Revelations – FFVII Ep. 42

Welcome back to Save File plays Final Fantasy VII!  Last time, we went into FRIGGIN’ SPACE. We also got to witness the Shinra’s failed plan to kamikaze a rocket ship into Meteor in hopes of destroying it. It… it didn’t work. Now the party is at a loss, so they’ve made the decision to go visit Bugenhagen, the oldest (and hopefully wisest?) dude on the planet. Hopefully he’ll have some advice.

MUSIC: Valley of the Fallen Star

Town Guard: The children are all so scared that they won’t even go outside. I’d rather not see it either…

Up and up…

: Yeah, that’s why we came.

Well geez, that’s awfully blunt…

: There’s always something in the deepest reaches of our hearts. Something buried, or something forgotten. Remember it… Whatever that is, must certainly be what you are all looking for…
: That’s easy enough to say… But I can’t remember a thing.
: It must be there. Look harder!
: This ain’t no good with just us! Cloud, we gotta get some other in here.

Cloud pulls out his cell and gives the rest of the team a ring.

MUSIC: Main Theme of FFVII

: Me either! I don’t get any of this!
: I remember Aeris a lot. No… not that. You haven’t remembered. You haven’t forgotten. That’s not it… How would you say… Aeris was right there all along. Right by our side. She was so close, we couldn’t see her. What Aeris did… The words she left behind…
: That reminds me… I was the same.
: As was I…
: Me too…

: But Aeris is gone.
: Is it impossible for us to carry on… what Aeris tried to accomplish?
: We ain’t no Ancients, if that’s what ya mean.

Well… he’s not wrong there.

: That’s it!!
: What’s it?
: We don’t know about it. What did Aeris know? Why did she face Sephiroth without running away?
: I see… She returned there once again, correct?
: Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll have you take me there.
: You’re going too?
: What’s so surprising about that? Even I like to get out from time to time and see the outside world. I wonder what did it? I haven’t felt like this in ages.
: It must be the planet! The planet is calling you!

Ahahahaha…. Cid is totally the best character. He just friggin’ walks out over that statement.

: We’re carrying around Huge Materia. This is pretty delicate stuff ans we would like to keep it in a safe place.
: Ho Ho Hoooo. Then we’ll put it upstairs. Now, shall we be on our way?

Up we go!

: This is really rare Materia, indeed. Materia this rare is certain to have a special consciousness enclosed in it.


And then we get the “Bahamut ZERO” Materia. You can only get this if you have both Bahamut and Neo Bahamut, as well as the blue piece of Huge Materia. I think it might also be possible to dig it up in Bone Village if you miss out on the Huge Materia.

: Do you remember how to use the machine down below? If you ever want to see Materia, come here any time.

MUSIC: Highwind Takes to the Skies

: Smells like machinery. I love this smell. Of course, I also love the smell of nature, too. Hmm? The deck’s up there? Then I’ll be on the deck just passing time. I can feel the workings of the Planet in the smell of the wind. I also feel the greatness of Man’s wisdom and the knowledge in the smell of machinery…Well, bye for now!

: You know, I was thinking… phew… Why does Materia always have something to do with battles or magic? I bet the Ancients must’ve always been fighting. It must have been… ugh.. terrible.

: Elmyra cried herself silly… So did little Marlene…

Well, what do you expect?

: The Ancients… in time that is probably what later generations will call us. Hmm… hwa ha ha ha… It’s only a matter of time for us.

…shut up, Vincent.

: I used to hate being treated like a child like that, but I also liked the attention. I wanted to apologize to her for what I did when we first met.

Damn. Blunt as hell.

: But even if she did, there’s no way we’ll meet her again…

: I’m sure she wanted to give her life for the planet.
: Really? I wonder? I don’t think that was it. I don’t think she wanted to die at all, but was planning on coming back all along. She always used to talk about the ‘next time.’ She talked about the future more than any of us…

: I wanted to give her a ride in the Highwind.


You can actually land right next to it, rather than having to go through Bone Village and the Sleeping Forest.

MUSIC: You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet

You’ll want to take the right path here.

: Yes… exactly…
: Are you getting something?
: …give me a moment…

Bugen floats around a bit before heading to the pedestal in the center.

: The Planet’s in a crisis… A crisis beyond human power or endless time. It says, when the time comes, we must search for ‘Holy’.
: Holy?
: Holy… the ultimate White Magic. Magic that might stand against Meteor. Perhaps our last hope to save the Planet from Meteor. If a soul seeking Holy reaches the Planet, it will appear. Ho Ho Hooo. Meteor, Weapon, everything will disappear.


: It is up to the Planet to decide. What is best for the Planet. What is bad for the Planet. All that is bad will disappear. That is all. Ho Ho Hooo. I wonder which we humans are.
: Search for Holy… How do we do it?
: Speak to the Planet. Get the White Materia… This will bond the Planet to Humans. The speak to the Planet. If our wish reaches the Planet, the White Materia will begin to glow a pale green.

: Aeris had the White Materia… But when she dies, it fell from the altar. That’s why… this is the end.

: Look at this!

: Can you read it?
: It’s all greek to me!!
: This is no time for jokes…
: I’m not an Ancient. I can’t read this thing! I may be old, but my eyes aren’t completely bad yet. Look closely below the writing.
: There’s a note written in chalk… (key)… (in the Music box)
: It was probably written by a scientist who has been here. He must have used all his energy just to interpret these words.
: Key to what?
: I don’t know… but it probably has something to do with our riddle. The riddle… then it must have something to do with Aeris.

Now, normally, this is where they’d be all “BUT WHERE’S THE KEY??” and I’d have to go searching for it. But I cut out the middle man by finding the Key ahead of time.

: And watch closely what happens.

The Key rotates, making chime-like sounds against the crystals, and lowering that huge pedestal.

Which apparently releases the flood gates and creates a huge waterfall around the center area.

: Look! Look at the image projected on the screen of the water!

MUSIC: Aeris’ Theme

Well, I mean… at least they don’t show her getting stabbed again. That would actually be pretty dark.

Oh hey, look at that!

: Ho Ho Hooo!! It’s pale green!!

O SHIIIIIIIiiiiiii——~~~~!!!!!!

: After I gave up the Black Materia to Sephiroth… Aeris’s words came into my dreams… She said she was the only one who could stop Sephiroth… And to do that, there was a secret here. That was Holy. That’s why she had the White Materia. Aeris knew about here… and what she had to do. Aeris left us great hope. But it cost her life… her future…

: You left without saying a word… It was all so sudden… I couldn’t think.That’s why it took so long for me to find out… But, Aeris… I understand now. Aeris. I’ll do the rest.
: That’s ‘WE’!
: The flower girl gave us a big chance… It’d be sad if we didn’t finish it!
: Thank you, Aeris.

So hey! It IS still possible to save the world! That’s good! Because, uh… it would suck if it wasn’t?

: But… how about Holy? How come Holy isn’t moving? Why?
: Something’s getting in its way.
: Him… He’s the only one that could do it.

Who? Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson? Johnny 5? Frank Zappa?

: Sephiroth…

Aww… it’s never Frank Zappa

: What happened?
: You remember when the Junon Cannon disappeared? Actually, Rufus moved it.
: Moved it? That big thing…? Where…? Why?
: Rufus wants to destroy Sephiroth with it. That cannon operates on Huge Materia. But the Huge Materia has already been used in the Rocket plan. So since the cannon’s useless right now, he decided to move it. To a place where Materia… no, where Mako is gathered.
: And where is that?!

OH COME ON, CLOUD. Are you really that dense?!

dramatic reveal music

That’s right, the Junon Cannon is now the Midgar Cannon. Also, all the extra structure makes a lot more sense. Wouldn’t the barrel have collapsed under its own weight just hanging out there on its own?

Ah, jeez, these assholes. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen them.

: Kya hah hah! Don’t worry about adjusting it, Reeve. Once you open it up all the way, everything will go full speed!
: Gyah hah hah hah! The President’s sure done it this time! The whole idea that Meteor will disappear if we defeat Sephiroth is all wrong!
: If you remember, Mr. President, It was my idea to fire Mako-powered shells
: Will the shells really reach the northern border?
: Kyah hah hah! Of course! But Mr. President, let’s not call it a Mako cannon. This new weapon is called…


We know where the Junon Cannon is now. And we also know that Holy has been prayed for. That means that all we have left to do… is defeat Sephiroth.



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