The Ultimate (Not Really) Episode – FFVII Ep. 47

Welcome back to Save File Plays FInal Fantasy VII!  This will be a rather short update, because there’s… really not that much left to do. Today, we’ll plow through the Ancient Forest, and then take on Ultimate Weapon! Last time, we left off right outside of the Ancient Forest, so let’s head on in!

Goldie is waiting outside for the party to emerge once more.

MUSIC: Forested Temple (Symphonic Remaster)

So the Ancient Forest is actually full of puzzles! We have to use insects & frogs in pitcher plants, with beehives & shit… It’s kind of hard to explain, but I’ll explain the puzzles as I go through.

Also, it’s extremely hard to see the insects in screenshots.

Putting the insects & frogs into the pitcher plants allows us to jump on them to cross over to other areas.

Here are some new enemies. The weedy looking plants have an absurdly high evasion score, so I use this opportunity to show off some summons later on.

For example, here’s the Kujata summon:




And a giant boar to cap it all off! It’s a powerful attack, and it’s fire/lightning/ice elemental. Unfortunately, if any of the enemies are immune to even one of those elements, they won’t take any damage from the summon.

After crossing over the the 3 pitcher plants, you can sneak onto this fly trap to grab the Supershot ST, a weapon for Vincent, who will never get to use it because I’m never using him again.

There’s also a Spring Gun Clip, a weapon for Red XIII, who I likely will also never use again.

Using the tongue vine, you can drop off an insect in front of this cave in the second area, which lures out a frog.

Grab the frog and use the next tongue vine to hop over the flytrap.

Cid is still stuck on his level 2 Limit Break. I’m trying to get him up to Level 4, but I think I’ll probably use Barret instead of Cid in the end. It remains to be seen… I might stick with Cid.

If you stick an insect into a pitcher plant, the plant will eventually digest it. If you stick a FROG into a plant, it will eventually spit the frog out, and launch Cloud if he’s standing on it. Do so here, grab the beehive, and stick the beehive into the flytrap, so you can grab the Slash-All Materia, which as advertised, allows a character to attack all enemies in one hit when equipped.

Stick a frog into the pitcher plant on the right, and it will launch Cloud over the fly trap, leading him to the next area.

In the next area, feed the plants some insects, and use the tongue vine to get launched up into the treetops.

Up here, you can find the Typhon Materia, which when used summons Typhon (Chupon), Ultros’ pal from Final Fantasy VI.

You can also head back into the second area from the treetops to snag another Minerva Band.

Time for another summon! Here’s Neo Bahamut:

The chunk of ground that the enemies are on gets lifted high into the sky

And Neo Bahamut blasts the shit out of them, also destroying the ground that they’re on.

Whereupon they fall back to the Planet and die.

In the third area, feed a beehive to the flytrap.

Head back across and lure a frog out of the hollow tree using an insect.

And use the frog to launch you to the right over to the cave.

Remove is the equivalent spell to X-Zone from FFVI, and is learned from leveling up the Exit Materia. I didn’t expect it to work, but it got rid of all the enemies, so I’m okay with it!

The real reward for finishing the Ancient Forest is the Apocalypse, a powerful weapon for Cloud that has TRIPLE Materia growth! I will be putting this to good use very soon.

One more Elixir, and that’s if for the Ancient Forest.

Now it’s time to take on Ultimate Weapon!!


MUSIC: Fighting (Symphonic Remaster)

Fighting Ultimate Weapon can be kind of annoying. In certain spots, you fight him from the Highwind, which means only long range attacks can hit him, which is why I swapped out Cid for Barret.

An application of Big Guard and Regen later, and it’s time to go to town.

When you have Big Guard applied, his attacks really don’t hurt very much.

Meteorain does a great job of putting on the hurt.

But now comes the REALLY annoying part. After taking enough damage, Ultimate Weapon flies off, just like it did back in Mideel.

You then have to go chasing after it in the Highwind. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see where it’s headed, and keep a bead on it. If you aren’t, you have to comb the world map trying to find it, which can take a surprisingly long time.

Ramming into it with the Highwind will encourage it to one of its “landing spots”, where you can engage it in battle again.

This is a battle that took place at the Northern Crater.

Fort Condor.

Midgar, where Tifa is about to put on the big hurt.

Like so.

Which is more than enough to send it packing.

As a note, Ultimate Weapon has 100k HP total. Every time you encounter it, you’re chipping away at that total, including the first encounter at Mideel.

After Midgar, it heads to Cosmo Canyon, where it’s looking a little worse for wear.

Defeating Ultimate Weapon nets you Ultima Weapon, which is Cloud’s best weapon.

Ultimate Weapon also crashes to the ground, which is the alternate way to clear out space and give you access to the Ancient Forest. But forget that, I have a Gold Chocobo!

With that done, though I’m not going to show it off, I have one last thing to do at the Gold Saucer.

Clerk: I don’t have anyone special in my life, but when it happens, it happens. …that’s why I’m working now. Oh, sorry for going off like that. Register for battle?

Welp, I’m going to spend 2-3 hours in here to get enoough Battle Points to win the Omnislash (Cloud’s Level 4 Limit Break) and the W-Summon Materia. We’ll resume next time by taking the plunge into the Northern Crater! (Not to beat the game though).

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