WTF is a Gelnika? – FFVII Ep. 40

Hey, gang. Welcome back to Save File plays Final Fantasy VII.  Last time, we stole a submarine from Shinra, killed a LOT of people, and gathered up another piece of the Huge Materia. Our next destination is Rocket Town… I think. But now that we have both an Airship and a Submarine, basically everywhere in the world is open to us now, so we can start some side questing! I’m gonna do that, to get a head start on all the crap I’ll have to do later. Let’s hop to it!

With these two vehicles, there are very few places that we can’t reach. However, the Buggy and the Tiny Bronco are both now gone. Disappeared into the aether. This is because the game can only store two vehicles on the world map, but I really wish there was a canon explanation for why they’re gone. Even some bullshit like “Shinra stole them back while Tifa was in a coma!”

Let’s explore the great wide ocean, first! (apologies for the mouse cursor on screen there, it takes me a bit to notice it and move it.)

Usually rivers or inlets on the surface are an indication that you’ll find a tunnel underwater.

MUSIC: A Secret Sleeping in the Deep Sea

Not really in this case though. Oops.

Oh hey, there’s a thing!

: It seems really old.
Radio: Analysis completed. Exact age of origin: undetermined. Estimated to be several thousand years old.
: Several thousand years… Ancients?

This isn’t a secret, it’s something that is actually required later on in the game, but since I’m doing all of my ocean shenanigans now, I figured I would just get this out of the way.

This tunnel leads to an oddly lit alcove.

It leads to a bay that can only be accessed by submarine. There’s a cave behind the waterfall (this is the only instance of this in the game)

MUSIC: The Nightmare Begins


: Vincent…?


Vincent, back in his old Turks days (complete with circa ’06 emo haircut), accompanies Lucrecia, Hojo, and Professor Gast into the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim.

Vincent attempts to lay some game on Lucrecia.

It goes about as well as one would expect.


Vincent later encounters Hojo successfully laying some game with Lucrecia. Dude, you lost out to friggin’ HOJO? Yes, further proof that Vincent is terrible, yet is loved by fangirls everywhere. He’s so TRAGIC and DAMAGED.


Lucrecia rubs her tummy, which in this context is meant to signify pregnancy. I think.

: She and I are both scientists!

: That child’s name was… Sephiroth.


Lucrecia collapses at the inn.

We then see pantomime of Vincent arguing with Hojo in the mansion basement.

Hojo has enough of Vincent’s BS and just straight up shoots a fool.

We then see a hazy shot of Hojo messing around with Vincent’s internals.

Vincent wakes up, and shakes his fists angrily at the sky while a weird, bubbly, organic sound plays.

: This body is… the punishment that’s been given to me. I was unable… to stop Professor Gast and Hojo. And Lucrecia… I was unable to stop them… All that I was able to do was watch… That is my punishment.

: I wanted to disappear… I couldn’t be with anyone. I wanted to die. But the Jenova inside me wouldn’t let me die… Lately, I dream a lot of Sephiroth… my dear, dear child… Ever since he was born I never got to hold him. Not even once. You can’t call me his mother… that… is my sin…


: Vincent… won’t you please tell me?
: What?
: If Sephiroth is still alive? I heard that he died five years ago. But I see him in my dreams so often… And I know that physically, like myself, he can’t die so easily. Please, Vincent, tell me…

Cloud attempts to come forward, but Vincent motions him back.


… that didn’t really happen.

In fact, it just fades to black, and the party gets booted back outside.

WELP, SEE YA LATER VINCENT. I will put him into the party one more time for the rest of the game. MAYBE twice. It depends.

Back to the sea!

MUSIC: A Secret Sleeping in the Deep Sea

There are 2 more things I need to do underwater, beyond fighting Emerald Weapon, which is going to be one of the LAST things I do in this game.

Hmmm… what’s this?

…how the heck did this thing sink without its hull being breached and it not being completely flooded with water?

MUSIC: Underneath the Rotting Pizza

Oh, hey! I remember this thing being mentioned in passing maybe like… twice. This thing is COMPLETELY optional. In fact, if you don’t know it’s there, and don’t explore with the submarine, I imagine it’s completely plausible to not even know this exists.

This is a great weapon for Cloud that I’ll use for a little while.

Also, how’d they fit a reactor into a plane? From what I remember, those things are pretty damn big.

Why doesn’t any of this make sense? Whatever, this place is full of AMAZING goodies.

This is a great piece of armor.

This is perhaps the best Materia in the game. Whoever has it equipped hits twice on every attack. And none of that “Attacks twice at 75% power” crap. 2 full power attacks. And once the Materia gets leveled up, it becomes 4x cut attack. FOUR ATTACKS PER TURN.

Of course, none of this is going to come easy. The regular encounters in the Gelnika are harder than some of the bosses I’ve fought. Maybe it’s because I’m here kind of early, but this place is DANGEROUS.

This is Unknown 2.

It counters every attack with Abnormal Breath, which confuses a character. Which can be extremely deadly this late in the game.

Also, its regular attacks take out like 1/3 of anyone’s HP. No laughing matter.

I attempted to use Hammerblow on it, which usually just ejects an enemy from battle, but the Unknown is apparently immune. Which is not good.

In fact… I barely survived this battle. I didn’t win. I ran away, otherwise I would have gotten a game over.

Scary stuff, haha.

Megalixirs are awesome. Full recovery for the team (HP/MP). Basically a Tent that can be used anywhere, including in battle.

I then encounter the somewhat doofy looking Unknown 1.

As you can see from the fact that Cid is KO’d here, all of the Unknowns are equally dangerous.

Why are these things so damn dangerous?!

Cloud’s Limit Break is the only reason I manage to get out of this battle relatively unscathed. As I said earlier, at this point in the game, this place is dangerous. You can wait to come here, but I’m getting all of the submarine hijinx out of the way now.

Also, hidden away in the upper left corner of the room, very hard to see, is a chest containing Yuffie’s ultimate weapon, the Conformer. Now, ultimate weapons are super rad, and super powerful, but they have 0 Materia growth. They should only be used with Mastered Materia or at the very end game.

By the way, that was only the first room. I still have the rest of the plane to explore!

MUSIC: Turks’ Theme

: We just seem to keep running into each other lately! There were weapons and Materia developed solely to destroy Sephiroth.
: But it was attacked by Weapon and sunk to the bottom of the sea.
: I can’t give you what’s here. We’ll take out Sephiroth. I guess this is our last meeting.
: I won’t let you get in our way.

MUSIC: Those Who Fight Further

Here’s the funny thing about this fight:

It’s WAY less dangerous than most of the random battles in the Gelnika! Reno attacks with his Neo Turk Light, which can confuse the party, and whacking them with his rod. Rude attacks by punching and casting Fire2.

A casting of Big Guard and Regen, and we’re basically untouchable. Confuse is the most dangerous thing about this battle. It takes a little while though, because…

It takes forever to steal the great items that they have. The Tough Ring gives +50 to Spirit and Vitality, and the Ziedrich is a great piece of armor.

After that, it’s a walk in the park to actually BEAT them.

MUSIC: Underneath the Rotting Pizza

The Cargo Room is (luckily) the last room to explore in the Gelnika.

The first chest contains another Megalixir, which I will never turn down.

The Viper is the easiest enemy in the Gelnika. It has heaps of HP, but it doesn’t hit very hard at all.

This is a weapon for Cid! It’s not that great.

There’s another Unknown 2 battle, and another very close call. Again, I didn’t win. I merely survived.

Damn, how big is this plane? There’s a HELICOPTER inside of the plane. With a lot of room to spare.

Hades is an awesome summon, and Highwind is Cid’s Level 4 Limit Break, which he’ll eventually get to learn.

This terrifying, stingray looking monstrosity is the Unknown 3. It’s also the easiest Unknown to fight. It’s Slap attack hurts a lot, but the only status it causes is Sadness, which is easy to deal with.

I actually manage to win this fight!

The Outsider is a weapon for Vincent, but that’s too bad, since I really, REALLY don’t ever want him in the party again.

And that’s it for the Gelnika! I’m getting the heck outta this hellscape.

Oh yeah, there’s also these weird cephalopod looking enemies that can only be encountered in the hallway where we fought the Turks. They’re not too bad.

So… the REAL trick to the Gelnika is that all of the enemies inside can be Morphed into “source” items, like Guard Source, Luck Source, etc., that permanently boost their corresponding stat.  The Conformer causes full damage even when using Morph, as opposed to 1/10. That’s supposed to be your hint to use Yuffie down here to farm those items. Which I may do. But I won’t show that off, because it will take FOREVER.

For now, though, I’m done here. Also, you should always save before leaving the Gelnika, and don’t start moving the sub immediately…

Because Emerald Weapon likes to hang out right in front of the Gelnika. And if you move immediately, you’ll get into a fight, and you’re gonna have a baaaaad time. And if you didn’t save, all of your hard work will be gone!

That’s it for the sub for now. I’m going to get a head start on another side quest!

MUSIC: Farm Boy

Choco Bill: With things the way they are now, how ’bout raising a Chocobo? No, I’m not trying to persuade you for money. It’s just because of the way things are in the world. I thought that it would be a healthy thing for you to raise some Chocobos. Hmm… you just happen to be in luck! It just so happens that we aren’t taking care of any Chocobos for anyone else, so… I could take care of 6 Chocobos right now, for 10,000 gil per Chocobo. How ’bout it?

Choco Bill: And they rent for 10,000 gil. Currently, I can rent out up to 6 Chocobo Stables. If you rent a Chocobo Stable, we will keep up to 4 of the Chocobos you catch in the fenced are outside.

And then I rent 6 stables at a cost of 60,000 gil. I’m going to get into the Chocobo Breeding game, but it’s gonna be a bit… just getting a head start.

Next stop: Wutai!

MUSIC: Wutai Ruins

I’m heading right up the side of Da-Chao mountain.

Oh, whoops. I could have grabbed this last time I was here.

The Leviathan Scales we grabbed when trying to get the submarine are put to use here! We can put out the flames in the cave for some missable items. If you didn’t get the Leviathan Scales. you’re going to miss out on these items, that was your only shot.

This is Yuffie’s second best weapon. It’s almost as powerful as the Conformer, and also still has Materia Growth.

And then the only Steal As Well Materia in the game. If you link this to another Materia, whenever you use the Materia it’s linked with, you attempt to Steal As Well! Pretty handy. Would have been cooler to have earlier in the game though.

Bartender: Y, you think… it’s all over? Congrats! You just found all six flyers for the “Turtle’s Paradise!” How Wonderful! Now here is your prize, just as we promised!

For finding all the fliers, we get one of each Source, as well as a Megalixir! This is easy to miss, but it’s really not a huge deal if you miss out on this stuff.

And finally, after having fought 10 or so battles over the course of this update… I head back to Lucrecia’s Cavern one last time…

In doing so, we receive Vincent’s ultimate weapon, as well as his Level 4 Limit Break. Don’t know if I’ll ever show them off.

That’s it for this time! Next episode, we’ll get back to the PLOT!

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