren’t, here’s what they would say as they run off

: Let’s all go back alive, okay?
: Well… Looks like this is out last big job!
: This will be the end of it!

This is also a good point to use the Save Crystal to make a Save Point. This is pretty much the halfway point down to the bottom of the crater. One annoying thing of note is that the PHS doesn’t work in the Crater. If you want to swap out party members, you have to completely leave.

It really doesn’t matter which way we go, but I said we’d go right, so we may as well go that way first.

Huh… interesting architecture.

You can encounter Dragon Zombies down this path. They’re pretty tough, but nothing to be too worried about. Both Shadow Flare & Pandora’s Box are learnable Enemy Skills.

That tiny text box is a Mystile, which is a great piece of armor that has a high magic evade rate. I will definitely be putting it to use later on.

Those are GIGANTIC egg shells.

Oh, hey, Malboros! Bad Breath is still a super scary attack, but Ribbons pretty much neuter that. Beyond that, Malboros aren’t very intimidating.

Man, this must have been a huuuuuuge dragon. Or whatever.

And that’s it! The right path is actually very short.

Down at the center, we meet up with the rest of the team.

Everyone that you sent out that went the opposite direction of your party hands over an item.

: Let’s just get this over with!

They were in the party, so they don’t have any items.

: We finally made it here.

He hands over a Shield Materia.

: Well, shall we get goin’?

He hands over a Remedy. How… useful. Actually, I’m just being snarky, Remedies are pretty damn useful still.

: Hmmm… being with you all isn’t so bad.

Vincent hands over a Magic Source.

Since Yuffie took the same path as the party, she doesn’t have any items to pass on.

With that done, we could easily descend into the depths and take on Sephiroth, but there’s still more to explore in the Crater, and I still have more to do on the surface, dammit!

Ahrimans are more of a nuisance than anything else. They like to cause Sadness, but that’s about it. They’re weak.

Ascending back up the left path, there are a number of items to be had. The MegaAll Materia in particular is pretty great. It applies to everything, including Command Materia like Deathblow, and causes a character to attack all enemies as if the had the SlashAll Materia equipped.

Magic Counter allows the character to counter an attack with whatever Materia it is linked with. So… I could in theory counter with Knights of the Round. That seems like it would be a little overkill though.

More valuable items.

And yet even more.

So the interesting thing about the Left Path is that it also has a divide. The next area…

…is where I leave you. This is the best place to grind, and all of the items are gone, taken by the party that traveled through. I will be spending upwards of 8+ hours here… not even joking. So I’ll see you on the flipside, when I TEAR THIS GAME APART.


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