Soul Searching – FFVII Ep. 45

Welcome back, dear readers, to Save File plays Final Fantasy VII. Last time, we pretty much mopped up what was left of Shinra after perhaps the most metal moment in the game, friggin’ skydiving into Midgar. But now… what’s left? That’s the real question. It’s time to find out, I suppose.

: Meteor’s gonna fall in about…
: Seven more days. That’s what Grandfather said.

: You want to see everyone in Cosmo Canyon again?
: …Yes.

: Don’t ask me that.
: We’ll beat Sephiroth… Then, if we don’t release the power of Holy in seven days… there won’t be a Planet left to protect.

I’m constantly confused by the apparent confusion in capitalizing Planet in this game. It seems like it should be capitalized all the time, no? Proper noun and all that?

: It’s as good as death for us. We’ll just go a few days sooner than the rest who’ll die from Meteor.
: Don’t think you’re gonna lose before you even fight!
: No!

MUSIC: If You Open Your Heart

: What are we all fighting for? I want us all to understand that. Save the Planet… for the future of the Planet… Sure, that’s all fine. But really, is that how it is?

: I want to beat Sephiroth and settle my past. Saving the Planet just happens to be part of that. I’ve been thinking. I think we all are fighting for ourselves. For ourselves… and that someone… something… whatever it is, that’s important to us. That’s what we’re fighting for. That’s why we keep up this battle for the Planet.

: It sounds cool sayin’ it’s to save the Planet. But I was the one who blew up that Mako reactor. Lookin’ back on it now, I can see that wasn’t the right way to do things. I made a lot of friends and innocent bystanders suffer…

: But now… Yeah. I’m fightin’ for Marlene. For Marlene… for Marlene’s future. Yeah… I guess I want to save the Planet for Marlene’s sake…

This is the existential crisis episode for the party. It took a surprisingly long time to get here, honestly.

: All of you. Get off the ship and find out your reasons for yourselves. I want you to make sure. Then I want you to come back.
: Maybe ain’t none of us’ll come back. Meteor’s gonna kill us all anyway. Let’s just forget any useless struggling!
: I know why I’m fighting. I’m fighting to save the Planet, and that’s that. But besides that, there’s something personal too… A very personal memory that I have. What about you all? I want all of you to find that something within yourselves. If you don’t find it, then that’s okay. You can’t fight without a reason, right? So I won’t hold it against you if you don’t come back.

…goodbye, everyone!

: Did you forget? I’m… all alone. I don’t have anywhere to go.

: Yeah, we don’t have anywhere or anyone to go home to.
: You’re right… But I’m sure someday… they’ll come back, don’t you think?
: Hmm… I wonder.

Geez, Cloud. Oh, ye of little faith?

: But this time, our opponent…
: Hmm… but that’s all right, if no one comes back. As long as we’re together. With you by my side, I’ll never give up no matter how bad it gets.
: Tifa…

Oh snap. They’re totally gonna bone.

: But when we were in the Lifestream surrounded by all those screams of anguish, I thought I heard your voice…

: But deep in my heart I heard you calling my name… Or at least I thought I did.
: I see… I think I’ve heard it too. Then, it was Tifa’s voice…

Er, wait… that’s not quite right…

: I dunno, but… whether they can or not, we still have to do what we can. And believe in ourselves… I’ll find the answer someday. As long as I keep trying.
: Yes… that’s right.
: We’ve got a big battle tomorrow, we’d better get some sleep…
: Umm… I guess you’re right…

…sexy times??


: Morning, Tifa. It’s almost dawn…
: Mmm… Good morning, Cloud. Just a little longer. Just a bit longer… This day will never come again… So let me have this moment…


MUSIC: Mining Town

: But, I still…?!
: It’ll be all right, Tifa. You said so yourself yesterday. At least we don’t have to go on alone.
: Yes… that’s right!
: Okay! Let’s go!

: Yeah, it’s a little lonely without everyone.
: Don’t worry. It’ll be okay.  I’ll make a big enough ruckus for everyone. Besides, I’m the pilot. No more flying around casually like before. We won’t have time to feel lonely.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, The Highwind starts up, seemingly on its own??

: It’s moving…

Cloud and Tifa run onto the bridge. A nice touch is Cait Sith’s body is there, but inactive. Because Cait Sith is just a toy being controlled by Reeve. The toy itself doesn’t have to go anywhere.

: O, oh… is that okay with you?

: Why didn’t you tell me?!
: But you know, Cid.
: Hey, Red XIII. If you butt in now, you never know what they’ll say later…
: …Were you listening?

: Why such a puzzled look? Don’t you want me to come?
: No, it’s just that you’re always so cool to what is happening I thought you didn’t care.
: Cool? Hmm… I guess that’s just how I am, sorry.

No. That’s not how you are. You are not “cool,” Vincent.

: Uh, excuse me, but… I wanted to come with the main group, but I couldn’t get away… So some people in Midgar took me in. I know I have a stuffed animal body, but I’ll work really hard!
: I guess that’s everyone.



: She ain’t gonna show up. ‘Least this time she didn’t steal our Materia. Thank God for that.

: After I came this far with you, even with my air sickness! I didn’t go through all that just to have you guys have the best parts all to yourselves!
: Welcome back, Yuffie.
: Gee Cloud, that’s so nice of you to say that… you sick or somethin’? Well, whatever. I’m gonna be in my reserved seat in the hall… waiting… upp…urk!

: We didn’t come back for your spiky-headed ass! I came back for Marlene. Guess it’s just me… feelings or something. I, uh… I ain’t got no words now…

MUSIC: Aeris’ Theme

: We can’t let it go like this.
: …Aeris. She was smiling to the end. We can’t just let it end with that smile, we have to do something. Let’s all go together. Memories of Aeris… Although she should’ve returned to the Planet by now, something stopped her and now she’s stuck. We’ve got to let go of Aeris’ memory.
: Has anyone here changed their mind?
: I’m counting on you, Cid.
: Yeah, yeah… These two levers have been buggin’ me for awhile now. Let me try them out. All right, so what should I do? You decide, Cloud.

: Our target is the North Cave. Our enemy is… Sephiroth! So let’s move out!


MUSIC: Highwind Takes to the Skies

Most of the propellers fall off, and the Highwind suddenly becomes jet-powered. It’s pretty sweet, honestly. It’s a cosmetic change on the world map, too, and the ship becomes faster.

: Man, I’m going to stick it to him!

: Errrrggh! Some incredible force! Losing… control…

Flunkies: Yes, sir. But this is our home!!

Cid is the best character.

And then they crash, and everyone dies.

…not really.

The Highwind actually settles into the Northern Crater.

This is it! From here, all we have left to do story-wise is descend into the Crater, and defeat Sephiroth. However, there’s still a bunch of junk to do on the surface, side quest wise. And I plan on doing almost all of it before even stepping foot into the crater. Therefore… let’s head back into the ship and talk to everyone. The dialogue inside won’t change for the rest of the game, so this is the last time I’ll do so.

: What is it?
: It’s a contract that says when the war is over, all the Materia will belong to me. It’s all in there. Read it carefully and then sign it, all right?
: Forget it, I’m not even gonna read it. Whenever I read, I get airsick.
: Oh yeah? I’m the same way, so I can’t say too much. Damn! My plan failed. Let’s pick on Red XIII later to let off steam.

: Not about this here trip, or them folks–none of it!

: The time for flying is now past. Our battlefield is now beneath the earth… The gate to tomorrow is not the light of heaven, but the darkness of the depths of the earth.

SHUT UP, VINCENT. Now, I believe, I never have to speak to this guy again, by choice. I might be wrong, but we’ll see!

: It’s all right, all right. I’m Nanaki, the son of brave Seto… I’m not afraid of Sephiroth…

That’s pretty admirable, it’d be justified to be scared of Sephiroth, I think.

: I’m shakin’ all over… heh heh… I feel sick…

I mean, look at Barret! He’s okay with admitting he’s scared, I guess.

: Now I feel like things are really going to be all right. Thanks, Cloud.

: Yeah

It’s time for the last Cid monologue… I’m going to miss them 😦

: They’ve been doin’ that play every summer since I was a kid. And I remember seein’ it just once. That was when I was in Midgar training to be a pilot. I had some free time and thought I’d catch the production. Now, I’m no big fan of theater or anything. But this thing put me to sleep, just like I thought I would.

Cid is just the best.

: When the sister of the lead asks her lover, “do you really have to leave?” And the guy says, “I made a promise. The people I love are waiting. I don’t understand. Not at all. But take care of yourself. Of course, I’ll come back to you. Even if you don’t promise to wait. I’ll return knowing you’ll be here.”

: What the hell’s he talkin’ about? But you know… now I’m not so sure… I think I understand. When this job’s done, I’m landing the ship… yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

And that’s it!



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