Legend of the Not-So-Hidden Temple – FFVII Ep. 30

Oh hey! Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time, there was a date, and then there was a spy. One of those was just insignificantly better than the other. We got the Keystone, and then lost it. Presumably, the Temple of the Ancients will be opened if we go straight there though. There’s nothing else to do, so let’s go for it!

I cut out the travel. I didn’t think you’d mind.

MUSIC: The Forested Temple

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h08m09s182 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h08m15s241
Cloud: Tseng? Of the Turks?!

Shit man, do you know anyone else named Tseng? It doesn’t seem like a common name. Though it is a pretty badass one, if I do say so myself.

Tseng: It’s not the Promised Land… Sehpiroth’s searching for…
Cloud: Sephiroth?! He’s inside?!
Tseng: Look.. for yourself. Damn… Letting Aeris go was the start… of my bad luck. The President… was wrong.

Aeris: The Promised Land isn’t like what you imagined. And i’m not going to help. Either way, there was no way Shinra could have won.
Tseng: …Pretty harsh. Sounds like something you’d say. The Keystone… place it on the altar.

Well then, don’t mind if I do!

Aeris: Tseng’s with our enemy, the Turks, but I’ve known him since we were little. There’s not a lot of people I can say that about. In fact, there are probably only a handful of people in the world who really know me.

All right, good luck with that, buddy.

Let’s do it!

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h09m29s214 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h09m31s239 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h09m32s247 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h09m34s13
Whoa, what is this M.C. Escher hellscape?!

Tifa: What a strange place. Do you think we’re welcome here?
Aeris: Cloud! I l know it’s going to be tough, but… don’t give up! We can do it!

That purple guy ran away. It’s kind of hard to tell where you’re able to go in here, so the best thing to do for now is just chase him down.

There are a lot of tunnels and covered areas that are hard to see that you can travel through. You can also climb up and down the vines.

There are also treasures scattered about! Most of them are weapons, which means I can’t use most of them right away.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h10m25s7 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h10m28s35
Can’t get through this door. It’s sealed, somehow.

Always helpful!

Oh, hey, it’s an enemy!

Hahaha… Added Effect+Transform is the best thing ever. He is now a tiny frog that only causes 1 damage per attack.

Oh hey, it’s a palette swap of the dinosaurs from outside of Cosmo Canyon! The red ones really up their games as compared to the old blue ones.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h11m14s239 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h11m18s26
Their petrification spell only takes 30 seconds to fire off, and it also turns the victim into a frog. It’s a bit more worrisome, but up against only one enemy it isn’t too bad.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h11m38s230 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h11m43s17 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h11m45s37
All right, let’s see what’s in here.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h11m46s54 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h11m48s68
New weapon for Vincent, who is not in the party.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h11m52s107 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h11m55s139
Aeris: I’m sorry. You waited for me. Those are the spirit bodies of the Ancients. They’ve been away from their Planet for a long time to protect this Temple. Over the many years, they’ve lost the ability to talk. Actually, they didn’t need words from the beginning because there was only one objective for those left in the Temple.

Aeris: No good. I don’t understand the rest. Are you afraid? Is it because Sephiroth is in the Temple? Or something else?

This guy is pretty great. He’ll heal the party up for free, sell them stuff (only basic items), and is also a save point. Be warned though, if you save inside the Temple of the Ancients, there isn’t any getting out until you beat it. There’s no leaving and coming back.

I don’t know what these guys are, but they’re pretty gross. They’re kind of like terrifying centipedes.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h16m06s91 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h16m09s118
They also like to barf on the party and poison them. Which isn’t cool.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h16m17s196 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h16m20s229
For that, they must die!!!

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h16m40s171 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h16m46s235
The Rocket Punch is a new weapon for Barret. That he will probably not get to use before I find something better.

Hey, it’s another Ancient! LET’S GET HIM!!

But first! A battle against another dinosaur and some frogs!

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h17m20s65 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h17m53s141
Toxic Frogs are annoying as hell to fight because the team is constantly being frogified and then un-frogified.

I still don’t really know what Luck does in these games. I think it ups your critical rate, steal rate, and evasion? Maybe?

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h18m34s32 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h18m56s1
All right, let’s follow that Ancient into this room. Cave. Whatever.



Okay, so there are U shaped boulders rolling down this hallway. Run into the bend, and Cloud won’t get bowled over. If he DOES get hit, he gets dragged back to the beginning of the hallway. It isn’t too bad.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h19m11s151 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h19m13s165
And once you reach the halfway point, if Cloud gets hit, he’ll only get dragged back to the halfway point, as seen here.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h19m13s165 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h19m15s187
Morph Materia attempts to turn an enemy into an Item. It’s super finicky though… though that Luck Plus Materia might help with it.

Cloud: Everyone all right? That was rough…

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h19m29s77 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h19m31s93
Aeris: Hurry, this way!

Hurry hurry hurry hurry

Aeris: No… not knowledge… consciousness… A living soul. It’s trying to say something. I’m sorry, I don’t understand. What? What is it? Danger? An evil… consciousness? …show? You’re going to show me?


MUSIC: Those Chosen by the Planet

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h20m04s171 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h20m06s182
Aeris: Wait! Look! It’s showing us!’

Tseng: …I wonder. Anyways, we have to report to the President.
Elena: Be careful, Tseng.
Tseng: Yeah… Hey Elena, how about dinner when this job’s over?
Elena: Th… Thank you very much. If I may be excused…

And why not?

WHOA, what the shit?!

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h20m47s82 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h20m50s117
Sephiroth: So you opened the door. Well done.
Tseng: This place… what is it?
Sephiroth: A lost treasure house of knowledge. The wisdom of the Ancients. I am becoming one with the Planet.
Tseng: One with the Planet?
Sephiroth: You stupid fools. You have never even thought about it. All the spirit energy of this Planet. All its wisdom… knowledge. I will become one with the Planet

Tseng: You can do that?
Sephiroth: The way… lies here.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h21m24s202 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h21m26s218
Oh, shit. Well, I guess know we know how Tseng got injured.

MUSIC: The Forested Temple

Tifa: …I saw it.
Cloud: Where is the room with the pictures on the wall?
Aeris: Almost there…
Cloud: Sephiroth is here, right? No matter what he things, it’s going to end here. I’m taking him out!
Tifa: We’re here too, you know.

If you wait by this pool, a silhouette of Sephiroth will come floating down from the top. Yeah, that’s unsettling.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h22m03s75 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h28m43s242
There’s another Ancient here that acts as a rest/save point. It seems to me that the game is very forgiving with this dungeon since you’re locked into it. There’s a lot of free rest points in case you need to grind levels to get through.

I hate this room. I call it the Clock Room. Though that’s probably what everyone calls it. You have to adjust the hands to lead to different doors. Most of them only have enemy encounters, but some have items. 12 leads to the exit, but we don’t want that yet. 6 leads to where we need to go. But 4 and 5 also have some stuff that is definitely worth getting.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h29m07s220 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h29m12s14
Room IV has the Princess Guard.

Which is a great Weapon for Aeris. Sure, it only offers +1 Attack over the Aurora Rod, but look at those Materia Slots!

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h29m46s103 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h29m50s136
V has the best damn accessory in the game, the Ribbon. A Final Fantasy mainstay, the Ribbon is an accessory that prevents all status effects. There is only one in the entire game, and if you miss it here, you can’t ever get it. (Or so I thought) DON’T MISS IT, it is extremely important!

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h30m22s205 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h30m28s5 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h30m30s24 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h30m31s34
Also, if you’re dumb enough to mess up like me, you can get knocked into the abyss by the second hand.


Tifa: Here it comes!

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h31m01s83 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h31m03s104 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h31m05s125 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h31m06s135
Falling off forces us into a pincer attack from two Dragonflies. They’re pretty tough, but I was actually expecting worse.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h31m14s212 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h31m16s226 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h31m17s238
Man, I love Tifa.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h31m20s13 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h31m24s54
And I don’t even have to spend any MP to heal.

The Nail Bat is a new weapon for Cloud, but…

While it’s definitely a boost in attack power, absolutely no Materia kills it for me. Can’t do it, Materia is too important.

Exiting that room takes us out the sealed door back in the Escher room.

I just fast-forwarded to the Clock room again, nothing exciting happened in between there.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h32m02s176 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h32m12s25 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h32m16s64
Aeris: No good. We have to catch it! You must be tired.
Cloud: Yeah. I want to go home.
Aeris: Just hang in there. Someday we’ll look back on these hard times and laugh.

Narration: Memorize the doors he enters and exits to figure out the pattern and catch him at an exit. Oh yeah, you can jump down to the ramp below on the left of the screen.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h32m37s17 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h32m39s39 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h32m42s64
Down at the bottom is a new weapon for Tifa. But much like the Nail Bat, it’s more powerful but without any Materia slots. These powerful weapons without Materia slots lead me to believe that you’re supposed to wait to do the Wutai side quest, since you can’t use Materia there anyways.

I hate these stupid door puzzles. This took me far longer than I would like to admit.

Luckily, you don’t have to sit through that agony like I did!



MUSIC: Those Chosen by the Planet

Cloud: Where are you?! Sephiroth!!

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h33m38s114 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h33m43s162
Sephiroth: I am always by your side. Come.

Sephiroth: A treasure house of knowledge.
Cloud: I don’t understand what you’re saying!
Sephiroth: Look well.
Cloud: At what?!
Sephiroth: At that which adds to the knowledge of… I am becoming one with the Planet.

Sephiroth: Soon we will become one.

Sephiroth: It’s simple.Once the Planet is hurt, it gathers Spirit Energy to heal the injury. The amount of energy gathered depends on the size of the injury.

I just want to point out that I like how Tifa is just ready to go and kick his ass at a moment’s notice. The other two are just kind of standing there.

Sephiroth: Think how much energy would be gathered! Ha ha ha. And at the center of that injury will be me. All that boundless energy will be mine. By merging with all the energy of the Planet, I will become a new life form, a new existence. Melding with the Planet… I will cease to exist as I am now. Only to be reborn as a “God” to rule over every soul.

Aeris: Injure… the Planet?
Sephiroth: Behold that mural. The Ultimate Destructive Magic… Meteor.
Cloud: That’ll never happen!


MUSIC: Who Am I?

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h35m36s14Tifa: Hey, Cloud!
Cloud: Ha ha ha… Black Materia. Ha ha ha… Call Meteor.
Aeris: Cloud!! Get a hold of yourself!

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h35m51s168 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h35m52s179
Cloud: How should I? …I remember! I remember my way.

MUSIC: …nothing.

Cloud: Mmm? What’s wrong? Is something wrong?
Aeris: …It’s nothing, so don’t worry about it. Right, Cloud! It’s nothing! Sephiroth got away.
Cloud: Don’t worry about it. I understood what he was saying. So this must be Meteor, right?
Tifa: Is something going to fall from the sky?
Aeris: …this must be magic. Just what Sephiroth was saying. The Ultimate Destructive Magic, Meteor. It finds small drifting planets with its magic.


Sephiroth: Ha ha ha. It is not me…


MUSIC: Those Who Fight Further

The Red Dragon is literally a boss that appears out of nowhere. Luckily, it isn’t too tough.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h36m48s226 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h36m49s232
It can only target one team member at a time. ~550 isn’t too bad, but Aeris is also in the back row. That will probably do around 800 to Cloud or Tifa.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h36m51s251 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h36m53s13
Barrier on the entire party is the first course of business to cut down at that damage.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h36m55s34 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h36m57s54 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h36m58s66
With that out of the way, it’s time to commence the ass kicking. As the Red Dragon only has 6000 HP, Tifa just took off 1/4 of its HP right there. Not bad at all.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h37m06s151 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h37m12s210 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h37m13s220
Just keep up with the healing and whack, whack, whack away, and it’s not so bad.

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h37m16s251 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h37m20s35 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h37m27s100 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h37m35s185 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h37m45s27
A pretty uneventful fight for such an important area.

MUSIC: The Forested Temple

Aeris: He disappeared.

Awesome. This is the first Summon Materia I might use regularly.

Aeris: There’s something written on it. B.l.a.c.k… M.a.t.e.r.i.a.
Cloud: Black Materia!
Aeris: Hey!

…our heroes, folks. Tifa is keeping her mouth shut, probably because she’s so amazed at the stupidity that is happening right now.

Aeris: What should we do, Cloud?
Cloud: Let’s take it.


Aeris: I don’t understand… What? Really?! They said that the Temple itself is the Black Materia.
Cloud: What do they mean?
Aeris: So, this whole building is the Black Materia?
Cloud: This huge Temple? This is the Black Materia? Then no one could take it.

Aeris: And inside is a device, which gets smaller each time you solve a puzzle. As the model becomes smaller, you become smaller too. Until it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Cloud: So if we solve the puzzles, the Black Materia will get smaller and smaller, and we can take it out?
Aeris: Yes, but there’s one thing… You can only answer the puzzles inside the Temple. So anyone who solves the puzzle will be crushed by the Temple.

Tifa: Let’s just leave it, okay??
Cloud: No. We’ve got to think of a way to get it out. Because Sephiroth has lots of different flunkies. It’s nothing to him to throw their lives away to get the Black Materia. …this place isn’t safe.
Aeris: So what are we going to do?


Wow, who is their cell service provider? That’s impressive.

Cait Sith: Don’t forget about me! Everything you said makes perfect sense! You can use my stuffed body for the future of the Planet.
Cloud: We can’t let Sephiroth get his hands on the Black Materia. And we can’t let the Shinra get theirs on it either.
Cait Sith: But Cloud. There’s really nothing else you can do. Everyone, please trust me.
Cloud: I guess we have no choice.
Cait Sith: All righty then! Leave it all to me! Please hurry! You’ve got to get out of here! I’ll be waiting at the exit!

vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h40m29s133 vlcsnap-2016-06-25-00h40m31s152
NEXT LOADUP ON SAVE FILE: Let’s wrap up this stupid Temple!

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