Underneath the Water – FFVII Ep. 39

Welcome back to Save File’s Let’s Play of Final Fantasy VII! Last time, we managed to get back our spiky-haired protagonist, who had just muddled his way through a 5 year identity crisis (with a little help from his friends), and also from a bout of extreme Mako poisoning. With that said, he seems pretty spry, all things considered. What the heck were we doing before that?

The correct answer is: WHO CARES?! We have a friggin’ airship! The world is our oyster now!

…really though, I’m going to get one more bit of story out of the way before I get side-questin’. But believe you me, there will be PLENTY of side questing.

MUSIC: Highwind Takes to the Skies

Looks like Yuffie made her way down from the deck.

: So, please… just leave me alone.
: I really do understand, Yuffie. When I get sick on a flight, it’s a real killer. When I was in SOLDIER, I completely forgot about my motion sickness.
: Oh… isn’t there any way to prevent this?
: Well, according to my research… First off, if you’re nervous a lot, you won’t get sick. But you can’t always be nervous.

: It also might be a good idea to stretch sometimes, too. But in SOLDIER, we spent a lot of time in trucks. That sucked! But there’s one thing you mustn’t do when riding. And that is… READ! Once you get sick, there’s nothing anyone can do. I know it’s tough.
: …So you’re a little better off than me. But I don’t feel… well… Where’s the next stop? Can’ t you get there any quicker? Cloud, put me in your party so I can get off this ship.

This is actually good advice in a game! I get motion sick a lot. Well, I used to. To be honest, now I mostly get sick from playing certain video games. It’s the worst. Motion sickness is like having nausea and a headache simultaneously. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO ENJOY MY HOBBIES, DAMMIT.

Let’s see what everyone else is up to on the bridge!

Pilot(?): Sorry, I’m in the middle of a very delicate operation!
Pilot(?): Ahhh! Oh no, oh no!

…I feel like I am in very good hands.

…shut up, Vincent.

: It’s good to BE back, pal!

: We’re goin’ to Junon!

HA. They changed the dialogue here. In the original translation, he threw a “BOYEEEEE” on the end of that statement. I will always remember it for how out of place it seemed.

Nah, I only plan on giving it like 60% from here on out. 70% AT BEST.

: I always forget who has what Materia.

You and me both, brother.

Whoa, Mideel is, uh… looking like it’s seen better days.


At least the music is still cheery!

Gramps: Everything’s gone now, but in a way, I’m kinda glad everything’s cleaned out. Feels better this way, ho ho.

Old Man: Now don’t overdo yourself like that again, hear?

Aw, this is one of the old guys that first told Tifa about Cloud. It’s a nice touch that he remembers Cloud and is happy to see him up and moving about.

Old Man: Isn’t the Lifestream a strange thing? When I die, I wonder if I’ll float along in the middle of a warm gentle stream like this?

This is the item shop. Or what’s left of it. It only carries Potions, Phoenix Downs, Hypers, and Tranquilizers.

Shopkeeper: If you’re looking for other items, why don’t you check out the other stores?

Likewise, however, all of the other stores have had their inventories drastically reduced.

Lady: I thought he’d be in the store… You don’t think he got through that door and went to another country on the other side, do you? That’s all just a dream… That could never really happen. Heh…


Her husband is gone.

Up here is the lady that we ran into in all of the stores in Mideel

MUSIC: Fiddle de Chocobo

Crazy Shopper: Just kidding. Even I wouldn’t do something like that. Now what can I do for you today?

She has the entire inventory of all the stores. But ONLY the inventories of the stores you spoke to her in. That’s why it’s important to talk to her in every store!

I didn’t pick up a Crystal Sword for Cloud last time I was here because I knew he was going to be out of the party for awhile. Also, I couldn’t afford it. The stuff here is PRICY. However, it’s the last store-bought equipment we’ll ever be getting. We’re getting pretty close to the end of the game, honestly!

With that done, the party makes their way to Junon for the sweet, sweet Huge Materia.

I wonder how Priscilla is doing, ever since we made sure she didn’t drown to death?

Priscilla: Stupid jerk!! Look how much you made me worry! Were you at the Lifestream?!
: Yeah, that’s right…
Pricilla: You’ve gotta be more careful! Because you’re going to marry me one day!

Geez. Everyone’s got the hots for Cloud.

Anyways, Mr. Dolphin isn’t around anymore, so we have to pay this Shinra schmuck 10 Gil to use the elevator to access Junon proper.

Oh my God, it takes foreverrrrrr to run across this screen.

… I know what is. Do you? I’m not about to spoil it!

I don’t think I’ve ever shown off this little area, but it’s underneath the super huge elevator that takes you up the airport. We saw Rufus and Heidegger using it a long time ago. You can get into battles here if you trip the alarm. At the time, it was a great place to grind for levels and gil, which I did a bit off screen, but now it’s pretty much par for the course for where we’re at in the game.

And then they go charging off in the opposite direction.

In case you were wondering how to get to the Underwater Reactor.

I’ll show off some of the new enemies, but at this point in the game, most of them are pallet swaps.

Soldier2: Alright, you’re on! But… what if both of us…
Soldier: Whoa!! Don’t even talk about that!

I think the more humorous outcome would be what would happen if they both lived? Also, they really don’t seem that choked up about each other dying. What the hell?

Anyways, they both die.

Why the hell is everyone just so flippant about death in this world?!

And then they died as well.

You can actually get this far if you’re just exploring earlier in the game, but there’s a guard at this door that blocks you from advancing any further in.

Instead, there’s another elevator that takes us even deeper underground. Underwater? Just deeper in general.

MUSIC: Mako Reactor

We end up in this super cool underwater tunnel. It’s like something you’d see in an aquarium, but this is just in the ocean. Also, I wonder how deep it’s supposed to be? I mean, I don’t know how much pressure that glass could take before it implodes.

Anyways, there are some more new enemies in the tunnel.



Ah, but THIS is the guy I was looking for. This is the very appropriately named Ghost Ship

I’m trying my damnedest to Morph him, but the Morph Materia only does 10% damage, and you have to kill with it to work successfully.

And then he uses this move to eject Cloud, who has the Morph Materia equipped, from the battle! WHATEVER. Morphing the Ghost Ship gets you the Underwater Materia, which is very important for a certain side quest. Bah. I’ll either come back and get it later, or maybe I;ll just glitch out the side quest. We’ll see what happens when I get there.

Anyways, moving on, we reach this cool underwater elevator.

Ooooo, submarines.

Now we’re starting to get into some real familiar looking reactor territory.

: Damn, just missed it!
: We were too late…


: Cloud?!
: We’re gonna help transport the Huge Materia, Reno!
: I refuse…
: Either give it to us or else. Which is it gonna be?
: Unfortunately, I don’t have time to deal with you.

What in the blue hell is that?!

MUSIC: Those Who Fight Further


Carry Armor is an interesting boss, that actually has a pretty tough gimmick. I’ve lost to this boss before coming in unprepared. But at this point in the game, I’m probably a little OVER prepared, so this fight isn’t too bad.

The usual boss fight applications of Big Guard (again, Big Guard is Haste, Barrier and MBarrier) and Regen gets things off to a smooth start.

I also came into this fight with Barret and Cloud at Full Limit Breaks, so I let ’em rip.

Meteorain is actually best used against a single target, since the damage gets spread out so much on multiple targets, but it’s still pretty respectable.

Grenade Bomb does a solid bit of damage as well, but I gotta say, the single hit Limit Breaks don’t do much for me. I’m all about the cumulative damage, which greatly affects which characters I’ll be using for the rest of the game. I just wanted everyone to get their moment in the spotlight throughout.

And here’s the gimmick: Carry Armor will use its Arm Grab attack to snag two of your characters, and effectively remove them from battle. It still constantly hurt them, and will also attack the single party member left on the ground. If you’re not prepared for this, it can and will wreck your day.

But after a couple Limit Breaks and regular attacks, the arms were pretty weak. One Bolt3 on the arms later, and Barret and Vincent are home free.

Once both arms are gone, Carry Armor will use its Lapis Laser attack, which hits all members of the party pretty hard.

However, that’s enough to set up Vincent’s Limit break, which is now set to Level 2: Death Gigas. It transforms him into kind of a more electric Frankenstein type monster. He has two moves in this form, just like all of his other Limit Breaks.

Gigadunk is just a regular old physical attack, pretty much. Hits harder than a standard attack though.

Livewire, however, is the reason I brought Vincent to this fight. Livewire is basically a free cast of Bolt3, and with the Carry Armor being weak to Lightning, this is pretty darn effective. See? I think ahead sometimes! STRATEGY!

Winning the battle nets us some Materia levels, as well as the God’s Hand, a powerful and unique weapon for Tifa.

MUSIC: Hurry Faster!!

: Damn! So they was just buyin’ time?!
: There is a way…

God, I hate Vincent.

I missed the screencap of this treasure chest, but it held a Scimitar, which one of the only weapons in the game that has TRIPLE MATERIA GROWTH. I will be putting this to use pretty soon.

These Leviathan Scales are also important so that I don’t miss some unique items as well, which I will show off later (probably next update).

Yes, you do have to battle all of the soldiers to get into the submarine.

Soldier: Um… sir! Maybe we shouldn’t piss them off…

See, THAT guy has the right idea. I mean, we still killed him, but hey. It’s the thought that counts. This is one of the few times in the game that they basically say outright that you’re just killing people. There’s a lot of death in this game.

: Damn, man!! …what the? Hey yo! Remember I was the leader first, man! Yo! We come a long ways since we got on this train!
: Uh… we’re on a submarine, Barret. Not a train.
: Dammit, I’m using imagery! Lotsa things changed! This and that.

Soldier1: We don’t have much time left! I don’t want to die!
Soldier2: There’s still so much more I’ve got to do! I never even got to do my special victory dance in battle!
Commander: All right!! Then make this your first victory!! Go on, show ’em!

There’s been enough killing. Let’s just take them prisoner!

: The lack of space, the shaking, the roar of the engine…
: Stop your blubberin’! How we gonna move this without you? I can’t even fit in that damn driver’s seat!

What the hell, Vincent? WE’RE MOVING BECAUSE YOU FLIPPED THAT SWITCH! GOD, you suck!

: No sweat! Just leave everything to me!
: Don’t worry! If it breaks down, I’ll smack it one. That’ll fix it!
: Shinra’s technology is really something.

Before we hop into the driver’s seat, it’s possible to talk to the soldiers we’ve taken prisoner.

That’s the right attitude! I like these guys!

All right, let’s get to it!

We get tossed into the submarine mini-game. It basically boils down to: there is a target. Chase the target and shoot it down, without getting shot down yourself. There are also mines to watch out for, but they’re pretty easy to avoid.

Also, they start you out literally right on top of your target. It IS possible to lose this. You have a 10 minute time limit. If you don’t shoot down the enemy sub, you lose! You can go back to Junon, and it will have come back. You can then claim the red sub as your own, but you’ll miss out on the Huge Materia forever.

And now we have a submarine!

: Hmm…? Must be from Shinra.
Radio: No. 2, report.
: Is it us?
: All right, I’ll do it. This is Shinra No. 2… Everything’s normal.
Radio: Roger. Your next mission is: return to Junon dock. We will transport the Huge Materia from the airport… Those without other assignments will report for guard duty. That is all. Over and out.
: Junon Airport… We should make it if we hurry. Forget about the Huge Materia for now. We’re climbing!
: First the ocean, now the air… what a busy day.

The game forces you to surface, probably so it can show you how to control the sub. But shit, we have a submarine now! I’mma use it right away!

MUSIC: A Secret Sleeping in the Deep Sea

Now the ocean is open to us! There’s a couple of things to do down here, though I’m only going to show off a few of them right now. I have to imagine that crater is from the unnamed WEAPON that got its face blown off by the Junon cannon. Which raises the point that Junon is basically built right on a cliff face above the water. Kinda cool.

Emerald Weapon is now floating around various spots in the ocean. It’s possible to fight him now, but I’d get slaughtered. It takes a LOT of preparation (or exploitation of glitches) to beat Emerald Weapon. I’ve never done it before, in fact. But I plan on doing it in this playthrough.

This is what I’m down here for. I want to get the Huge Materia before I forget.

: Damn… makes me sick just thinking about it…

: *phew* That’s good to hear.

And that’s it for now! Next episode, I’ll being the myriad of side quests that this game offers. There’s quite a lot to do, and I’ll be doing it in a few chunks. I’ll do some side questing before I advance the story, then some more side questing… etc.

NEXT TIME: Let’s explore the ocean!

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