There Might be Some Gettin’ Offa This Train… – FFVII Ep. 37

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time, (and the time before that, even), some crazy shit went down! But the main things to take away now are the following:

  • Cloud is missing, possibly dead.
  • Sephiroth is asleep in the North Crater
  • Weapons are roaming the Planet

Now, the plan is… find Cloud? WHERE TO START. Let’s see what everyone has to say on the matter.

MUSIC: Highwind Takes to the Skies

Tifa, the current leader of the party, is done outfitting the party from the Operations room, so let’s head back to the bridge.

Cait Sith: So now’s the time to look for Cloud. I’m worried about him too. I wonder where Cloud is. Or could he already be…


Dead? You can say it. YOU’RE ALL THINKING IT.

Barret: No matter how powerful Shinra or Hojo is, I can’t believe they can create humans. But because of them, we know that Meteor is heading towards us. Y’know even if I saw him, I don’t have a damn idea what I’d do.


Vincent: And overpowering love may consume you in the end.


Vincent. Still so gothic it hurts.

Red: They said the Lifestream sometimes suddenly gushes out at the Southern island. I remember hearing about this from Seto when I was a child, but I don’t remember much else…


Welp, at least we have a lead. Kind of.


vlcsnap-2016-08-06-14h52m54s28 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-14h52m56s46
Now we have AN AIRSHIP, an FF staple since the very beginning. We can get pretty much anywhere with the Highwind, though for some reason, the Buggy and the Tiny Bronco are no longer available. I guess it really doesn’t matter since AIRSHIP, but even so.

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-14h52m59s79 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-14h53m02s106
Meteor is also just hanging out up there in the sky.

The Highwind can only land on grassy areas, so there are still a select few places the team can’t get to even with an Airship, but I’ll get into that later…

This is the island and also the town that Red XII was mentioning. It was previously inaccessible, but now… yes, AIRSHIP.

MUSIC: Parochial Town

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-14h53m42s254 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-14h53m46s31
Old Man: Just the perfect place for old folks like us to live out our lives. I hear that things ain’t so peaceful on the outside. But here it’s still nice and quiet.

Lady: Between the earthquakes and Meteor… It might just be the end of the world like everyone’s been sayin’. Oh, how depressing! What a miserable world this is…

Hype Lady: We’re got the best armor and weapons, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. But it’s first come, first served, so get yours now! Step right up! You there, don’t just stand around outside. Go on in! Come on! Don’t be shy, step right up! I’ll never know why he wanted to open a store in a dead town like this. What’s with him? *sigh*…

Lady, I am about to make your friggin’ day.

MUSIC: Fiddle de Chocobo

Crazy Shopper: This is no joke! We’ve got to start stocking up on supplies before they’re all gone! Outta the way! Hey, move it, move it!

Every shop you enter in Mideel has this crazy survivalist inside, who is apparently preparing for the end of the world. Also, her White Chocobo, which you can also speak with.

Tifa: Oh, so that’s it. You want the Mimmet Greens, don’t you?


If you have Mimmet Greens on your person, you have the option of giving them to the White Chocobo.

Tifa: Hee hee… how cute! I just want to tickle him!

HOLY COW. That is a daunting list. I have the correct option selected here. There’s a hint to this somewhere, but damn if I remember where, I just remember the solution.

But if you give the White Chocobo the Mimmet Greens and tickle behind its ears, it will gift you a Contain Materia. I think this might actually be the only place you can get this Materia, but that doesn’t seem right…

Weaponsmith: Unfortunately, regarding the place you’d like to go… the other customers have booked it all up. I’m afraid nothing’s left. …Just kidding! Ha ha ha! Now how can I help you?


This might be the last standard weapon store in the game, and it has upgrades for everyone (Cloud included), as well as new armor. Unfortunately, it’s all rather pricey. Since Cloud currently isn’t in the party, I can forgo his upgrade. I pick up a Crystal Glove for Tifa, a Crystal Cross for Yuffie, a Partisan for Cid, an A-M Cannon for Barret, and a bunch of Crystal Bangles for everyone.

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-14h59m30s146 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-14h59m32s166
Pretty substantial upgrades, though not exactly cheap.

Both the Item shop and the Materia shop have things we’ve seen before.

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h00m20s135 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h00m22s154
Tifa: You got lost, didn’t you? Separated from someone you love? Silly thing…

Gossip #1: It was really sad… but weird. He was holding this really long sword. I dunno. The whole thing feels unlucky to me. But the amazing thing was those weird blue eyes.
Tifa: Wha?! Wh… wait a minute!! What did you just say?!

Gossip #1: Yeah… a villager found him a little ways down the coast… It was about a week ago, I think.
Gossip #2: Poor kid… He must’ve drifted from somewhere pretty far away…

Yuffie: BINGO!!
Cid: Heh, good job, Tifa.
Tifa: So where is he? Is he safe?! Where is he now?
Gossip #1: Yeah… up ahead here… at the, uh… clinic.
Tifa: He’s alive!! Cloud… Cloud’s alive!!

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h01m14s162 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h01m20s219
Doctor: Hey! You barged in here like Meteor was crashing down or something.
Tifa: I’m sorry… but I heard a friend of mine was here…
Doctor: A friend…? Oh! That young fellow?! Don’t worry. He’s next door. But his condition isn’t good.
Tifa: Here? Over here.

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h01m40s169 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h05m29s153
Tifa: …?! Cloud?

MUSIC: Off the Edge of Despair

Tifa: Wh… what’s wrong… Cloud?
Cloud: Aaa… gurk…
Tifa: Cloud! What happened to you?
Doctor: Mako poisoning… quite an advanced case. It appears this young man has been exposed to high levels of Mako energy for an extended period of time. He probably has no idea who or where he is now… Poor fellow, he can’t even speak. He’s literally miles away from us. Some place far away where no one’s ever been… All alone…


Tifa: I’m gonna kick your shit in!

Cid: Damn, that’s evil.

Doctor: *ahem* Let’s excuse ourselves. Listen, would you all mind… waiting outside?

Tifa: Please, Cloud… Talk to me… Tell me you see me, that you can hear me… Tell me, please… I made it this far believing in the memories we shared. This isn’t happening! It’s too cruel! Oh, Cloud! I…


Cid: What about Cloud? is he all right?
Doctor: I’ll say it again, he’s got Mako poisoning. I’ve never seen a case this bad. An immense amount of Mako-drenched knowledge was infused into his brain. It’s a miracle he survived! No normal human could have.
Cid: No wonder… After all, he fell into the Lifestream and was carried down here.
Doctor: But remember, the light of hope can be found anywhere. If you give up hope… What will happen to him?
Cid: …Hope… I guess that’s all that’s left now.

Cid: You okay?
Tifa: Yes… I’m sorry to worry you all. There’s something I want to say to you…

Cid: Well, fuck you too, lady!
Yuffie: Yeah, what the hell?!

Yuffie: Then you gotta do it. You gotta be true to yourself.
Cid: Yeah. Right. Hang in there, Tifa.
Tifa: I’m sorry, everyone… Especially now…
Yuffie: No big, no big. I’ll pop in again later.
Cid: You hang in there, Tifa. Take care of Cloud.
Tifa: Right.
Yuffie: Hey, shouldn’t we be gettin’ back to the Highwind?

Yuffie: We’re never going to see either of them again, are we?
HELL no.

Barret: Huh? Ain’t there nothin’ we can do? And don’t go tellin’ us to wait for Cloud to get better.
Cait Sith: Oh, I’ve got some news!
Barret: Yeah, what?! That you a spy?
Cait Sith: Yeah… I’ve already told you I was… Asshole. Both Gya ha ha and Kya ha ha are up to something. Wanna eavesdrop?

MUSIC: The Shinra Corporation

Rufus: 1. Destroy Meteor. 2. Remove the barrier around North Cave and defeat Sephiroth. Any ideas?
Heidegger: Gya haah hah hah! The first problem’s already solved! Meteor will soon be smashed to bits! The plan is already in motion. We are collecting Huge Materia from each region.
Rufus: What?

Scarlet: The energy extracted from it is 330 times the strength of normal Materia. Kya ha ha! How about that?! We will gather all the Huge Materia together and ram it into Meteor. That will cause a huge explosion, reducing Meteor literally to bits!
Rufus: You’re going to ram Meteor? Do you think we have the technology to do it?
Scarlet: Uhhhhhhh… First things first! Right now, we’ve got to collect Huge Materia from each area.
Heidegger: We’ve already collected the Materia from Nibelheim. All that’s left are Corel and Fort Condor. I’ve already dispatched troops to Corel. Gyaa haa ha ha!

MUSIC: Off the Edge of Despair

Barret: What else can they do to Corel?!
Red: And the Huge Materia…You mean the Huge Materia, don’t you? I’ve heard about it. When our small Materia nears the larger one, there should be some reaction. I’m certain of it. That’s why we’re using the Materia power in our fight…

That’s actually a really obscure hint for something you can do a bit later on… and by obscure, I mean it’s barely helpful at all.

Barret: Besides, when Cloud gets back, I wanna show him this Huge Materia. He’s gonna be shocked.
Cait Sith: So what are you saying, Barret? Even though you’re always knocking him, you really want Cloud to return.
Barret: I ain’t sayin’ nothin’ ’bout nothin’. So just… shut your face!


Barret: An’ that’s me! Or at least I wanna be… But I ain’t cut out to be no leader. I never knew that till lately. That’s what it is.


MUSIC: It’s Difficult To Stand on Both Feet

Barret: You been chosen to be the new leader.
Cid: Pain in the ass. Forget it.
Barret: But for us to fight, we gotta have Highwind, and you. We need to save the Planet. And who’s runnin’ this ship? You! That’s why you’re our new leader. Ain’t no one else can do it.
Cid: Hmm… this ship’s gonna save the Planet, huh? Ain’t that gonna be just a little tough? Oh man, stab me in the heart. I’m a man, too!

MUSIC: Highwind Takes to the Skies

Barret: All right, now here’s the first job. The Operation Room’s waiting for you!
Cid: Yeah!!


Barret: When you’re ready, we’re headin’ for the Corel Reactor. Come on, Leader-man, let’s hurry.
Yuffie: Cid????

Yuffie: But just leave me alone. This ship makes me… urk…!!

I set up a party of Cid, Barret and Yuffie, and outfit them accordingly.

A major event has happened, so all the party members have new things to say.

Cait Sith: I’m sure that there was another place that had it. Where was that…?
Vincent: Cid… I wish I had your go-get-them attitude. It appears my feelings vanished into thin air ever since my long slumber…

Vincent. Still as useful as ever. How did THIS guy get an entire spin-off game dedicated to him? I will never understand…

Red: let’s visit Cloud and Tifa from time to time.
Barret: Yo, Leader-man! Get your pilot ass up here!

Well, we’ve got our goal, so let’s head to the Corel Reactor!!

The only way to get there is either through the town of Corel itself, or through the Mountain path on the Costa del Sol side. The Corel side is much easier, and it’s the side we’ll be coming out of as well.

Townsperson: I think they’re gonna bring it here by coal train, from the Corel Reactor.

Let’s mosey!

MUSIC: Holding My Thoughts in My Heart

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h23m06s220 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h23m43s87 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h24m16s153 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h24m58s68
There are no new enemies to be seen here, and we slaughter all the old ones in one hit.

MUSIC: Mako Reactor

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h25m05s130 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h25m12s204
Also these guys.

Yuffie: Wa…wait!
Barret: Daaaaaamn!

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h25m47s37 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h25m53s98
Barret: NO! You damn boneheads!
Yuffie: What are ya gonna do?! Huge Materia?!
Cid: Hey, do you know who I am? I’m Cid – that’s who the hell I am! Now just let me handle it!



MUSIC: Hurry Faster!

Cid: Don’t ask me… I don’t know!
Barret: What?!
Cid: Don’t worry! I can handle this! Two levers: one on the right and one on the left… I see, just alternate the two levers up and down, right?! Judging from the enemy’s speed, I’d say it’ll take about 10 minutes. Hold on, ’cause this thing’s gonna fly!!

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h26m38s37 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h26m50s164 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h26m54s197
Cid Barret Yuffie: YYAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

There are 5 cars on this train. Each one has an encounter. You have 10 minutes to beat all the encounters and stop the train. If you fail, you don’t get a game over. However, the town of Corel is demolished (again), you miss out on the Huge Materia (kind of a big deal), and you also miss out on a one of a kind Materia. So it’s in your best interest to succeed.

The first car has an enemy called the Gas Ducter. It isn’t too tough, but it likes to inflict Slow, Poison, Silence and Sadness, which can be annoying.

The second car has 2 Gas Ducters!

While still not particularly tough, these fights can drag on. Status effects suck.

This big ol’ doof is the Wolfmeister. He doesn’t hit very hard, but he’s got high defense and a lot of HP.

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h27m44s192 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h27m53s20
Haste + Regen combo is basically the way to start off any reasonably tough battle.

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h27m57s61 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h28m02s110 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h28m05s140 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h28m06s149
Not a tough battle, all in all.

The 4th car has the Eaglegun. It’s about as creative as its name. (It’s an eagle. Made of guns.) It dies.

Cid: All right— Hand over the Huge Materia!

We do also have to take out the dude who’s driving the train. He’s not much of a challenge.

Cid: I’ll never forget you!
Barret: No time for that now!
Yuffie: Forget the Huge Materia, WE’RE the ones in deep trouble!
Cid: I KNOW, already! Just shut up and sit tight! If we keep this up, we’ll crash right into North Corel! Let’s see… If we use the levers alternately to accelerate… It should stop if we move the levers simultaneously!

Yuffie: What are you doin’, accelerating?!
Cid: Fuck! The other way?! Just watch, I’ll…

Yuffie: Get serious, you OLD MAN!!

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h29m36s32 vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h29m40s64
Luckily, the train stops just before colliding with North Corel.

MUSIC: Mark of a Traitor

And we even got the Huge Materia!

Townie: You guys really are something!

Townie #2: The Shinra was just about to destroy our lives again…
Townie #3: It might be full of junk, but this is the only home we got, Barret!
Barret: Of… of course! We’re all born and raised in the coal mines! No matter how tough it gets, our hearts burn bright red like coal!
Townie #3: To hell with Meteor! We’re Coal Miners, ain’t we? We’ll dig a deep tunnel and hide from Meteor!
Townie #2: That’s it! Hey, kid! How about givin’ somethin’ to these guys fighting the Shinra?

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-15h30m30s52I said earlier that you can miss out on the Ultima Materia. This is only slightly true. If you stop the train, this kid will just give it to you. If you fail to stop the train, you can still get it, but he’ll charge you 50,000 gil.

Townie: I already talked to the Inn’s owner. Today you can rest for free.

A free rest in an RPG! You know what that means! Actually, there’s no catch this time, it’s just a free rest. Next time, our party will be bright and bushy-tailed to take on Fort Condor! Stay tuned!

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